May 2003 New Titles

TitleDept. CodeCall NumberBarcode
What should I do with my life? / Po Bronson.EP[MAIN] BF637.S4B79 2003723659
A treasury of royal scandals : the shocking true stories of history's wickedest, weirdest, most wanton kings, queens, tsars, popes, and emperors / Michael Farquhar.HS[MAIN] D107.F32 2001723657
Their war for Korea : American, Asian, and European combatants and civilians, 1945-1953 / Allan R. Millett.HS[MAIN] DS918.A553M55 2002723673
Franklin D. Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln : competing perspectives on two great presidencies / William D. Pederson and Frank J. Williams, editors.HS[MAIN] E176.1.F7895 2003723718
A history of hope : when Americans have dared to dream of a better future / by James W. Fraser.HS[MAIN] E179.F83 2002723678
A woman in amber : healing the trauma of war and exile / Agate Nesaule.HS[MAIN] E184.L4N47 1995723655
Alexander Hamilton : a life / Willard Sterne Randall.HS[MAIN] E302.6.H2R25 2003723671
Beyond the river : the untold story of the heroes of the Underground Railroad / Ann Hagedorn.HS[MAIN] E450.H165 2002723676
Ronald Reagan : the power of conviction and the restoration of the presidency / Peter J. Wallison.HS[MAIN] E876.W325 2003723674
An amazing adventure : Joe and Hadassah's personal notes on the 2000 campaign / Joe and Hadassah Lieberman ; with Sarah Crichton.Ge[MAIN] E889.L54 2003723709
The right man : the surprise presidency of George W. Bush / David Frum.HS[MAIN] E903.F78 2003723703
Made in Texas : George W. Bush and the Southern takeover of American politics / Michael Lind.HS[MAIN] F391.2.L56 2003723677
City on fire : the forgotten disaster that devastated a town and ignited a landmark legal battle / Bill Minutaglio.HS[MAIN] F394.T4M56 2003723679
Homesteading / Percy Wollaston ; with a foreword by Jonathan Raban.Bi[MAIN] F739.I86W65 1997723693
The politics of fortune : a new agenda for business leaders / Jeffrey E. Garten.MB[MAIN] HD57.7.G377 2002723701
No-collar : the humane workplace and its hidden costs / Andrew Ross.Ge[MAIN] HD58.8.R674 2003723669
Project management step-by-step / Larry Richman.Bu[MAIN] HD69.P75R53 2002723702
Marketing to the mindset of boomers and their elders / Carol M. Morgan and Doran J. Levy.Bu[MAIN] HF5415.127.M668 2002723719
Secure electronic transactions : introduction and technical reference / by Larry Loeb.CS[RSB] HF5548.32.L63 1998503076
Secure electronic transactions : introduction and technical reference / by Larry Loeb.CS[MAIN] HF5548.32.L63 1998723722
Laugh and learn : 95 ways to use humor for more effective teaching and training / Doni Tamblyn.MB[MAIN] HF5549.5.T7T256 2003723698
The making of national money : territorial currencies in historical perspective / Eric Helleiner.Bu[MAIN] HG221.H4855 2003723708
A history of the Federal Reserve / Allan H. Meltzer ; with a foreword by Alan Greenspan.MB[MAIN] HG2563.M383 2003723692
Greenback : the almighty dollar and the invention of America / Jason Goodwin.Bu[MAIN] HG591.G64 2003723675
Education and support for parenting : a guide for health professionals / edited by Mary L. Nolan ; foreword by Elisabeth Buggins.Ns[MAIN] HQ755.7.E37 2002723687
Criminal belief systems : an integrated-interactive theory of lifestyles / Glenn D. Walters.Ge[MAIN] HV6080.W25 2002723685
