March 2003 New Titles

TitleDept. CodeCall NumberBarcode
Steroid drug dangers / Judy Monroe.PE[D] 362.299M757 1999723279
Brighty of the Grand Canyon / by Marguerite Henry ; illustrated by Wesley Dennis.EP[J] 636.182H396 1991723387
Over in the meadow : a counting rhyme / by Olive A. Wadsworth ; illustrated by Anna Vojtech.EP[J] 811W119 2002723373
Indian captive : the story of Mary Jemison / written and illustrated by Lois Lenski.EP[J] 813.52L548i 1995723217
Love at Goon Park : Harry Harlow and the science of affection / Deborah Blum.EP[MAIN] BF109.H37B58 2002723326
Motor learning and performance / Richard A. Schmidt, Craig A. Wrisberg.PE[X] BF295.S249 1999723174
The child's mind / John White.EP[MAIN] BF723.C5W48 2002723327
Anyway : the paradoxical commandments : finding personal meaning in a crazy world / Kent M. Keith.Ge[MAIN] BJ1581.2.K39 2002723185
Gods, goddesses, and images of God in ancient Israel / Othmar Keel and Christoph Uehlinger ; translated by Thomas H. Trapp.Rl[MAIN] BL1640.K4413 1996723315
Scholarly world, private worlds : thinking critically about science, religion, and your private beliefs / Karl Dietrich Fezer.Rl[MAIN] BL240.3.F49 2001723269
Creation / Hans Schwarz.Rl[MAIN] BL262.S38 2002723417
Pocket dictionary of apologetics & philosophy of religion / C. Stephen Evans.Rl[R] BL51.E863 2002723245
Hellenism in the land of Israel / John J. Collins, Gregory E. Sterling, editors.Rl[MAIN] BM536.G7H45 2001723461
Pocket dictionary of new religious movements / Irving Hexham.Rl[R] BP601.H49 2002723246
Coming out of homo-sexuality : new freedom for men & women / Bob Davies & Lori Rentzel.Rl[MAIN] BR115.H6D38 1993723200
Israel and the church : two voices for the same God / Jacques B. Doukhan.Rl[MAIN] BR158.D68 2002723473
Pocket dictionary of biblical studies / Arthur G. Patzia & Anthony J. Petrotta.Rl[R] BR600.3.P38 2002723247
Pocket dictionary of theological terms / Stanley J. Grenz, David Guretzki & Cherith Fee Nordling.Rl[MAIN] BR95.G66 1999723319
The word : the Bible from 26 translations / Curtis Vaughan, general editor.Rf[HR] BS1251988a723399
Handbook on the prophets / Robert B. Chisholm, Jr.Rl[MAIN] BS1505.2.C53 2002723460
Jesus, Paul, and the end of the world : a comparative study in New Testament eschatology / Ben Witherington III.Rl[MAIN] BS2545.E7W58 1992723220
Palestine in the time of Jesus : social structures and social conflicts / K.C. Hanson and Douglas E. Oakman.Rl[RSB] BS2545.S55H37 1998503053
Palestine in the time of Jesus : social structures and social conflicts / K.C. Hanson and Douglas E. Oakman.Rl[MAIN] BS2545.S55H37 1998723239
If you cannot preach like Paul-- / Nancy Lammers Gross.Rl[MAIN] BS2650.55.G76 2002723469
The Galatians debate : contemporary issues in rhetorical and historical interpretation / Mark D. Nanos, editor.Rl[MAIN] BS2685.52.G35 2002723447
Hard sayings of the Bible / Walter C. Kaiser, Jr. ... [et al.].Rl[MAIN] BS511.2.H36 1996723216
The Creation hypothesis : scientific evidence for an intelligent designer / J.P. Moreland, editor ; foreword by Phillip E. Johnson.Rl[MAIN] BS651.C6926 1994723204
Jesus according to Scripture : restoring the portrait from the Gospels / Darrell L. Bock.Rl[MAIN] BT301.3.B63 2002723476
The parables of Jesus / David Wenham.Rl[MAIN] BT375.2.W46 1989723241
Jesus' resurrection : fact or figment? : a debate between William Lane Craig & Gerd Ludemann / edited by Paul Copan & Ronald K. Tacelli.Rl[MAIN] BT481.C696 2000723221
Two views of hell : a biblical & theological dialogue / Edward William Fudge & Robert A. Peterson.Rl[MAIN] BT836.2.F83 2000723299
