Spray and Jeff Gleaves

February 17-23, 2011

Fleeting Moments and Enduring Thoughts

Southwestern Adventist University is pleased to exhibit the original artwork of Spray and Jeff Gleaves. Spray's paintings capture fleeting moments otherwise unnoticed by casual glances. Jeff's sculptures give an enduring quality to his notion of aesthetic shapes and forms. The exhibit includes an interesting mix of subjects including the intriguing oil on canvas Melancholy, the unmissable acrylic on pressed wood board Soul Café, and gorgeous lead Calla Lilies.

This exhibit will hopefully become the first in a vibrant fine arts program at Southwestern. Beyond supporting the art curriculum, exhibits such as this one contribute to the quality of life in our community and provide a setting where Southwestern can connect with art lovers.

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About the Artists

Spray Gleaves

As an artist, I am not trying to elicit an exact response or emotion to my work. I like to impart in my paintings a fleeting moment. To capture a glance at something that you might see often – but have never looked at. I want to make the viewer stop and think of how they have seen something a hundred times, but never noticed how interesting it was. To borrow a statement from and old philosophy teacher: Art is a re-creation of aspects of reality selected according to the artist's idea of what was truly important in the universe. —Spray Gleaves

Spray is originally from Colorado, and currently lives in Arlington, Texas. She is art director for Fort Worth, Texas magazine, where she designs editorial, web and multi-media content. In her years as art director for various publications and agencies in the area, she has accumulated more than 25 awards in graphic design.

Spray has her Bachelor and Masters degrees in art from Dallas Baptist University, and is currently a professor of Drawing and Advertising there. She is also a graduate from the Colorado Institute of Art in Denver, and studied at the Rosary College Graduate School of Fine Arts in Florence, Italy.

A practicing artist with recent exhibitions across Texas and in Colorado, she has participated in dozens of regional juried exhibitions and group shows since 2005, the most recent being Fall Gallery Night at the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens, and GirlShow 2010 by ArtLoveMagic in Deep Ellum. She was featured in an article, not long after she started showing her art publically, in Panache magazine.

Other interests are Palentology and Geology, which she is involved in the Arlington Archosaur Site, a prolific fossil site that was discovered in northern Arlington and led by UT professor Derek Main. She does rescue and release of feral cats, is a supporter of the Humane Society. She supports Spiral Island, a world famous floating artificial island made from plastic bottles and built by British expatriate and eco-pioneer Richart "Rishi" Sowa. Spray is also in to ecology and recycling, reading, online gaming, yoga, traveling, live theatre, all types of music, movies, and likes to take photos and use them for a basis in many of her paintings. One of her goals is to help her friend Tammy Nash start a studio and community center for artists of all ages in the Handley Historic District, East Fort Worth.

Besides her brother, Jeff who is the talented metal sculptor artist currently showing with her, she has 2 sisters, Cindy and Jan, who are quite talented on their own in various aspects of the arts.

Jeff Gleaves

They say a physicist sees metal as a liquid that just happens to flow very, very slowly at room temperature. I like that notion. Metal absorbs energy, glows red and becomes molten. Then anything is possible. A thought moves that energy and manifests as 'form'. That's Creation, and that amazes me. That's God's gig!.... and with the power of a thought I can have a piece of that action! Possibly long after I'm gone, this thought, expressed on a piece of steel, will continue...maybe even for centuries. I suppose I'm scratching my 'Kilroy' on the wall. I was here and this came from me...out of me. If it's a good thing then maybe that means there is something good in me also. My thoughts...an image I had...sent into the future. And possibly that thought was good and beautiful and will endure because of it. Only time will tell.
Jeff Gleaves

Born the second child under the shadow of sister Spray Gleaves, Jeffrey Gleaves recieved his art education by drawing in class instead of paying attention. Spending his formative years devouring comic books, pulp fiction and rock & roll album covers, Jeff slowly became aware of a subtle knack for the expressive arts. This was, by his own admission, as compensation for his gross ineptness at virtually every other conceivable skill. Jeffrey has made his way in the world as an exploration driller, television news videographer, corporate video technician, and presently as a blacksmith doing ornamental ironwork for Smith Design.