April 2003 New Titles

TitleDept. CodeCall NumberBarcode
George Foreman's guide to life : how to get up off the canvas when life knocks you down / George Foreman with Linda Kulman.Ge[MAIN] BJ1548.F67 2002723582
From paradise to the promised land : an introduction to the Pentateuch / T.D. Alexander.Rl[MAIN] BS1225.52.A44 2002723581
The interpretation of the New Testament in Greco-Roman paganism / by John Granger Cook.Rl[MAIN] BS2350.C64 2002723588
Noncanonical writings and New Testament interpretation / Craig A. Evans.Rl[MAIN] BS2555.5.E83 1992723610
The social world of Luke-Acts : models for interpretation / edited by Jerome H. Neyrey.Rl[MAIN] BS2589.S63 1991723634
Paul's idea of community / Robert Banks.Rl[MAIN] BS2655.H72B36 1994723511
On the genre and message of Revelation : star visions and sky journeys / Bruce J. Malina.Rl[MAIN] BS2825.2.M36 1995723507
Revelation / Louis A. Brighton.Rl[MAIN] BS2825.3.B72 1999723514
Revelation / Grant R. Osborne.Rl[MAIN] BS2825.53.O73 2002723627
Cities of the biblical world / LaMoine F. DeVries.Rl[MAIN] BS621.D495 1997723560
The last things : biblical and theological perspectives on eschatology / edited by Carl E. Braaten and Robert W. Jenson.Rl[MAIN] BT821.3.L37 2002723593
Resurrection : theological and scientific assessments / edited by Ted Peters, Robert John Russell, Michael Welker.Rl[MAIN] BT873.R47 2002723626
The new dictionary of pastoral studies / edited by Wesley Carr.Rl[R] BV4005.5.N49 2002723501
What if? II : eminent historians imagine what might have been : essays / by James Bradley ... [et al.] ; edited by Robert Cowley.HS[MAIN] D25.5.W44 2001723538
America's Japanese hostages : the World War II plan for a Japanese free Latin America / Thomas Connell.HS[MAIN] D769.8.A6C56 2002723545
The Lone Star and the swastika : prisoners of war in Texas / by Richard P. Walker.HS[MAIN] D805.U5W365 2001723600
Roosevelt's secret war : FDR and World War II espionage / Joseph E. Persico.HS[MAIN] D810.S7P45 2001723516
The Balkans : nationalism, war, and the Great Powers, 1804-1999 / Misha Glenny.HS[MAIN] DR43.G58 2001723554
Social World of ancient Israel, 1250-587 BCE / Victor H. Matthews and Don. C. Benjamin.Rl[MAIN] DS112.M333 1993723633
Early Judaism : the exile to the time of Jesus / Frederick J. Murphy.Rl[MAIN] DS121.M97 2002723573
The Afghans / Willem Vogelsang.HS[MAIN] DS358.V64 2001723541
The Soviet-Afghan War : how a superpower fought and lost / the Russian General Staff ; translated and edited by Lester W. Grau and Michael A. Gress ; foreword by Theodore C. Mataxis.HS[MAIN] DS371.2.S665 2002723636
Precolonial India in practice : society, region, and identity in medieval Andhra / Cynthia Talbot.HS[MAIN] DS485.A55T35 2001723642
Daily life in ancient Mesopotamia / Karen Rhea Nemet-Nejat.Rl[MAIN] DS69.5.N4 2002723567
The Hyksos : new historical and archaeological perspectives / Eliezer D. Oren, editor.Rl[X] DT86.H95 1997723587
Should America pay? : slavery and the raging debate over reparations / [edited by] Raymond A. Winbush.Ge[MAIN] E185.89.R45S56 2003723523
100 greatest African Americans : a biographical encyclopedia / Molefi Kete Asante.Rf[R] E185.96.A83 2002723539
Rude republic : Americans and their politics in the nineteenth century / Glenn C. Altschuler and Stuart M. Blumin.HS[MAIN] E337.5.A48 2000723517
Santa Anna : a curse upon Mexico / Robert L. Scheina.HS[MAIN] F1232.S232S34 2002723518
A rough ride to Albany : Teddy runs for governor / John A. Corry.HS[MAIN] F124.C77 2000723630
