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Adventist Heritage Center

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Welcome to the Adventist Heritage Center online. This is the portal to Southwestern Adventist University's collection of records documenting its history and that of Adventism, especially in the American Southwest. The Center is located on the second floor of the library and is open to the general public.

The Center is open Monday through Thursday from 1 to 5 pm. For an appointment at other hours email or call (817) 202-6609.


The Center comprises the four distinct collections listed below. Selected items from all of these collections will be available soon in digital format.

  • University Archives. Records of Southwestern and its predecessors.
  • Special Collections. Rare and fragile books. Published materials related to Seventh-day Adventism, particularly in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and New Mexico. Local history materials.
  • Rust-Carter Southwest Seventh-day Adventist Archives. Collections from individuals and organizations related to Southwestern, and containing photographs, documents, letters, and memorabilia.
  • Ellen White Research Materials. Published volumes and online access to transcribed letters and other manuscripts by Ellen White and other Adventist pioneers.


The center provides the services listed below. A biannual newsletter highlights the center's collections and keeps patrons informed of its activities. To request more information or phone 817-202-6609

  • Serve as the repository for the university's permanent records.
  • Preserve and conserve old, fragile and rare materials.
  • Collect items of denominational or local historical value not preserved anywhere else.
  • Operate the university's Adventist Heritage Center.
  • Raise awareness of its holdings among the general public.
  • Provide descriptive information on its holdings.
  • Provide access and reference to stakeholders and researchers.
  • Provide instructional services to its constituents.


Predated by a Heritage Room established in 1996 under library director Randy Butler, Southwestern’s Adventist Heritage Center (AHC), formally opened March 26, 2004. The acquisition of research materials from the Ellen White Estate accorded Southwestern’s new center designation as a self-funded Ellen White (EGW) Research Center. Under the energetic guidance of director Mary Ann Hadley, the AHC acquired several private collections of local significance, developed a network of supporters, and conducted a variety of outreach activities in addition to providing access to the mediated EGW research materials. From 2010 to 2016, Librarian Alfredo Vergel helped the AHC expand its physical and digital footprint to better accommodate growing research collections and to improve access to archival records on the web. Librarian Tony Zbaraschuk provided interim oversight in 2017 and part of 2018. Librarian and Archivist Teresa Pritchett assumed responsibility for the Adventist Heritage Center in 2018. Moving forward the AHC will continue to expand manuscript and institutional collections, provide regular, scheduled access to the physical collections, engage with stakeholders and interested members of the community, and extend access through an active digitization program. Although Southwestern no longer maintains an EGW Research Center, we continue to work with the White Estate, the Center for Adventist Research at Andrews, the Heritage Research Center at Loma Linda and others to provide comprehensive access to research materials associated with Ellen White and other Adventist pioneers.

Policies and Procedures