Two hours that shook the world : September 11, 2001 : causes and consequences / Fred Halliday.HS[MAIN] HV6432.7.H34 2002723651
Al Qaeda : brotherhood of terror / Paul L. Williams.En[MAIN] HV6433.M52Q35 2002723682
Fire in a canebrake : the last mass lynching in America / Laura Wexler.CJ[MAIN] HV6465.G4W49 2003723672
How to work with sex offenders : a handbook for criminal justice, human service, and mental health professionals / Rudy Flora.SW[MAIN] HV6556.F58 2001723694
Behavioral social work in health care settings : papers from the seventh Doris Siegel Memorial Colloquium / Gary Rosenberg, Andrew Weissman, editors.SW[MAIN] HV687.A3B45 2000723714
Clinical practice with families : supporting creativity and competence / Michael Rothery, George Enns.SW[MAIN] HV699.R67 2001723684
A question of evidence : a casebook of great forensic controversies, from Napoleon to O.J. / Colin Evans.CJ[MAIN] HV8073.E926 2003723707
Are cops racist? / Heather Mac Donald.CJ[MAIN] HV8141.M23 2003723710
When children kill : a social-psychological study of youth homicide / Katharine Kelly and Mark Totten.En[MAIN] HV9067.H6K42 2002723706
Repackaging the welfare state / by Pranab Chatterjee.SW[MAIN] JC479.C535 1999723724
Forensic social work : legal aspects of professional practice / Robert L. Barker, Douglas M. Branson.SW[MAIN] KF8968.7.B37 2000723689
Listen to the children : from focused observation to strategic instruction / Jane Fraser.EP[MAIN] LB1027.28.F75 2002723660
The principal as technology leader / Theodore Creighton.EP[MAIN] LB1028.3.C74 2003723665
Confident communication : speaking tips for educators / Douglas A. Parker.EP[MAIN] LB1033.5.P35 2003723664
Miscues not mistakes : reading assessment in the classroom / M. Ruth Davenport.EP[MAIN] LB1050.33.D38 2002723662
Word solvers : making sense of letters and sounds / Michele Dufresne.EP[MAIN] LB1050.34.D84 2002723663
When kids can't read, what teachers can do : a guide for teachers, 6-12 / Kylene Beers.EP[MAIN] LB1050.5.B45 2003723658
Where have all the bluebirds gone? : how to soar with flexible grouping / JoAnne Schudt Caldwell, Michael P. Ford.EP[MAIN] LB1050.C215 2002723661
Threats in schools : a practical guide for managing violence / Joseph T. McCann.SW[MAIN] LB3013.3.M35 2002723704
Tchaikovsky's complete songs : a companion with texts and translations / Richard D. Sylvester.FA[RSB] ML 54.6.T24S9 2001503073
Tchaikovsky's complete songs : a companion with texts and translations / Richard D. Sylvester.FA[MAIN] ML 54.6.T24S9 2001723648
Edvard Grieg : diaries, articles, speeches / edited and translated by Finn Benestad & William H. Halverson.FA[MAIN] ML410.G9A25 2001723717
Heitor Villa-Lobos : a life (1887-1959) / David P. Appleby.FA[MAIN] ML410.V76A67 2002723691
The Tristan chord : Wagner and philosophy / Bryan Magee.FA[MAIN] ML410.W19M14 2001723650
Canonic texts in media research : are there any? should there be? how about these? / edited by Elihu Katz ... [et al.].Cm[MAIN] P91.3.C36 2002723715
Media violence and its effect on aggression : assessing the scientific evidence / Jonathan L. Freedman.Cm[MAIN] P96.V5F74 2002723700
DII dizionario : inglese-italiano, italiano-inglese / redazione, Maria Cristina BareggiRf[R] PC1640.D54 2001723656
American journalism : history, principles, practices / edited by W. David Sloan and Lisa Mullikin Parcell.Cm[MAIN] PN4853.A48 2002723711