Lone Star justice : the first century of the Texas Rangers / Robert M. Utley.HS[MAIN] F391.U9 2002723599
Female fitness on foot : walking, jogging, running, orienteering / Bob O'Connor ... [et al.].PE[MAIN] GV482.F46 2002723577
Alan shrugged : the life and times of Alan Greenspan, the world's most powerful banker / Jerome Tuccille.Bu[MAIN] HB119.G74T83 2002723543
The savage wars of peace : small wars and the rise of American power / Alan Macfarlane.HS[MAIN] HB3585.M33 2003723520
The manager's guide to effective meetings / Barbara J. Streibel.Bu[MAIN] HD30.3.S775 2003723603
Less is more : how great companies use productivity as a competitive tool in business / Jason Jennings.MB[MAIN] HD56.25.J456 2002723594
A new brand world : 8 principles for achieving brand leadership in the 21st century / Scott Bedbury with Stephen Fenichell.Bu[MAIN] HD69.B7B36 2002723500
The secrets of executive search : professional strategies for managing your personal job search / Robert M. Melancon.Bu[MAIN] HF5382.7.M45 2002723521
Winning cover letters / Robin Ryan.Bu[MAIN] HF5383.R93 2003723537
Priceless : turning ordinary products into extraordinary experiences / Diana LaSalle, Terry A. Britton.Bu[MAIN] HF5415.15.L37 2002723622
Stocks for the long run : the definitive guide to financial market returns and long-term investment strategies / Jeremy J. Siegel.Bu[MAIN] HG4661.S53 2002723638
Beyond the whiteness of whiteness : memoir of a white mother of Black sons / Jane Lazarre.Ge[MAIN] HQ755.85.L39 1996723556
Substance use and abuse : sociological perspectives / Victor N. Shaw.SW[MAIN] HV4999.2.S52 2002723645
Social learning theory and the explanation of crime : a guide for the new century / Ronald L. Akers, Gary F. Jensen, editors.CJ[MAIN] HV6018.S67 2003723525
Terrorism : are we ready? / Diana Miller (editor).Ge[MAIN] HV6432.T448 2002723530
Hate crimes revisited : America's war against those who are different / Jack Levin and Jack McDevitt.Ge[MAIN] HV6773.52.L48 2002723586
Policing the poor : from slave plantation to public housing / Neil Websdale.HS[MAIN] HV8148.N27W43 2001723620
The leviathan's choice : capital punishment in the twenty-first century / edited by J. Michael Martinez, William D. Richardson, D. Brandon Hornsby.Ge[MAIN] HV8694.L475 2002723596
Global political campaigning : a worldwide analysis of campaign professionals and their practices / Fritz Plasser with Gunda Plasser.HS[MAIN] JF2112.C3P58 2002723583
The 2000 presidential campaign : a communication perspective / edited by Robert E. Denton.Cm[MAIN] JK5262000q723540
The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act / Elizabeth B. Bazan.Ge[MAIN] KF4850.B39 2002723580
By order of the President : the use and abuse of executive direct action / Phillip J. Cooper.En[MAIN] KF5053.C578 2002723557
Race, crime, and the law / Randall Kennedy.CJ[MAIN] KF9223.K43 1998723625
Talking sense in science : helping children understand through talk / Douglas P. Newton.EP[MAIN] LB1585.N44 2002723529
The assessment debate : a reference handbook / Valerie J. Janesick.EP[R] LB3051.S66 2001723550
Student diversity, choice and school improvement / Charles V. Willie, Ralph Edwards, and Michael J. Alves.EP[MAIN] LC1099.3.W53 2002723640
Supporting inclusive education : a connective pedagogy / Jenny Corbett.ME[MAIN] LC1203.G7C67 2001723644
Music in ancient Israel/Palestine : archaeological, written, and comparative sources / Joachim Braun ; translated by Douglas W. Stott.Rl[MAIN] ML166.B7613 2002723608
