120th Anniversary Exhibit

February 9 to 28, 2014

Hye Sung's Early Campus Drawings

January 7, 2014 marked the 120th anniversary of the opening of Keene Industrial Academy. It was a humble beginning, involving just three teachers and 56 students. This exhibit showcases drawings by alumna Hye Sung depicting the campus around the turn of the 20th century.

Interesting narratives accompany many of the pieces. Notably, comments from literary historian and essayist William Garrot Brown, who wrote about Keene in an April 28, 1904 in an article for the Boston Evening Transcript, a daily newspaper with great literary influence at the time.

Having authored several books, including well-received biographies of Andrew Jackson and Stephen A. Douglas, Brown used Keene as an illustration of the growing industriosity of the American South. Of Keene he wrote, "a thriftier little community I never saw. And all is the work of people whose chief aim in this world is to be ready to leave it at a moment's notice."