July 2003 New Titles

TitleDept. CodeCall NumberBarcode
On morning wings / adapted from Psalm 139 by Reeve Lindbergh ; illustrated by Holly Meade.Ge[J] 223.209505L64 2002724027
Celebrating Ramadan = Ramadan al-muazzam / by Diane Hoyt-Goldsmith ; photographs by Lawrence Migdale.Ge[J] 297.62H854 2001723947
What's that noise? / Michelle Edwards and Phyllis Root ; illustrated by Paul Meisel.Ge[J] 302.17Ed 97 2002724075
How I became an American / by Karin Gundisch ; translated from the German by James Skofield.Ge[D] 304.82G955 2001723998
The world at her fingertips : the story of Helen Keller / Joan Dash.Ge[D] 362.41D35 2001724086
The race of the Birkebeiners / written by Lise Lunge-Larsen ; illustrated by Mary Azarian.Ge[J] 398.2L972 2001724040
Chicka chicka boom boom / by Bill Martin, Jr. and John Archambault ; illustrated by Lois Ehlert.Ge[J] 421.1M363 1989723951
What makes a shadow? / by Clyde Robert Bulla ; illustrated by June Otani.Ge[J] 535.4B872 1994724073
Hidden worlds : looking through a scientist's microscope / by Stephen Kranmer ; photographs by Dennis Kunkel.Ge[J] 570.282K86 2001723992
The emperor's egg / Martin Jenkins ; illustrated by Jane Chapman.Ge[J] 598.47.J417 1999723967
Wild about dolphins / by Nicola Davies.Ge[J] 599.53D288 2001724084
Mustang canyon / by Jonathan London ; illustrated by Daniel San Souci.Ge[J] 599.6655L846 2002724023
Walk with a wolf / Janni Howker ; illustrated by Sarah Fox-Davies.Ge[J] 599.773H842 2002724071
STDs : what you don't know can hurt you / Diane Yancey.Ge[D] 616.951Y15 2002724058
The Brooklyn Bridge / Lynn Curlee.Ge[J] 624.5C928 2001723938
The story of George Washington Carver / Eva Moore ; illustrated with prints by Alexander Anderson and with photographs.EP[J] 630.92M784 1990723897
In the days of the vaqueros : America's first true cowboys / by Russell Freedman.Ge[J] 636.213F875 2001724001
Leonardo's horse / Jean Fritz ; illustrated by Hudson Talbott.Ge[J] 730.92F919 2001724012
Handel, who knew what he liked / M.T. Anderson ; illustrated by Kevin Hawkes.Ge[J] 780.92An24 2001723987
This place I know : poems of comfort / selected by Georgia Heard ; illustrations contributed by eighteen renowned picture book artists.Ge[J] 811.008T349 2002724063
Phillis Wheatley / Kathryn Lasky ; illustrated by Paul Lee.Ge[J] 811.1L335 2003724067
Quick as a cricket / by Audrey Wood ; illustrated by Don Wood.EP[J] 811W85 1990724038
On the Mayflower : voyage of the ship's apprentice & a passenger girl / by Kate Waters ; photographs by Russ Kendall.EP[J] 813.54W317 1996723885
Full, full, full of love / Trish Cooke ; illustrated by Paul Howard.Ge[J] 813.6C776 2003723980
Farmer Will / Jane Cowen-Fletcher.Ge[J] 813.6C838 2001723994
Hi, new baby! / written by Robie H. Harris ; illustrated by Michael Emberley.Ge[J] 813.6H243 2000723991
Annie Rose is my little sister / Shirley Hughes.Ge[J] 813.6H874 2003723928
A quilt for baby / Kim Lewis.Ge[J] 813.6L587 2003724039
Emma's yucky brother / story by Jean Little ; pictures by Jennifer Plecas.Ge[J] 813.6L724 2000723968
Black potatoes : the story of the great Irish famine, 1845-1850 / Susan Campbell Bartoletti.Ge[D] 941.5081B285 2001723937
Shipwrecked! : the true adventures of a Japanese boy / Rhoda Blumberg.Ge[J] 952.025B625 2001724051
Intuition at work : why developing your gut instincts will make you better at what you do / Gary Klein.Bu[MAIN] BF315.5.K57 2003724007
Intelligence, race, and genetics : conversations with Arthur R. Jensen / Frank Miele.EP[MAIN] BF431.J396 2002724152
Waiting with Gabriel : a story of cherishing a baby's brief life / Amy Kuebelbeck.Ns[MAIN] BF575.G7K83 2003724070
Species of origins : America's search for a creation story / Karl W. Giberson and Donald A. Yerxa.Rl[MAIN] BL240.3.G53 2002724056