Twentieth-century music : an introduction / Eric Salzman.FA[MAIN] ML197.S17 2002723533
Open a new window : the Broadway musical in the 1960s / by Ethan Mordden.FA[MAIN] ML2054.M67 2002723616
The themes of the German lied from Mozart to Strauss / Peter Russell.FA[MAIN] ML2529.R87 2002723531
Serving in your church music ministry / Randall D. Engle.FA[MAIN] ML3001.E56 2002723522
Classical music : the rough guideFA[MAIN] ML390.C53 2001723629
The possessor and the possessed : Handel, Mozart, Beethoven, and the idea of musical genius / Peter Kivy.FA[MAIN] ML390.K595 2001723512
Beethoven and his world : a biographical dictionary / Peter Clive.FA[MAIN] ML410.B4C62 2001723555
The character of a genius : Beethoven in perspective / Peter J. Davies.FA[MAIN] ML410.B4D29 2002723558
The music of Berlioz / Julian Rushton.FA[MAIN] ML410.B5R87 2001723609
John Cage : music, philosophy, and intention, 1933-1950 / edited by David W. Patterson.FA[MAIN] ML410.C24J625 2000723591
Olivier Messiaen and the Tristan myth / by Audrey Ekdahl Davidson.FA[MAIN] ML410.M595D38 2001723613
Somewhere for me : a biography of Richard Rodgers / Meryle Secrest.FA[MAIN] ML410.R6315S43 2002723635
Story of a friendship : the letters of Dmitry Shostakovich to Isaak Glikman, 1941-1975 / with a commentary by Isaak Glikman ; translated by Anthony Phillips.FA[MAIN] ML410.S53A4 2001723639
Stravinsky inside out / Charles M. Joseph.FA[MAIN] ML410.S932J68 2001723526
William Walton : muse of fire / Stephen Lloyd.FA[MAIN] ML410.W292L56 2001723536
The letters of Samuel Wesley : professional and social correspondence, 1797-1837 / edited by Philip Olleson.FA[MAIN] ML410.W515A4 2001723595
Arturo Toscanini : the NBC years / by Mortimer H. Frank ; with a foreword by Jacques Barzun.FA[MAIN] ML422.T67F73 2002723549
K for Kochel : the life and work of Ludwig Ritter von Kochel, cataloguer of Mozart / Thomas Edmund Konrad.FA[MAIN] ML423.K725K6613 2001723592
A Ned Rorem reader / Ned Rorem ; introduction by J.D. McClatchy.FA[MAIN] ML60.R78425 2001723498
The early violin and viola : a practical guide / Robin Stowell.FA[MAIN] ML855.S79 2001723574
Bach : the Goldberg variations / Peter Williams.FA[MAIN] MT145.B14W55 2001723553
The simple flute : from A to Z / Michel Debost ; illustrated by Jeanne Debost-Roth.FA[MAIN] MT340.D4313 2002723524
Norton anthology of western music / edited by Claude V. Palisca.FA[MAIN] MT6.5.N67 2001723503
Norton anthology of western music / edited by Claude V. Palisca.FA[MAIN] MT6.5.N67 2001723504
Communication in history : technology, culture, society / [edited by] David Crowley, Paul Heyer.Cm[MAIN] P90.C62945 2003723562
Le grand dictionnaire Hachette-Oxford : francais-anglais, anglais-francais / sous la direction editoriale de Marie-Helene Correard, Valerie Grundy.Rf[R] PC2640.G684 2001723509
The SBL handbook of style : for ancient Near Eastern, Biblical, and early Christian studies / edited by Patrick H. Alexander ... [et al.].Rl[MAIN] PN147.S26 1999723519
The emergence of cinematic time : modernity, contingency, the archive / Mary Ann Doane.Cm[MAIN] PN1995.9.T55D63 2002723576
The films of Steven Spielberg : critical essays / edited by Charles L.P. SiletCm[MAIN] PN1998.3.S65F55 2002723578
The news about the news : American journalism in peril / Leonard Downie, Jr. and Robert G. Kaiser.Cm[MAIN] PN4855.D64 2002723502
Beowulf : a prose translation : backgrounds and contexts, criticism / translated by E. Talbot Donaldson ; edited by Nicholas Howe.En[MAIN] PR1583.D6 2002723499
