August 2003 New Titles

TitleDept. CodeCall NumberBarcode
Suzie and the secret of Effingham house / Dorothy Aitken ; editor, Bobbie Jane Van Dolson ; cover and ill., Terry Crews.Gf[D] 244Ai93 1980724197
By ways I knew not : God led me in time of war / Boris N. Pache.Gf[D] 286.73P115 1980724208
The Muslim world / edited by Geoffrey Orens.Gf[MAIN] BP161.3.M87 2003724206
Training pastors in a multi-church district to develop lay leaders to do bible-based preaching / by William Kilgore.Gf[HR] BV4020.K54 2003724172
Prodigals and those who love them / Ruth Bell Graham.Gf[MAIN] BV4501.2.G7246 1991724222
Yearbook of the Seventh-day Adventist church.Gf[R] BX6109.S4 2003724173
Texico Conference of Seventh-day Adventists 2003 directory.Gf[RES] BX6109.T42 2003724176
The genealogy of Ellen Gould Harmon White : the prophetess of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and the story of the growth and development of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination as it relates to African-Americans / by Charles E. Dudley.Gf[HR] BX6148.6.D83 1999724195
The genealogy of Ellen Gould Harmon White : the prophetess of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and the story of the growth and development of the Seventh-day Adventist denomination as it relates to African-Americans / by Charles E. Dudley.Gf[HR] BX6148.6.D83 1999724196
Working policy of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.Gf[R] BX6151.W67 2002-3724175
Year-end meeting of the North American Division.Gf[HR] BX6151.Y42 2002724177
Adventists in Russia / Alf Lohne.Gf[MAIN] BX6153.4.S65L65 1987724187
Banza's incredible journey and other stories from ADRA / Celeste Perrino Walker.Gf[MAIN] BX6154.W32 1995724198
Nepal / Hugh Finley.Rl[MAIN] DS493.3.F56 1996724185
Crusade : the untold story of the Persian Gulf War / Rick Atkinson.Gf[MAIN] DS79.724.U6A887 1993724203
Mongolia / Bradley Mayhew.Rl[MAIN] DS798.965.M39 2001724186
On the road with Charles Kuralt / by Charles Kuralt.Gf[MAIN] E169.02.K869 1985724193
Lakes, peaks, and prairies : discovering the United States-Canadian border / by Thomas O'Neill ; photographed by Michael S. Yamashita ; prepared by the Special Publications Division, National Geographic Society.Gf[MAIN] E179.5.O62 1984724228
Theodore Roosevelt and the politics of power / G. Wallace Chessman.Gf[MAIN] E757.C55 1994724207
Historic documents.Rf[R] E839.5.H57 2002724159
Dallas : a dynamic century / [author, Michael V. Hazel ; biography writer, Ryan Sanders ; editor, Nancy Leichner].Gf[MAIN] F394.D214H39 1998724217
Business ratios and formulas : a comprehensive guide / Steven M. BraggBu[MAIN] HF5691.B73 2002724189
Advertising : principles & practice / William Wells, John Burnett, Sandra Moriarty.Gf[MAIN] HF5823.W455 1998724221
LexisNexis corporate affiliations.Ge[R] HG4057.A217 2003724161
LexisNexis corporate affiliations.Ge[R] HG4057.A217 2003724162
LexisNexis corporate affiliations.Ge[R] HG4057.A217 2003724163
LexisNexis corporate affiliations.Ge[R] HG4057.A217 2003724164
LexisNexis corporate affiliations.Ge[R] HG4057.A217 2003724165
LexisNexis corporate affiliations.Ge[R] HG4057.A217 2003724166
LexisNexis corporate affiliations.Ge[R] HG4057.A217 2003724167
LexisNexis corporate affiliations.Ge[R] HG4057.A217 2003724168
Public relations : a values-driven approach / David W. Guth, Charles Marsh.Gf[MAIN] HM1221.G87 2000724201
The practice of public relations / Fraser P. Seitel.Gf[MAIN] HM263.S42 1998724202
Vigilantes and unauthorized militia in America / Anna S. Calman, editor.CJ[MAIN] HN90.R3V54 2002724180
The American family / edited by Karen Duda.Gf[MAIN] HQ536.A54653 2003724188
Corporate and governmental deviance : problems of organizational behavior in contemporary society / [edited by] M. David Ermann, Richard J. Lundman.Gf[MAIN] HV6769.C667 2002724191
A law enforcement guide on international parental kidnapping : report / Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention.Gf[MAIN] HV8079.K54L39 2002724235
Death watch : a death penalty anthology / Lane Nelson ; Burk Foster.Gf[MAIN] HV8699.U5N45 2000724234
State leadership directories.Rf[R] JK2403.S785 2003724169
State leadership directories.Rf[R] JK2403.S785 2003724170
New encyclopedic dictionary of school law / Richard D. Gatti and Daniel J. Gatti.Gf[MAIN] KF4117.G32 1983724226