Science and religion : a historical introduction / edited by Gary B. Ferngren.Ge[MAIN] BL245.S37 2002724047
American religious leaders / Timothy L. Hall.Rf[R] BL72.H33 2003723926
The Cambridge illustrated history of religions / edited by John Bowker.Rl[MAIN] BL80.2.C334 2002723944
The archaeology of Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls / Jodi Magness.Rl[MAIN] BM175.Q6M34 2002723929
Thou shall prosper : ten commandments for making money / Daniel Lapin.Rl[MAIN] BM538.W4L37 2002724064
Historical dictionary of prophets in Islam and Judaism / Scott B. Noegel, Brannon M. Wheeler.Rl[MAIN] BM645.P67N64 2002723993
Islam : origins, practices, holy texts, sacred persons, sacred places / Matthew S. Gordon.Rl[MAIN] BP161.2.G66 2002724010
An introduction to Islam / David WainesRl[MAIN] BP161.2.W29 1995724005
Silent no more : confronting America's false images of Islam / Paul Findley.Gf[MAIN] BP170.F56 2001724147
Islam / Paul Lunde.Rl[MAIN] BP50.L86 2002724009
Christianity Incorporated : how big business is buying the church / Michael L. Budde & Robert W. Brimlow.Rl[MAIN] BR115.C3B83 2002723956
In search of the early Christians : selected essays / Wayne A. Meeks ; edited by Allen R. Hilton and H. Gregory Snyder.Rl[MAIN] BR129.M44 2002724000
Evangelical landscapes : facing critical issues of the day / John G. Stackhouse, Jr.Rl[MAIN] BR1640.S68 2002723974
Heroes of the holy life : biographies of fully devoted followers of Christ / Wesley L. Duewel.Rl[MAIN] BR1700.3.D84 2002723989
Luther in context / David C. Steinmetz.Rl[MAIN] BR333.3.S74 2002724015
The religious history of America / Edwin S. Gaustad and Leigh E. Schmidt.Rl[MAIN] BR515.G3 2002724043
Separation of church and state / Philip Hamburger.Rl[MAIN] BR516.H19 2002724050
The gathering place : empowering your community through urban church education / James R. Love, Sr.Rl[MAIN] BR563.N4L65 2002723982
The Black church in the post-civil rights era / Anthony B. Pinn.Rl[MAIN] BR563.N4P49 2002723936
The prophetic literature : an introduction / David L. Petersen.Rl[MAIN] BS1198.P46 2002724036
Gentile impurities and Jewish identities : intermarriage and conversion from the Bible to the Talmud / Christine E. Hayes.Rl[MAIN] BS1199.N6H39 2002723985
The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments, translated out of the original tongues; and with the former translations diligently compared and revised.Gf[O] BS1851866 .N4723872
An introduction to the New Testament and the origins of Christianity / Delbert Burkett.Rl[MAIN] BS2330.3.B87 2002724006
The life and epistles of St. Paul / by the Rev. W.J. Conybeare and J.S. Howson ; with preliminary dissertation by Leonard Bacon.Gf[HR] BS2505.C65 1869723871
New creation in Paul's letters and thought / Moyer V. Hubbard.Rl[MAIN] BS2655.M3H83 2002724095
Moses in America : the cultural uses of biblical narrative / Melanie J. Wright.Rl[MAIN] BS580.M6W75 2003724019
1001 surprising things you should know about the Bible / Jerry MacGregor and Marie Prys.Rl[MAIN] BS615.M23 2002723920
The message of creation : encountering the Lord of the universe / David Wilkinson.Rl[MAIN] BS680.C69A85 2002724018
Character and Scripture : moral formation, community, and biblical interpretation / edited by William P. Brown.Rl[MAIN] BS680.E84C44 2002723950
Redeeming time : the wisdom of ancient Jewish and Christian festal calendars / Bruce Chilton.Rl[MAIN] BS680.F37C48 2002724042
[Torah, Neviim u-Khetuvim] = Biblia Hebraica. Stuttgartensia / quae antea cooperantibus A. Alt, O. Eissfeldt, P. Kahle ediderat, R. Kittel ; adjuvantibus H. Bardtke ... [et al.] ; cooperantibus H. P. Ruger et J. Ziegler ; ediderunt K. ElligerRf[R] BS7151997723935