The company of preachers : wisdom on preaching, Augustine to the present / edited by Richard Lischer.Rl[MAIN] BV4207.C66 2002723413
The great popes through history : an encyclopedia / edited by Frank J. Coppa.Rl[R] BX955.3.G74 2002723463
The great popes through history : an encyclopedia / edited by Frank J. Coppa.Rl[R] BX955.3.G74 2002723462
The autobiographical documentary in America / Jim Lane.Cm[MAIN] CT25.L27 2002723333
The last American man / Elizabeth Gilbert.Ge[MAIN] CT275.C768G5 2002723222
Holy madness : romantics, patriots, and revolutionaries, 1776-1871 / Adam Zamoyski.HS[MAIN] D308.Z34 2001723467
World War I : a visual encyclopedia / general editor, Simon Forty.Rf[R] D521.W645 2002723372
Eleanor of Aquitaine : a biography / Marion Meade.HS[MAIN] DA209.E6M4 1991723436
Flesh and spirit : private life in early modern Germany / Steven Ozment.HS[MAIN] DD901.N92O96 2001723446
Liar's poker : the great powers, Yugoslavia and the wars of the future / Michel Collon ; translated from French by Milo Yelesiyevich and Terence McGee ; with the assistance of Peter Kolk, Enrique Cervera, and Daniel Winner ; translation revieweGe[MAIN] DR1313.C6513 2002723398
Six days of war : June 1967 and the making of the modern Middle East / Michael B. Oren.Ge[MAIN] DS127.O74 2002723274
The Keepers : an introduction to the history and culture of the Samaritans / Robert T. Anderson, Terry Giles.Rl[MAIN] DS129.A57 2002723478
The diary of a young girl : the definitive edition / Anne Frank ; edited by Otto H. Frank and Mirjam Pressler ; translated by Susan Massotty.EP[MAIN] DS135.N6F73313 1995723424
The impact of the South African War / edited by David Omissi and Andrew S. Thompson.HS[MAIN] DT1918.I54I47 2002723470
A history of the Pacific Islands : passages through tropical time / Deryck Scarr.HS[MAIN] DU28.3.S29 2001723465
Secret war against the Jews : how western espionage betrayed the Jewish people / John Loftus and Mark Aarons.Ge[MAIN] E183.8.I7L63 1994723270
The first American : the life and times of Benjamin Franklin / H.W. Brands.HS[MAIN] E302.6.F8B83 2002723444
Lincoln's virtues : an ethical biography / William Lee Miller.HS[MAIN] E457.2.M643 2002723483
J. Edgar Hoover : the father of the Cold War : how his obsession with communism led to the Warren Commission coverup and escalation of the Vietnam War / R. Andrew Kiel.HS[MAIN] E743.5.K48 2000723474
Edith Kermit Roosevelt : portrait of a First Lady / Sylvia Jukes Morris.HS[MAIN] E757.3.R65M67 2001723427
The hidden campaign : FDR's health and the 1944 election / Hugh E. Evans.HS[MAIN] E812.E93 2002723464
Eisenhower : a soldier's life / Carlo D'Este.HS[MAIN] E836.D47 2002723430
Kings of Texas : the 150-year saga of an American ranching empire / Don Graham.HS[MAIN] F392.K47G73 2003723330
Jefferson and the gun-men : how the West was almost lost / M.R. Montgomery ; illustrations by Gerald Foster.HS[MAIN] F592.M685 2000723479
Rethinking home : a case for writing local history / Joseph A. Amato.Ge[MAIN] F605.2.A43 2002723322
Cultures@Silicon Valley / J. A. English-Lueck.En[MAIN] F868.S25E54 2002723418
Geographies of global change : remapping the world / edited by R.J. Johnston, Peter J. Taylor, and Michael J. Watts.HS[MAIN] G128.G474 2002723301
Atlas of the Bible lands / edited by Harry Thomas Frank.Rf[A] G2230.H3 1990723396
Atlas of the Bible lands / edited by Harry Thomas Frank.Rf[RES] G2230.H3 1990723397
Georgia [electronic resource] : seamless USGS topographic maps on CD-ROM.AV[RES] G3924 2001.N3503055
Tennessee [electronic resource] : seamless USGS topographic maps on CD-ROM National Geographic.AV[RES] G3960 2001.N37503056