Constitutional law for a changing America. Institutional powers and constraints / Lee Epstein, Thomas G. Walker.Gf[MAIN] KF4548.E67 2001724194
Constitutional law / John C. Klotter, Jacqueline R. Kanovitz, Michael I. Kanovitz.Gf[MAIN] KF9625.K55 1999724192
The national education goals report. Summary.Gf[MAIN] LA217.2.N382 1997724224
Higher learning in America, 1980-2000 / edited by Arthur Levine.Gf[MAIN] LA227.4.H55 1993724211
The developmental course of gender differentiation : conceptualizing, measuring, and evaluating constructs and pathways / Lynn S. Liben, Rebecca S. Bigler ... [et al.].Gf[MAIN] LB1103.S6 v.67 no.2 2002724223
The multiple intelligences of reading and writing : making the words come alive / Thomas Armstrong.Gf[MAIN] LB1576.A713 2003724216
Performance and judgment : essays on principles and practice in the assessment of college student learning / [by] Clifford Adelman ... [et al.] ; resource appendices by Gary Pike ; edited by Clifford Adelman.Gf[MAIN] LB2366.2.P468 1988724214
Quality and education : critical linkages / edited by Betty L. McCormick.Gf[MAIN] LB2805.Q34 1993724212
Snapshot.Gf[R] LB2817.S54 2001-02724158
Issues and case studies in teacher incentive plans / Harry P. Hatry, John M. Greiner.Gf[MAIN] LB2838.3.H37 1985724213
Mizpah.Gf[MAIN] LD5111.S57A7 2003724160
The writing process : a concise rhetoric / John M. Lannon.Gf[MAIN] PE1408.L3188 2001724219
Style : a pragmatic approach / Peter Richardson.Gf[MAIN] PE1421.R53 1998724190
Texas signs on : the early days of radio and television / Richard Schroeder.Gf[MAIN] PN1990.6.U5S36 1998724218
Mastering public speaking / George L. Grice, John F. Skinner.Gf[MAIN] PN4121.G719 1998724236
Spiritual trails to happiness / Solomon Foster.Gf[MAIN] PS3511.O7193S6 1959724204
Cryptological mathematics / Robert Edward Lewand.MP[MAIN] QA268.L48 2000724181
The contest problem book VI : American high school mathematics examinations 1989-1994 / compiled and augmented by Leo J. Schneider.MP[MAIN] QA43.S37 2000724179
A brief history of time : from the big bang to black holes / Stephen W. Hawking ; introduction by Carl Sagan ; illustrations by Ron Miller.Gf[MAIN] QB981.H377 1988724209
Informed consent : a guide to the risks and benefits of volunteering for clinical trials / Kenneth Getz & Deborah Borfitz ; with a foreword by Paul Gelsinger.Gf[MAIN] R853.C55G47 2002724184
Health care / edited by Jennifer Peloso.Gf[MAIN] RA395.A3H3855 2002724205
Learning for our common health : how an academic focus on HIV/AIDS will improve education and health / Wm. David Burns, editor.Gf[MAIN] RA644.A25L43 1999724225
Nursing in care homes / Linda Nazarko.Ns[MAIN] RA997.N39 2002724182
Dr. Dean Ornish's program for reversing heart disease : the only system scientifically proven to reverse heart disease without drugs or surgery / Dean Ornish.Gf[MAIN] RC685.C6O75 1991724210
Sedation and analgesia for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures / [edited by] Shobha Malviya, Norah N. Naughton and Kevin K. Tremper.Gf[MAIN] RD81.S39 2003724199
The scleroderma book : a guide for patients and families / Maureen D. Mayes.Gf[MAIN] RL451.M39 1999724220
A nurse's survival guide to the ward / Ann Richards, Sharon Edwards.Gf[MAIN] RT51.R52 2003724200
Always on call : when illness turns families into caregivers / Carol Levine, editor.Ns[MAIN] RT61.A517 2000724178
Image : designing effective pictures / Michael Freeman.Gf[MAIN] TR145.F667 1988724229
Tcherevkoff : the image maker / Michel Tcherevkoff.Gf[MAIN] TR148.T44 1988724232
Techniques of natural light photography / Jim Zuckerman.Gf[MAIN] TR590.Z834 1996724230
Photographing the drama of daily life.Gf[MAIN] TR592.P48 1984724233
John Hedgecoe's practical landscape photography.Gf[MAIN] TR660.H44 1988724215
Beyond the basics : innovative techniques for nature photography / by George D. Lepp ; photographs by George D. Lepp ; text by George D. Lepp & Kathryn Thomas Roberts.Gf[MAIN] TR721.L47 1993724231
The joy of being a vegetarian / by Philip S. Chen.Gf[MAIN] TX392.C45 1977724227
The best books for academic libraries.Rf[R] Z1035.B545 2002724171
Free-floating subdivisions : an alphabetical index / prepared by the Cataloging Policy and Support Office.Rf[MAIN] Z696.U4L53 2001724174
Biblical studies on the internet : a resource guide / by Roland H. Worth, Jr.Rl[MAIN] Z7770.W67 2002724183