[Torah, Neviim u-Khetuvim] = Biblia Hebraica. Stuttgartensia / quae antea cooperantibus A. Alt, O. Eissfeldt, P. Kahle ediderat, R. Kittel ; adjuvantibus H. Bardtke ... [et al.] ; cooperantibus H. P. Ruger et J. Ziegler ; ediderunt K. ElligerRf[R] BS7151997723934
Studying the historical Jesus : a guide to sources and methods / Darrell L. Bock.Rl[MAIN] BT303.2.B53 2002724060
Women in Christianity / Hans Kung ; translated by John Bowden.Rl[MAIN] BT704.K86 2001g724090
Heal the world : begin with yourself / by Ellen G. White.Rl[HR] BT732.W54 1997724107
Steps to Jesus / by Ellen G. White.Rl[HR] BT751.2.S67 1997724104
Beliefs and the dead in Reformation England / Peter Marshall.Rl[MAIN] BT825.M325 2002723931
Angels : quotations from the writings of Ellen G. White / compilers, Ken and Debby Wade.Rl[HR] BT966.2.W55 1995724097
Here I am, Lord : prayers from the heart of Ellen White / Ruby Ratzlaff, compiler.Rl[HR] BV245.H4W4 1996724108
Christian missionaries & the state in the Third World / edited by Holger Brent Hansen & Michael Twaddle.Rl[MAIN] BV2750.C45 2002723955
A call to stand apart : challenging young adults to make an eternal difference / selections from the writings of Ellen G. White.Rl[HR] BV4531.2.W45 2002724101
Parenting a grieving child : helping children find faith, hope, and healing after the loss of a loved one / Mary DeTurris Poust.Ns[MAIN] BV4596.P3P68 2002724031
Christ triumphant : devotional meditations on the great controversy story / by Ellen G. White.Rl[HR] BV4811.W46 1999724100
Comfort : quotations from the writings of Ellen G. White.Rl[HR] BV4905.2.W49 1996724099
Longing for my child : reflections for parents and siblings after a child's death / Christine O'Keeffe Lafser.Ns[MAIN] BV4905.3.L34 2002724014
An empty cradle, a full heart : reflections for mothers and fathers after miscarriage, stillbirth, or infant death / Christine O'Keeffe Lafser ; foreword by Phyllis Tickle.Ns[MAIN] BV4907.L34 1998723969
Problem solvers and soul winners : a handbook for deacons and deaconesses / Vincent E. White, Sr. ; foreword by Eric C. Ward.Gf[MAIN] BV680.W45 1999723854
Upon this rock : the popes and their changing role / Paul Collins.Rl[MAIN] BX1805.C64 2000b724142
True education : adaptation of Education by Ellen G. White / Ellen G. White.Rl[HR] BX6113.W45 2000724126
Assurance : quotations from the writings of Ellen G. White / compiled by Ken & Debby Wade.Rl[HR] BX6154.W45828 1995724098
Joy : quotations from the writings of Ellen G. White.Rl[HR] BX6154.W45897 1996724109
Peace : quotations from the writings of Ellen G. White.Rl[HR] BX6154.W4592 1997724111
Praying for others : quotations from the writings of Ellen G. White / [compiled by Ken and Debby Wade].Rl[HR] BX6154.W45924 1997724114
Ellen White : woman of vision / Arthur L. White.Rl[MAIN] BX6193.W5A265 2000724110
Once upon a town : the miracle of the North Platte Canteen / Bob Greene.Ge[MAIN] D769.85.N2N248 2002724026
Japanese war crimes : the search for justice / Peter Li, editor.HS[MAIN] D804.J3J37 2003723875
Pogue's war : diaries of a WWII combat historian / Forrest C. Pogue.HS[MAIN] D811.P566A3 2001723890
Ungrateful daughters : the Stuart princesses who stole their father's crown / Maureen Waller.Ge[MAIN] DA462.A3W27 2003724066
The Cambridge illustrated history of ancient Greece / edited by Paul Cartledge.Rl[MAIN] DF77.C32 2002723943
Life in biblical Israel / Philip J. King, Lawrence E. Stager.Rl[MAIN] DS112.K48 2001724076
Inside television's first war : a Saigon journal / Ron Steinman.Cm[MAIN] DS559.46.S74 2002724004
The origins of the Eisenhower Doctrine : the US, Britain, and Nasser's Egypt, 1953-57 / Ray Takeyh.HS[MAIN] E183.8.E35T35 2000723886