Wisconsin [electronic resource] : seamless USGS topographic maps on CD-ROM.AV[RES] G4120 2001.N3503054
Antarctica : exploring the extreme : 400 years of adventure / Marilyn Landis.HS[MAIN] G860.L354 2001723382
Volleyball : steps to success / Barbara L. Viera, Bonnie Jill Ferguson.PE[MAIN] GV1015.3.V54 1996723294
Winning volleyball for girls / Deborah W. Crisfield and Mark Gola ; foreword by Stacy Sykora.PE[MAIN] GV1015.4.W66C75 2002723298
The volleyball coaching bible / Don Shondell, Cecile Reynaud, editors.PE[MAIN] GV1015.5.C63V65 2002723293
Running with Pheidippides : Stylianos Kyriakides the miracle marathoner / Nick Tsiotos & Andy Dabilis ; with a foreword by Johnny Kelley.PE[MAIN] GV1061.15.K97T75 2001723266
Running through the ages / by Edward S. Sears.PE[MAIN] GV1061.S38 2001723265
Brazilian jiu-jitsu self-defense techniques / Royce Gracie and Charles Gracie with Kid Peligro.PE[MAIN] GV1114.G75 2002723192
The medium of the video game / edited by Mark J.P. Wolf.Cm[MAIN] GV1469.3.M43 2002723389
Recreation and sport planning and design / James W. Daly.PE[MAIN] GV182.3.D34 2000723261
The kid of Coney Island : Fred Thompson and the rise of American amusements / Woody Register.HS[MAIN] GV1852.2.T56R44 2001723480
Trails for the twenty-first century : planning, design, and management manual for multi-use trails / Charles A. Flink, Kristine Olka, Robert M. Searns ; Rails-to-Trails Conservancy.PE[X] GV191.4.T73 2001723368
Desire & ice : searching for perspective atop Denali / David Brill.PE[MAIN] GV199.92.B755A3 2002723207
Orienteering / Ian Bratt.PE[MAIN] GV200.4.B73 2002723240
Performance-based assessment for middle and high school physical education / Jacalyn Lea Lund, Mary Fortman Kirk.PE[MAIN] GV362.5.L86 2002723257
Station games : fun and imaginative PE lessons / Maggie C. Burk.PE[MAIN] GV363.B85 2002723278
It's not just gym anymore : teaching secondary school students how to be active for life / Bane McCracken.PE[MAIN] GV363.M33 2001723219
Walking games and activities / by June Decker and Monica Mize.PE[MAIN] GV365.D43 2001723260
ACSM's health & fitness certification review : ACSM group exercise leader, ACSM health/fitness instructor / American College of Sports Medicine ; [senior editors, Jeffrey L. Roitman, Khalid W. Bibi ; associate editor, Walter R. Thompson].PE[MAIN] GV428.7.A38 2001723255
No standing around in my gym / J.D. Hughes.PE[MAIN] GV443.H74 2003723173
Movement ABCs : An inclusive guide to stimulating language development / Jolanda G. Hengstman.PE[MAIN] GV452.H48 2001723175
Teaching fundamental gymnastics skills / Debby Mitchell, Barbara Davis, Raim Lopez ; illustrated by Stormy Gunter.PE[MAIN] GV461.M54 2002723284
Teaching lifetime sports / Lawrence F. Butler.PE[MAIN] GV481.B88 2002723285
Strength ball training / Lorne Goldenberg, Peter Twist.PE[MAIN] GV484.G65 2002723281
Walking for fitness / Lon H. Seiger, James Hesson.PE[MAIN] GV502.S35 2002723324
Athletic abs / Scott Cole, Tom Seabourne.PE[MAIN] GV508.C66 2003723187
Look great sleeveless : the ultimate workout guide to awesome arms, beautiful bust, sultry shoulders, stronger back / Brad Schoenfeld ; foreword by Minna Lessig.PE[MAIN] GV546.6.W64S35 2002723227
Basic weight training for men & women / Thomas D. Fahey.PE[MAIN] GV546.F25 2000723188
Strength training for sport / edited by William J. Kraemer, Keijo Hakkinen.PE[MAIN] GV546.S78 2002723282
Smashing barriers : race and sport in the new millennium / Richard E. Lapchick.PE[MAIN] GV706.32.L36 2001723273
Sport, leisure, and culture in twentieth-century Britain / Jeffrey Hill.PE[MAIN] GV706.5.H55 2002723277
