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Mistaken Attributions to EGW

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The statements of well-known persons are often distorted, and frequently statements made by others are attributed to them. Almost from the beginning of the work of Ellen G. White, there have been statements incorrectly attributed to her, or materials deliberately or inadvertently garbled. One such case is described in Testimonies to Ministers, page 57. We can recognize as genuine only such Ellen G. White materials as can be traced to published or unpublished sources known to be authentic.

The statements below link to corresponding commentary. See also a compilation of unusual statements by Ellen White. For a better understanding of Ellen White's writings see principles for interpretation. For other questions on Ellen White's life, ministry and teachings see the frequently asked questions.

Testimonies Dependent Entirely Upon Memory

The memory of even godly people may not be entirely reliable, hence background information for certain statements attributed to Ellen G. White may prove helpful.

Association of Ideas

Reports are frequently circulated which have their basis in what might be called an association of ideas.

Excerpts Taken Out of Their Setting

Not infrequently people base their understanding of the Ellen G. White teachings upon a fragment of a sentence or upon an isolated statement removed from its setting. Writing of certain ones who made such a misuse of her writings, she spoke of their "picking out a sentence here and there, taking it from its proper connection, and applying it according to their idea."—Selected Messages, book 1, p. 44.

Writings Falsely Attributed

Through the years some Seventh-day Adventists have copied and used choice paragraphs from Ellen G. White articles published in the Review and Herald and other journals. Some have also copied choice statements written by others without noting the authorship and have mistakenly attributed them to Mrs. White. Oft-quoted proverbs and sayings have also been attributed to her erroneously.

Pure Fiction

Some statements said to be from Ellen G. White are fiction.