Damage them all you can : Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia / George Walsh.MB[MAIN] E470.2.W36 2002723959
Fraud of the century : Rutherford B. Hayes, Samuel Tilden, and the stolen election of 1876 / Roy Morris, Jr.MB[MAIN] E680.M85 2003723978
Stupid white men-- and other sorry excuses for the state of the nation! / Michael Moore.Ge[MAIN] E902.M66 2001724061
Secrets of the Maya / from the editors of Archaeology magazine ; with a foreword by Peter A. Young.Bu[MAIN] F1435.S43 2002724049
Camera man's journey : Julian Dimock's South / edited by Thomas L. Johnson & Nina J. Root.Cm[MAIN] F279.C7D56 2002723945
The compact NASA atlas of the solar system / Ronald Greeley, Raymond Batson.Ge[R] G1000.G68 2002724144
Global environment outlook.Rf[R] GE170.G5625 2003723986
Global environment outlook.Rf[RSB] GE170.G5625 2003503115
Hemingway's Death in the Afternoon : the complete annotations / Miriam B. Mandel.En[MAIN] GV1107.H4 2002 (Commentary)723990
Preparing for the ACSM health/fitness instructor certification examination / Larry D. Isaacs, Roberta Pohlman.PE[MAIN] GV428.7.I73 1998723891
Teenage fitness : get fit, look good, and feel great! / Kathy Kaehler with Connie Church.PE[MAIN] GV482.K34 2001724143
Sportsex / Toby Miller.HS[MAIN] GV706.2.M55 2001724057
SportsWars : athletes in the age of Aquarius / David W. Zang.PE[MAIN] GV706.5.Z35 2001723896
Indian summer : the forgotten story of Louis Sockalexis, the first native American in major league baseball / Brian McDonald.Bu[MAIN] GV865.S588M33 2003724002
Beyond the shadow of the Senators : the untold story of the Homestead Grays and the integration of baseball / Brad Snyder.Bu[MAIN] GV875.H59S69 2003723933
Yankees century : 100 years of New York Yankees baseball / text by Glenn Stout ; photographs selected and edited by Richard A. Johnson.Bu[MAIN] GV875.N4S79 2002723902
The first World Series and the baseball fanatics of 1903 / Roger I. Abrams.Bu[MAIN] GV878.4.A27 2003723977
The end of baseball as we knew it : the players union, 1960-81 / Charles P. Korr ; foreword by Bob Costas.Bu[MAIN] GV880.2.K67 2002723970
Women's soccer : techniques, tactics & teamwork / Robert Butch Lauffer, April Kater.PE[MAIN] GV944.5.L38 2001723904
Better golf from new research / by Frank D. Werner and Richard C. Greig.PE[MAIN] GV965.W37 2001723853
Statistical abstract of the United States / prepared by the chief of the Bureau of Statistics, Treasury Department.Rf[R] HA202.U5S7 2002724059
Entrepreneurial economics : bright ideas from the dismal science / edited by Alexander Tabarrok.Ge[MAIN] HB615.E5968 2002723972
Business statistics of the United States.Rf[R] HC101.A13122 2002723939
Arms, politics, and the economy : historical and contemporary perspectives / edited by Robert Higgs ; foreword by William A. Niskanen.Ge[MAIN] HC110.D4A79 1990723930
The South America handbook / edited by Patrick Heenan and Monique Lamontagne ; advisers, Rory Miller, David Rock.Bu[MAIN] HC165.S63 2002724055
Guide to sustainable development and environmental policy / edited by Natalia Mirovitskaya and William Ascher.Rf[MAIN] HC79.E5G85 2001723868
The changing face of multinationals in Southeast Asia / Tim G. Andrews, Nartnalin Chompusri and Bryan J. Baldwin.Bu[MAIN] HD2901.A514 2002723949
Why decisions fail : avoiding the blunders and traps that lead to debacles / Paul C. Nutt.MB[MAIN] HD30.23.N883 2002724082
Anatomy of a business plan : a step-by-step guide to building a business and securing your company's future / Linda Pinson.Bu[MAIN] HD30.28.P5 2001723927
Geeks & geezers : how era, values, and defining moments shape leaders / Warren G. Bennis, Robert J. Thomas.MB[MAIN] HD57.7.B4578 2002723984