Paradoxes of youth and sport / edited by Margaret Gatz, Michael A. Messner, Sandra J. Ball-Rokeach.PE[MAIN] GV706.5.P365 2002723238
The sociology of sport and physical education : an introductory reader / [edited by] Anthony Laker.PE[MAIN] GV706.5.S645 2002723275
Tilting the playing field : schools, sports, sex, and Title IX / Jessica Gavora.PE[MAIN] GV709.18.U6G38 2002723288
Disability sport and recreation resources / Michael J. Paciorek, Jeffery A. Jones.PE[MAIN] GV709.3.P33 2001x723256
Creative coaching / Jerry Lynch.PE[MAIN] GV711.L96 2001723205
Amateurism in sport : an analysis and a defence / Lincoln Allison.PE[MAIN] GV733.A44 2001723181
Careers for sports nuts & other athletic types / Wm. Ray Heitzmann.PE[MAIN] GV734.H45 1997723334
52-week hockey training / Don MacAdam, Gail Reynolds.PE[MAIN] GV848.3.M32 2002723176
Laura Stamm's power skating / Laura Stamm ; [foreword by Herb Brooks].PE[MAIN] GV848.3.S7 2001723223
The pitching clinic / John Stewart ; illustrations by George Henry.PE[MAIN] GV871.S69 2002723243
Sporting News selects legends of college basketball / by Mike DeCourcy.PE[X] GV883.D43 2002723170
More than a game / Phil Jackson and Charley Rosen.PE[MAIN] GV884.J32A34 2001723234
The essential Vince Lombardi : words & wisdom to motivate, inspire, and win / [compiled] by Vince Lombardi, Jr.PE[MAIN] GV939.L6L655 2002723311
Coaching women's soccer : a revolutionary approach to putting the play back into practice / Ian Stokell.PE[MAIN] GV943.8.S77 2002723199
251 essential drills for winning soccer / Michael G. Carpenter.PE[MAIN] GV943.9.T7C37 2001723177
Life lessons from soccer : what your child can learn on and off the field : a guide for parents and coaches / Vincent Fortanasce.PE[MAIN] GV944.2.F67 2001723225
Football : the Ivy League origins of an American obsession / Mark F. Bernstein.PE[MAIN] GV958.5.I9B47 2001723314
When Oberlin was king of the gridiron : the Heisman years / Nat Brandt.PE[MAIN] GV958.O24B72 2001723325
The sporting news selects 50 greatest golfers : a celebration of the all-time best / by Reid Spencer.PE[X] GV964.A1S64 2002723259
Sir Walter and Mr. Jones : Walter Hagen, Bobby Jones, and the rise of American golf / Stephen R. Lowe.PE[MAIN] GV964.H3L69 2000723272
Bollettieri's tennis handbook / Nick Bollettieri.PE[MAIN] GV995.B68347 2001723190
Maximum tennis : 10 keys to unleashing your on-court potential / Nick Saviano.PE[MAIN] GV995.S28 2002723230
County and city extra, 2002 : annual metro, city, and county data book / editors, Deirdre A. Gaquin, Katherine A. DeBrandt.Rf[R] HA214.C68 2002723370
Surabaya, city of work : a socioeconomic history, 1900-2000 / H.W. Dick.MB[MAIN] HC448.S87D53 2002723323
Every drop for sale : our desperate battle over water in a world about to run out / by Jeffrey Rothfeder.Bi[MAIN] HD1691.R67 2001723439
Cadillac desert : the American West and its disappearing water / Marc Reisner.Bi[MAIN] HD1739.A17R45 1993723406
Land-use planning for sustainable development / Jane Silberstein, Chris Maser.Bi[MAIN] HD205.S55 2000723481
Chairman of the board : a practical guide / Brian Lechem.Bu[MAIN] HD2743.L43 2002723409
Consumer evolution : nine effective strategies for driving business growth / Charles Grantham and Judith Carr.MB[MAIN] HD30.28.G7218 2002723202
Project leadership / by James P. Lewis.MB[MAIN] HD57.7.L476 2003723250
The responsibility virus / Roger L. Martin.MB[MAIN] HD57.7.M3925 2002723254
Leaders talk leadership : top executives speak their minds / Stephen A. Miles and Meredith D. Ashby ; Heidrick and Struggles International.MB[MAIN] HD57.7.M52 2002723224