Sweet freedom's song : My Country 'Tis of Thee and democracy in America / Robert James Branham & Stephen J. Hartnett.FA[MAIN] PS2872.A7B73 2002723528
The lost letters of Pergamum : a story from the New Testament world / Bruce W. Longenecker with extracts from Ben Witherington III.Rl[MAIN] PS3612.O53L47 2003723601
Matrix computations / Gene H. Golub, Charles F. Van Loan.CS[MAIN] QA188.G65 1996723605
Java precisely / Peter Sestoft.CS[MAIN] QA76.73.J38S435 2002723590
Applied Java patterns / Stephen Stelting, Olav Maassen.CS[MAIN] QA76.73.J38S845 2002723547
The quick Python book / Daryl Harms, Kenneth McDonald.CS[MAIN] QA76.73.P98H37 2000723624
Python programming with the Java class libraries : a tutorial for building Web and Enterprise applications / Richard Hightower.CS[MAIN] QA76.73.P98H54 2002723623
MySQL weekend crash course / Jay Greenspan.CS[RSB] QA76.73.S67G733 2002503066
MySQL weekend crash course / Jay Greenspan.CS[MAIN] QA76.73.S67G733 2002723497
Hack attacks denied : a complete guide to network lockdown for UNIX, Windows, and Linux / John Chirillo.CS[MAIN] QA76.9.A25C47 2002723584
Hack attacks denied : a complete guide to network lockdown for UNIX, Windows, and Linux / John Chirillo.CS[RSB] QA76.9.A25C47 2002503068
Digital signatures / Mohan Atreya ... [et al.].CS[MAIN] QA76.9.A25D55 2002723570
Cryptography for Internet and database applications : developing secret and public key techniques with Java / Nick Galbreath.CS[MAIN] QA76.9.A25G35 2002723566
Authentication : from passwords to public keys / Richard E. Smith.CS[MAIN] QA76.9.A25S65 2002723552
Discrete structures, logic, and computability / James L. Hein.CS[MAIN] QA76.9.M35H44 2001723571
UML distilled : a brief guide to the standard object modeling language / Martin Fowler with Kendall Scott.CS[MAIN] QA76.9.O35F694 1999723534
Analytical chemistry for technicians / John Kenkel.MP[MAIN] QD75.22.K445 2003723546
Analytical chemistry for technicians / John Kenkel.MP[RSB] QD75.22.K445 2003503067
The age of dinosaurs in Russia and Mongolia / edited by Michael J. Benton ... [et al.].Bi[MAIN] QE862.D5A287 2000723542
Rex appeal : the amazing story of Sue, the dinosaur that changed science, the law, and my life / by Peter Larson, Kristin Donnan.Bi[MAIN] QE862.S3L39 2002723515
Mammoths, sabertooths, and hominids : 65 million years of mammalian evolution in Europe / Jordi Agusti and Mauricio Anton.Bi[MAIN] QE881.A35 2002723602
Prehistoric mammals of Australia and New Guinea : one hundred million years of evolution / John Long ... [et al.].Bi[X] QE881.P74 2002723568
The structure of evolutionary theory / Stephen Jay Gould.Bi[MAIN] QH366.2.G663 2002723527
Cloning and the future of human embryo research / edited by Paul Lauritzen.Bi[MAIN] QH442.2.C566 2001723561
Conserving nature's diversity : insights from biology, ethics and economics / edited by G. Cornelis van Kooten, Erwin H. Bulte, A.R.E. Sinclair.Bi[MAIN] QH75.C68188 2000723641
The Penguin atlas of endangered species / Richard Mackay.Bi[MAIN] QH75.M286 2002723618
Life at the limits : organisms in extreme environments / David A. Wharton.Bi[MAIN] QL45.2.W53 2002723597
Sparrows of the United States and Canada : the photographic guide / David Beadle and J.D. Rising.Bi[MAIN] QL696.P2438B425 2002723637
Iron, nature's universal element : why people need iron & animals make magnets / Eugenie Vorburger Mielczarek and Sharon Bertsch McGrayne.Bi[MAIN] QP535.F4M54 2000723589