Women and workplace discrimination : overcoming barriers to gender equality / Raymond F. Gregory.Ge[MAIN] HD6095.G733 2003724080
Branded : the buying and selling of teenagers / Alissa Quart.Bu[MAIN] HD69.B7Q37 2003724079
The changing face of Chinese management / Jie Tang and Anthony Ward.Bu[MAIN] HD70.C5T344 2002723948
Mother Jones : the most dangerous woman in America / Elliott J. Gorn.HS[MAIN] HD8073.J6G67 2001724140
An Irish working class : explorations in political economy and hegemony, 1800-1950 / Marilyn Silverman.HS[MAIN] HD8400.3.S55 2001724078
The frozen-water trade : a true story / Gavin Weightman.Bu[MAIN] HD9481.N72W44 2003723979
What went wrong at Enron : everyone's guide to the largest bankruptcy in U.S. history / Peter C. Fusaro, Ross M. Miller.Bu[MAIN] HD9502.U54E574 2002724074
The eye of the storm : how John Chambers steered Cisco through the Internet collapse / Robert Slater.MB[MAIN] HD9696.2.U64C5767 2003723975
Perfect enough : Carly Fiorina and the reinvention of Hewlett-Packard / George Anders.Bu[MAIN] HD9696.A3U5144 2003724032
Turnaround : how Carlos Ghosn rescued Nissan / David Magee.Bu[MAIN] HD9710.U54N555 2003724065
The other face of public television : censoring the American dream / Roger P. Smith.Cm[MAIN] HE8700.79.U6S65 2002723887
Job seeker secrets : making the Internet work for you / Thomas J. Ferrara.Bu[MAIN] HF5382.7.F467 2003724151
How good people make tough choices : resolving the dilemmas of ethical living / Rushworth M. Kidder.Ge[MAIN] HF5387.K52 1996723997
Ethical business leadership : balancing theory and practice / Sherwin Klein.MB[MAIN] HF5387.K577 2002723861
Why CRM doesn't work : how to win by letting customers manage the relationship / Frederick Newell.Bu[MAIN] HF5415.5.N49 2003724081
Happy Mondays : putting the pleasure back into work / Richard Reeves.Bu[MAIN] HF5549.5.J63R35 2001724136
The 10 lenses : your guide to living & working in a multicultural world / by Mark A. Williams.MB[MAIN] HF5549.5.M5W55 2001723919
Searching for a corporate savior : the irrational quest for charismatic CEOs / Rakesh Khurana.MB[MAIN] HF5549.5.R44K48 2002724048
Final accounting : ambition, greed, and the fall of Arthur Andersen / Barbara Ley Toffler with Jennifer Reingold.Bu[MAIN] HF5616.U7A788 2003723981
Webster's New World business writing handbook / by Richard Worth.Bu[MAIN] HF5726.W76 2002723915
Winning grants step by step : the complete workbook for planning, developing, writing, successful proposals / Mim Carlson.SW[RSB] HG177.C374 2002503114
Winning grants step by step : the complete workbook for planning, developing, writing, successful proposals / Mim Carlson.SW[MAIN] HG177.C374 2002723903
Famous fables of economics : myths of market failures / edited by Daniel F. Spulber.MB[MAIN] HG3761.F36 2002723976
Republic of debtors : bankruptcy in the age of American independence / Bruce H. Mann.MB[MAIN] HG3766.M29 2002724045
The idea of propaganda : a reconstruction / Stanley B. Cunningham.Cm[MAIN] HM1231.C86 2002723999
How can I get through to you? : reconnecting men and women / Terrence Real.Ge[MAIN] HQ10.R38 2002723996
Liberty for women : freedom and feminism in the twenty-first century / edited with an introduction by Wendy McElroy.Ge[MAIN] HQ1154.L5354 2002724013
The gay baby boom : the psychology of gay parenthood / Suzanne Johnson and Elizabeth O'Connor.EP[MAIN] HQ75.27.J64 2002723983
Unbroken homes : single-parent mothers tell their stories / Wendy Anne Paterson.SW[MAIN] HQ759.45.P37 2001723832
Real boys' voices / William S. Pollack with Todd Shuster.Ge[MAIN] HQ775.P66 2000724041
What about the kids? : raising your children before, during, and after divorce / Judith S. Wallerstein, Sandra Blakeslee.Ge[MAIN] HQ777.5.W355 2003724072