Taking liberties : early American women's magazines and their readers / Amy Beth Aronson.Cm[MAIN] PN4879.A76 2002723647
Democracy and the news / by Herbert J. Gans.Cm[MAIN] PN4888.P6G36 2003723668
Teaching problems and the problems of teaching / Magdalene Lampert.EP[MAIN] QA135.6.L36 2001723649
The nothing that is : a natural history of zero / Robert Kaplan ; illustrations by Ellen Kaplan.MP[MAIN] QA141.K36 2000723720
Applied numerical linear algebra / James W. Demmel.CS[MAIN] QA184.D455 1997723712
Introduction to the theory of computation / Michael Sipser.CS[MAIN] QA267.S56 1997723695
JAVA design : building better apps and applets / Peter Coad and Mark Mayfield, with Jonathan Kern.CS[RSB] QA76.73.J38C65 1999503075
JAVA design : building better apps and applets / Peter Coad and Mark Mayfield, with Jonathan Kern.CS[MAIN] QA76.73.J38C65 1999723696
A practical guide to Linux / Mark G. Sobell ; [foreword by Linus Torvalds].CS[MAIN] QA76.76.O63S5948 1997723723
Universal command guide for operating systems / Guy Lotgering and the UCG Training Team.CS[RSB] QA76.76.O63U53 2002503074
Universal command guide for operating systems / Guy Lotgering and the UCG Training Team.CS[MAIN] QA76.76.O63U53 2002723652
Hidden worlds : hunting for quarks in ordinary matter / Timothy Paul Smith.MP[MAIN] QC793.5.Q252S65 2003723670
The ingredients : a guided tour of the elements / Philip Ball.MP[MAIN] QD466.B25 2002723666
Dinosaur impressions : postcards from a paleontologist / Philippe Taquet ; translated by Kevin Padian.Bi[MAIN] QE22.T36T3713 1998723716
Jurassic classics : a collection of Saurian essays and Mesozoic musings / by Donald F. Glut.Bi[MAIN] QE723.G58 2001723697
Watson and DNA : making a scientific revolution / Victor K. McElheny.Ge[MAIN] QH31.W327M33 2003723667
Aristotle's philosophy of biology : studies in the origins of life science / James G. Lennox.Bi[MAIN] QH331.L528 2001723713
Abraham Lincoln's DNA and other adventures in genetics / Philip R. Reilly.Bi[MAIN] QH431.R38 2000723680
Looking for Spinoza : joy, sorrow, and the feeling brain / Antonio Damasio.Bi[MAIN] QP401.D203 2003723725
Health and well-being for older people : foundations for practice / Anne Squire ; foreword by Ina Simnett.Ns[MAIN] RA564.8.S687 2002723690
AIDS, drugs, and society / edited by Anna Alexandrova.Ns[MAIN] RA643.8.A43 2002723681
Patients with cancer : understanding the psychological pain / Arlene D. Houldin.Ns[MAIN] RC262.H686 2000723721
Family solutions for substance abuse : clinical and counseling approaches / Eric E. McCollum, Terry S. Trepper.SW[MAIN] RC564.M326 2001723688
Understanding hepatitis / James L. Achord.Ns[MAIN] RC848.H42A26 2002723705
Wound care / Cathy Thomas Hess.Ns[MAIN] RD95.H47 2002723654
The darkest days of my life : stories of postpartum depression / Natasha S. Mauthner.Ns[MAIN] RG852.M38 2002723686
Lippincott's guide to preventing medication errors / Amy M. Karch.Ns[MAIN] RM146.K37 2003723699
Successful test-taking : learning strategies for nurses / Marian B. Sides, Nancy Korchek ; with 12 contributors.Ns[MAIN] RT55.S48 1998723646
Understanding nursing research / Nancy Burns, Susan K. Grove.Ns[MAIN] RT81.5.B863 2003723653
The cavalry of the Roman republic : cavalry combat and elite reputations in the Middle and Late Republic / Jeremiah B. McCall.HS[MAIN] UE79.M33 2001723683