The cycle of leadership : how great leaders teach their companies to win / Noel M. Tichy with Nancy Cardwell.MB[MAIN] HD57.7.T49 2002723310
Global woman : nannies, maids, and sex workers in the new economy / Barbara Ehrenreich and Arlie Russell Hochschild, editors.Ge[MAIN] HD6072.G55 2003723454
The Quality revolution : a history of the quality movement / George MouradianMB[MAIN] HD62.15.M68 2002723263
Consulting to family businesses : a practical guide to contracting, assessment, and implementation / Jane Hilburt-Davis, W. Gibb Dyer.Bu[MAIN] HD62.25.H54 2003723414
Building the brand-driven business : operationalize your brand to drive profitable growth / Scott M. Davis, Michael Dunn ; foreword by David A. Aaker.MB[MAIN] HD69.B7D384 2002723193
Beyond teams : building the collaborative organization / Michael Beyerlein ... [et al.].MB[MAIN] HD69.S8B49 2003723189
Who says elephants can't dance? : inside IBM's historic turnaround / Louis V. Gerstner, Jr.Ge[MAIN] HD9696.2.U64I2545 2002723297
Cable cowboy : John Malone and the rise of the modern cable business / Mark Robichaux.Bi[MAIN] HE8700.72.U6R63 2002723335
Al-Jazeera : how the free Arab news network scooped the world and changed the Middle East / Mohammed el-Nawawy, Adel Iskander.Cm[MAIN] HE8700.9.Q22E4 2002723180
Create your own future : how to master the 12 critical factors of unlimited success / Brian Tracy.Bu[MAIN] HF5381.T73 2002723416
Business without borders : a strategic guide to global marketing / Donald A. DePalma.MB[MAIN] HF5415.13.D413 2002723405
Marketing research that won't break the bank : a practical guide to getting the information you need / Alan R. Andreasen ; foreword by William A. Smith.MB[MAIN] HF5415.2.A486 2002723317
Customer loyalty : how to earn it, how to keep it / Jill Griffin ; foreword by Robert T. Herres.MB[MAIN] HF5415.5.G75 2002723206
Total access : giving customers what they want in an anytime, anywhere world / Regis McKenna.MB[MAIN] HF5415.5.M3855 2002723290
The five-minute interview : a job hunter's guide to a successful interview / Richard H. Beatty.Bu[MAIN] HF5549.5.I6B39 2002723445
Accounting reference desktop / Steven M. Bragg.MB[R] HF5657.4.B7195 2002723178
The Advertising age encyclopedia of advertising / editors, John McDonough and the Museum of Broadcast Communications, Karen Egolf ; illustration editor, Jacqueline V. Reid.Rf[R] HF5803.A38 2003x723379
The Advertising age encyclopedia of advertising / editors, John McDonough and the Museum of Broadcast Communications, Karen Egolf ; illustration editor, Jacqueline V. Reid.Ns[R] HF5803.A38 2003x723378
The Advertising age encyclopedia of advertising / editors, John McDonough and the Museum of Broadcast Communications, Karen Egolf ; illustration editor, Jacqueline V. Reid.Bi[R] HF5803.A38 2003x723377
Advertising to the American woman, 1900-1999 / Daniel Delis Hill.Bu[X] HF5813.U6H55 2002723380
The complete book of model fund-raising letters / Roland Kuniholm.SW[MAIN] HG177.K86 1995723201
Grassroots grants : an activist's guide to proposal writing / Andy Robinson, foreword by Kim Klein.SW[MAIN] HG177.R65 2002723214
Communication, technology and society / Lelia Green.Cm[MAIN] HM846.G74 2002723412
Marriage : just a piece of paper? / edited by Katherine Anderson, Don Browning, and Brian Boyer.Rl[MAIN] HQ536.M3215 2002723488
Marriage, health, and the professions : if marriage is good for you, what does this mean for law, medicine, ministry, therapy, and business? / edited by John Wall ... [et al.].Rl[MAIN] HQ536.M325 2002723487