International encyclopedia of marriage and family / James J. Ponzetti, Jr., editor in chief.Rf[R] HQ9.E52 2003723841
International encyclopedia of marriage and family / James J. Ponzetti, Jr., editor in chief.Rf[R] HQ9.E52 2003723844
International encyclopedia of marriage and family / James J. Ponzetti, Jr., editor in chief.Rf[R] HQ9.E52 2003723843
International encyclopedia of marriage and family / James J. Ponzetti, Jr., editor in chief.Rf[R] HQ9.E52 2003723842
Computers and information technology in social work : education, training, and practice / Jo Ann R. Coe, Goutham M. Menon, editors.SW[MAIN] HV29.2.C68 1999723867
Social work theory and practice with the terminally ill / Joan K. Parry.SW[MAIN] HV3000.P38 2001723894
Growing from good to great : positioning your fund-raising efforts for big gains / Judith E. Nichols.SW[MAIN] HV41.2.N5295 1995723873
Evaluating social programs and problems : visions for the new millennium / edited by Stewart I. Donaldson, Michael Scriven ; the Stauffer Symposium on Applied Psychology at the Claremont Colleges.SW[MAIN] HV41.C53 2003724153
Choices & consequences : what to do when a teenager uses alcohol/drugs : a step-by-step system that really works / by Dick Schaefer ; edited by Pamela Espeland.Ge[MAIN] HV5135.S33 1987723952
Guide for the selection of chemical and biological decontamination equipment for emergency first responders / Alim A. Fatah ... [et al.] ; coordination by Office of Law Enforcement Standards, National Institute of Standards and Technology ; prepGf[MAIN] HV6432.G85 2001723838
Guide for the selection of chemical and biological decontamination equipment for emergency first responders / Alim A. Fatah ... [et al.] ; coordination by Office of Law Enforcement Standards, National Institute of Standards and Technology ; prepGf[MAIN] HV6432.G85 2001723839
Terrorism response : field guide for law enforcement / Paul M. Maniscalco, Hank Christen.Ge[MAIN] HV6432.M358 2002724096
Report from ground zero : the story of the rescue efforts at the World Trade Center / Dennis Smith.Ge[MAIN] HV6432.S64 2002724044
Identifying child molesters : preventing child sexual abuse by recognizing the patterns of the offenders / Carla van Dam.SW[MAIN] HV6570.2.V36 2001723874
We are not alone : a teenage girl's personal account of incest from disclosure through prosecution and treatment / Jade Christine Angelica.SW[MAIN] HV6570.8.M4A54 2001723901
We are not alone : a teenage boy's personal account of child sexual abuse from disclosure through prosecution and treatment / Jade Christine Angelica.SW[MAIN] HV6570.A544 2002723900
Clinical data mining in practice-based research : social work in hospital settings / Irwin Epstein, Susan Blumenfield, editors.SW[MAIN] HV687.C55 2001723857
Don't kill in our names : families of murder victims speak out against the death penalty / Rachel King.Ge[MAIN] HV8698.K556 2003723965
Private rights and public illusions / Tibor Machan.Ge[MAIN] JC599.U5M265 1995724035
Congressional staff directory.Rf[R] JK1012.C65 2003724127
State leadership directories.Rf[R] JK2403.S785 2003723859
The voluntary city : choice, community, and civil society / edited by David T. Beito, Peter Gordon, and Alexander Tabarrok ; foreword by Paul Johnson.Ge[MAIN] JS78.V6 2002724068
Law and nursing / Jean McHale, John Tingle.Ns[MAIN] KD2968.N8M38 2001723878
Cutting green tape : toxic pollutants, environmental regulation, and the law / edited by Richard L. Stroup and Roger E. Meiners ; foreword by W. Kip Viscusi.Ge[MAIN] KF1299.H39C88 2000723958
Winners, losers & Microsoft : competition and antitrust in high technology / Stan J. Liebowitz, Stephen E. Margolis ; foreword by Jack Hirshleifer.Ge[MAIN] KF1890.H53L53 2001724091
