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Website Tracking Notice

The staff of Chan Shun Centennial Library at Southwestern Adventist University is committed to protecting the right of access to materials and the privacy of all its users: students, faculty, staff and others, and the confidential relationship which exists between these users and the Library. See our Freedom of Access and Privacy policy for more information on library services and your privacy.

The library uses a Google Analytics cookie that collects anonymous traffic data. Such data include which website visitors come from, how long they stay, and the kind of computer they are using.

The tracking information helps us better profile site users and what pages they are reading. This allows us to make better decisions about design and writing.

Occasionally, we compile aggregate statistics about the number of visitors the library website receives and browsers being used. No personally identifying data is included in this type of reporting. All of this tracking activity falls within the bounds of the Google Analytics Terms of Service.

It is possible for users to opt out of Google's advertising tracking cookie or use a browser plugin to opt out of all Google Analytics tracking software.