Growing up with television : everyday learning among young adolescents / JoEllen Fisherkeller.Cm[MAIN] HQ799.2.T4F57 2002723215
Cities in a globalizing world : global report on human settlements 2001 / United Nations Centre for Human Settlements (Habitat).HS[MAIN] HT65.C57 2001723411
Fundraising--the good, the bad, and the ugly* : *(and how to tell the difference) : a nuts and bolts approach to successful fundraising / Bill J. Harrison.SW[MAIN] HV41.9.U5H37 2000723393
Tobacco : a reference handbook / Harold V. Cordry.Rf[R] HV5735.C67 2001723289
Ethnicity and substance abuse : prevention and intervention / [compiled and edited] by Grace Xueqin Ma and George Henderson.SW[MAIN] HV5824.E85E875 2002723313
The corner : a year in the life of an inner-city neighborhood / David Simon and Edward Burns.SW[MAIN] HV5833.B2S55 1998723203
Crime and the American dream / Steven F. Messner, Richard Rosenfeld.Ge[MAIN] HV6022.U6M47 2001723309
The dynamics of political crime / Jeffrey Ian Ross.Ge[MAIN] HV6273.R67 2003723426
Encyclopedia of world terrorism / [Martha Crenshaw, John Pimlott, editors].Rf[R] HV6431.E53 1997723451
Encyclopedia of world terrorism / [Martha Crenshaw, John Pimlott, editors].Rf[R] HV6431.E53 1997723453
Encyclopedia of world terrorism / [Martha Crenshaw, John Pimlott, editors].Rf[R] HV6431.E53 1997723452
Portrait of a killer : Jack the Ripper--case closed / Patricia Cornwell.Ge[MAIN] HV6535.G43L653 2002723248
Assessment of family violence : a handbook for researchers and practitioners / Eva L. Feindler, Jill H. Rathus, Laura Beth Silver.SW[MAIN] HV6626.F45 2003723186
Changing agency policy : an incremental approach / Ann Rae, Wanda Nicholas-Wolosuk.SW[MAIN] HV70.R34 2002723196
Handbook of computer crime investigation : forensic tools and technology / edited by Eoghan Casey.CS[MAIN] HV8079.C65H36 2002723459
Militarizing the American criminal justice system : the changing roles of the Armed Forces and the police / edited by Peter B. Kraska.HS[MAIN] HV8138.M48 2001723491
Opportunities in social work careers / Renee Wittenberg.SW[MAIN] HV91.W56 2003723237
Minority rights in America / Alan Axelrod.Rf[R] JC599.U5A93 2002723300
The election of the century and what it tells us about the future of American politics / Stephen J. Wayne and Clyde Wilcox, editors.HS[MAIN] JK5262000m723429
Encyclopedia of American immigration / James Ciment, editor.Rf[R] JV6465.E53 2001723434
Encyclopedia of American immigration / James Ciment, editor.Rf[R] JV6465.E53 2001723433
Encyclopedia of American immigration / James Ciment, editor.Rf[R] JV6465.E53 2001723432
Encyclopedia of American immigration / James Ciment, editor.Rf[R] JV6465.E53 2001723431
Age discrimination in the American workplace : old at a young age / Raymond F. Gregory.Ge[MAIN] KF3465.G74 2001723381
CyberRegs : a business guide to Web property, privacy, and patents / Bill Zoellick.CS[MAIN] KF889.3.Z6114 2002723419
Understanding water rights and conflicts / by Herbert C. Young.Ge[MAIN] KFC2246.Y68 2002723402
Doing school : how we are creating a generation of stressed out, materialistic, and miseducated students / Denise Clark Pope.ME[MAIN] LA229.P59 2001723303
The school buddy system : the practice of collaboration / Gail Bush.EP[MAIN] LB1029.T4B87 2003723331
A child's work : freedom and play in Froebel's educational theory and practice / Joachim Liebschner.ME[MAIN] LB1162.L53 2002723302
Language and image in the reading-writing classroom : teaching vision / edited by Kristie S. Fleckenstein, Linda T. Calendrillo, Demetrice A. Worley.ME[MAIN] LB1576.L283 2002723304
Counselling in schools / Robert Bor ... [et al.]EP[MAIN] LB1620.53.G7C68 2002723336