Hazardous to our health? : FDA regulation of health care products / edited by Robert Higgs ; foreword by Joel J. Nobel.Ge[MAIN] KF3871.A75H39 1995723988
Voucher wars : waging the legal battle over school choice / Clint Bolick.Ge[MAIN] KF4137.B65 2003724069
Justice Lewis F. Powell, Jr. / John C. Jeffries, Jr.HS[MAIN] KF8745.P69J44 2001723877
Requirements for certification of teachers, counselors, librarians, administrators for elementary and secondary schools.Rf[R] LB1771.W6 2003724046
Can teachers own their own schools? : new strategies for educational excellence / Richard K. Vedder, foreword by Chester E. Finn, Jr.Ge[MAIN] LB2806.36.V43 2000723946
Why pick on me? : school exclusion and Black youth / Maud Blair.EP[MAIN] LB3089.4.G7B53 2001724083
The diversity myth : multiculturalism and the politics of intolerance at Stanford / David O. Sacks & Peter A. Thiel ; foreword by Elizabeth Fox-Genovese.Ge[MAIN] LD3030.S33 1995723964
Israel in Egypt / George Frideric Handel.FA[MAIN] M2000.H22I74 1998723850
The Fender bass : an illustrated history / written by J.W. Black and Albert Molinaro.FA[MAIN] ML1015.B35B63 2001723831
Print culture and music in sixteenth-century Venice / Jane A. Bernstein.FA[MAIN] ML112.B5 2001723892
Christian hymnody in twentieth-century Britain and America : an annotated bibliography / David W. Music.FA[MAIN] ML128.H8M87 2001723954
The Cambridge history of nineteenth-century music / edited by Jim Samson.FA[MAIN] ML196.C36 2001723942
Palestrina and the German romantic imagination : interpreting historicism in nineteenth-century music / James Garratt.FA[MAIN] ML196.G37 2002724030
Who needs classical music? : cultural choice and musical value / Julian Johnson.FA[MAIN] ML3800.J64 2002723914
Music and emotion : theory and research / edited by Patrik N. Juslin and John A. Sloboda.FA[MAIN] ML3830.M965 2001724022
Generative processes in music : the psychology of performance, improvisation, and composition / edited by John A. Sloboda.FA[MAIN] ML3838.G38 2000723863
The Ernest Bloch companion / David Z. Kushner.FA[MAIN] ML410.B656K87 2002723973
The Cambridge companion to John Cage / edited by David Nicholls.FA[MAIN] ML410.C24C36 2002723941
Notebooks and conversations / Sviatoslav Richter ; [compiled and edited by] Bruno Monsaingeon ; translated by Stewart Spencer.FA[MAIN] ML417.R38A3 2001724141
Bruno Walter : a world elsewhere / Erik Ryding and Rebecca Pechefsky.FA[MAIN] ML422.W27R93 2001723852
Georg Muffat on performance practice : the texts from Florilegium primum, Florilegium secundum, and Auserlesene Instrumentalmusik : a new translation with commentary / edited and translated by David K. Wilson from a collation prepared by IngeboFA[MAIN] ML457.M8313 2001723849
Vaughan Williams's ninth symphony / Alain Frogley.FA[MAIN] MT130.V27F76 2001724093
Brass performance and pedagogy / Keith Johnson.FA[MAIN] MT418.J64 2002723855
Mouse morality : the rhetoric of Disney animated film / Annalee R. Ward ; foreword by Clifford G. Christians.Cm[MAIN] NC1766.U52D5925 2002724020
McLuhan in space : a cultural geography / Richard Cavell.Cm[MAIN] P92.5.M3C38 2002723883
The Oxford dictionary of word histories / edited by Glynnis Chantrell.Rf[R] PE1580.O94 2002724029
The American heritage thesaurus for learners of English / Joyce LeBaron & Susannah LeBaron ; with the editors of the American heritage dictionaries.Rf[R] PE1591.L36 2002723925
Shorter Oxford English dictionary on historical principles.Rf[R] PE1625.S47 2002724053
Shorter Oxford English dictionary on historical principles.Rf[R] PE1625.S47 2002724052
The American Heritage dictionary for learners of English.Rf[R] PE1628.A6229 2002723924
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