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Heritage Center Registration

Register to have access to the resources at the Heritage Center. You need a library ID to register. If you do not have a library ID, you can get one at the library's front desk.

Research Application

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User Agreement



Patrons must sign in when entering the Adventist Heritage Center. New patrons must complete the Research Application form and present their library ID or other valid identification to view original items.

Reading Room

  • All materials must remain in the Adventist Heritage Center.
  • Eating, drinking, and chewing gum are not permitted in the Adventist Heritage Center.
  • All coats, briefcases, purses, backpacks, and other items not essential to research must be stored in Adventist Heritage Center lockers.
  • Personal computers, typewriters, recording devices, cameras, and personal photocopiers may be used unless they disturb other patrons or unless their use might violate restrictions or copyright.

Use of Materials

  • Research material must be handled with great care. Researchers must not write upon, lean upon, trace, mark, or otherwise alter or mishandle materials provided for their use. No books or other objects may be laid upon materials.
  • Books, photos, pamphlets, clippings, maps, and manuscripts should be kept flat on the table.
  • Pencils are the only hand-held writing instruments permitted for note-taking. Residue from ink pens can permanently damage and stain paper based materials.
  • Only one box will be brought to the patron at a time.
  • Mishandling materials or inappropriate behavior may result in expulsion from the Adventist Heritage Center.
  • Conversation is allowed, but please be aware of other researchers’ need for concentration.
  • Some collections may be marked RESTRICTED. Staff members will furnish information on the nature of the restrictions. The researcher must assume full responsibility for fulfilling the terms of the various agreements once he/she has been admitted to restricted collections.
  • Photographs must be handled with white gloves provided by the research staff. Gloves may also be required for the handling of other materials. Do not change the order of photographs or other materials or withdraw them from protective sleeves.


Copies of original items may be ordered. Ask an Adventist Heritage Center attendant for assistance. An order form is available. Copying may be prohibited due to donor restrictions, copyright law, privacy law, fragility of item, or other reasons. All copies must be paid for in advance.


The written permission of Adventist Heritage Center must be obtained before publication of any item or quotation beyond fair use.

By checking this box, I certify I have read and accept the terms and conditions of the Adventist Heritage Center's Access Policy and acknowledge this will be accepted as my signature in lieu of a written signature with full force and effect.