From isolation to conversation : supporting new teachers' development / Dwight L. Rogers and Leslie M. Babinski.ME[MAIN] LB2844.1.N4R63 2002723212
Three great orchestral works : in full score / Claude Debussy.FA[X] M1000.D4T5 1983723363
Five orchestral pieces ; and, Pelleas und Melisande / Arnold Schoenberg.FA[X] M1000.S36 op. 16 1994723365
The Moldau : and other works for orchestra / Bedrich Smetana.FA[X] M1000.S62O74 1996723347
Romeo and Juliet overture ; and, Capriccio italien / Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky.FA[X] M1000.T4 1986723353
1812 overture ; Marche slave, and ; Francesca da Rimini / Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky.FA[X] M1000.T4O74 1996723362
Symphonies nos. 4 and 7 / Anton Bruckner ; edited by Robert Haas for the International Bruckner Society.FA[X] M1001.B89 no. 4 1990723356
Symphonies nos. 1, 2, and 3 / Peter Ilyitch Tchaikovsky.FA[X] M1001.C44 no. 1-3 1992723354
Symphonies nos. 6 and 7 / Antonin Dvorak.FA[X] M1001.D97 no. 6 1994723357
Symphony no. 5 : Reformation / Felix Mendelssohn.FA[X] M1001.M53 op. 107 1993723359
Symphonies nos. 22-34 : from the Breitkopf & Hartel complete works edition / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.FA[X] M1001.M92B69 1991723355
Symphony no. 3 : (Organ) / Camille Saint-Saens.FA[X] M1001.S154 op. 78 1994723358
Six great overtures in full score / by Ludwig van Beethoven.FA[X] M1004.B4O97 1985723366
Roman carnival and other overtures / Hector Berlioz.FA[X] M1004.B515O97 1995723352
Five great overtures / Gioacchino Rossini.FA[X] M1004.R86D69 1999723364
William Tell and other overtures / Gioacchino Rossini.FA[X] M1004.R86D7 1994723361
Great overtures / Carl Maria von Weber.FA[X] M1004.W373G7 1986723341
The piano concertos / Frederic Chopin.FA[X] M1010.C52 op. 11 1988723349
Piano concerto / Edvard Grieg.FA[X] M1010.G84 op. 16 1994723169
Piano concertos nos. 1, 2, and 3 / Serge Rachmaninoff.FA[X] M1010.R12 no. 1-3 1990723350
The great waltzes / Johann Strauss, Jr.FA[X] M1049.S91W34 1989723342
Elijah : from the critical complete works edition / Felix Mendelssohn ; edited by Julius Rietz.FA[X] M2000.M56E42 1995723339
Missa solemnis : from the Breitkopf & Hartel complete works edition / Ludwig van Beethoven.FA[X] M2010.B43S6 1991723346
Requiem / Gabriel Faure.FA[X] M2010.F26 op. 48 1992723351
Nelson Mass ; and, Mass in time of war / Joseph Haydn.FA[X] M2010.H417 H. XXII, 11 1994723348
Theresa Mass / Joseph Haydn.FA[MAIN] M2010.H417 H. XXII, 12 2000723360
Six Masses / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.FA[X] M2010.M95M38 1992723367
Masses nos. 5 and 6 : in full score, from the critical edition of 1884-1897 / Franz Schubert.FA[X] M2010.S377 D. 678 1995723345
Magnificat in D ; and, The six motets / Johann Sebastian Bach ; from the Bach-Gesellschaft edition.FA[X] M3.1.B2C53 1995723343
Mass in C ; and, Christ on the Mount of Olives / Ludwig van Beethoven.FA[X] M3.1.B4 op. 86 1996723344
Alto rhapsody ; Song of destiny ; Nanie ; and, Song of the fates / Johannes Brahms.FA[X] M3.1.B82C43 1995723338
Fantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis and other works for orchestra / Ralph Vaughan Williams.FA[X] M3.1.V38F3 1999723340
Vintage guitars : the instruments, the players, the music.FA[X] ML1015.G9V55 2001723371
The hammered dulcimer : a history / Paul M. Gifford.FA[MAIN] ML1041.G54 2001723458
The Bach family and the keyboard concerto : the evolution of a genre / Jane R. Stevens.FA[MAIN] ML1263.S78 2001723384
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