Parasitology / Jack Chernin.Bi[MAIN] QR251.C52 2000723643
Pathophysiology made incredibly easy!Ns[MAIN] RB113.P3636 2002723510
Oncology nursing secrets / [edited by] Rose A. Gates, Regina M. Fink.Ns[MAIN] RC266.O57 2001x723614
Psychiatric and mental health care / Linda Carman Copel.Ns[MAIN] RC440.C595 2000723513
Mental health and psychiatric nursing / Ann Isaacs.Ns[RSB] RC440.L57 2001503069
Mental health and psychiatric nursing / Ann Isaacs.Ns[MAIN] RC440.L57 2001723607
Fluids & electrolytes made incredibly easy.Ns[MAIN] RC630.F596 2002723579
ECG interpretation made incredibly easy!Ns[MAIN] RC683.5.E5E256 2002723575
The only EKG book you'll ever need / Malcolm S. Thaler.Ns[MAIN] RC683.5.E5T48 2003723615
Transplantation ethics / Robert M. Veatch.Ge[MAIN] RD120.7.V43 2000723532
Drugs in pregnancy and lactation : a reference guide to fetal and neonatal risk / Gerald G. Briggs, Roger K. Freeman, Sumner J. Yaffe.Ns[MAIN] RG627.6.D79 B75 2002723572
Pediatric nursing procedures / Vicky R. Bowden, Cindy Smith Greenberg.Ns[MAIN] RJ245.B693 2003723606
Pediatric nursing / [edited by] Mary E. Muscari.Ns[MAIN] RJ245.L57 2001723617
Pediatric nursing / [edited by] Mary E. Muscari.Ns[RSB] RJ245.L57 2001503070
Nutrition made incredibly easy.Ns[MAIN] RM216.N86156 2003723612
Critical care nursing secrets / [edited by] Hildy M. Schell, Kathleen A. Puntillo.Ns[MAIN] RT120.I5C777 2001723565
The art of nursing : a practical introduction / Carolyn Cooper.Ns[MAIN] RT41.C7787 2001723548
Nursing process and critical thinking / Judith M. Wilkinson.Ns[MAIN] RT41.W57 2001723506
The nurse's handbook of complementary therapies / edited by Denise Rankin-BoxNs[MAIN] RT42.N842 2001723611
Diagnostic tests made incredibly easy!.Ns[MAIN] RT48.5.D533 2002723569
Assessment made incredibly easy!Ns[MAIN] RT48.A876 2002723551
Charting made incredibly easy!Ns[MAIN] RT50.C483 2002723559
Handbook of nursing procedures.Ns[MAIN] RT51.H365 2001723585
Nursing procedures made incredibly easy!.Ns[MAIN] RT51.N874 2002723505
Math for nurses : a pocket guide to dosage calculation and drug preparation / Mary Jo Boyer ; consultant, Elaine Dreisbaugh.Ns[MAIN] RT68.B68 2002723604
Communication in nursing.Ns[MAIN] RT86.3.B34 2000723563
Robotic explorations : a hands-on introduction to engineering / Fred G. Martin.CS[MAIN] TJ211.M36645 2001723628
PIC microcontroller project book / John Iovine.CS[MAIN] TJ233.P76I69 2000723619
Secure communicating systems : design, analysis, and implementation / Michael R.A. Huth.CS[MAIN] TK5102.85.H88 2001723631
Securing and controlling Cisco routers / Peter T. Davis.CS[MAIN] TK5105.543.D38 2002723632
Policy routing using Linux / Matthew G. MarshCS[MAIN] TK5105.543.M37 2001723621
Policy routing using Linux / Matthew G. MarshCS[RSB] TK5105.543.M37 2001503071
Counter hack : a step-by-step guide to computer attacks and effective defenses / Ed Skoudis.CS[MAIN] TK5105.59.S57 2002723564
Local area network management, design and security : a practical approach / Arne Mikalsen and Per BorgesenCS[MAIN] TK5105.7.M54 2002723598
Universal Serial Bus system architecture / MindShare, Inc. ; Don Anderson, Dave Dzatko.CS[RSB] TK7895.B87A53 2001503072
Universal Serial Bus system architecture / MindShare, Inc. ; Don Anderson, Dave Dzatko.CS[MAIN] TK7895.B87A53 2001723535
Amelia Earhart's shoes : is the mystery solved? / Thomas F. King ... [et al.].HS[MAIN] TL540.E3A74 2001723544
One nation underground : the fallout shelter in American culture / Kenneth D. Rose.HS[MAIN] UA927.R67 2001723508