December 2003 New Titles

TitleDept. CodeCall NumberBarcode
The Bible for dummies / by Jeffrey Geoghegan and Michael Homan.Rl[MAIN] BS475.3.G46 2003724904
The apocalyptic literature / Stephen L. Cook.Rl[MAIN] BS646.C659 2003724902
Allies at war : the bitter rivalry among Churchill, Roosevelt, and de Gaulle / Simon Berthon.HS[MAIN] D748.B47 2001x724896
Unconditional defeat : Japan, America, and the end of World War II / by Thomas W. Zeiler.HS[MAIN] D767.Z45 2003724898
Flyboys : a true story of courage / James Bradley.Ge[MAIN] D804.J3B73 2003724923
The burning Tigris : the Armenian genocide and America's awakening to international human rights / Peter Balakian.Ge[MAIN] DS195.5.B353 2003724910
Before the deluge : the vanishing world of the Yangtze's Three Gorges / Deirdre Chetham.Ge[MAIN] DS793.Y3C495 2002724903
The Bounty : the true story of the mutiny on the Bounty / Caroline Alexander.Ge[MAIN] DU20.A53 2003724909
How Ronald Reagan changed my life / Peter Robinson.MB[MAIN] E877.2.R63 2003724926
Reagan : a life in letters / edited, with an introduction and commentary by Kiron K. Skinner, Annelise Anderson, Martin Anderson ; with a foreword by George P. Shultz.Ge[MAIN] E877.A4 2003724949
Big lies : the right-wing propaganda machine and how it distorts the truth / Joe Conason.Ge[MAIN] E902.C365 2003724905
Bushwhacked : life in George W. Bush's America / by Molly Ivins and Lou Dubose.Ge[MAIN] E902.I95 2003724911
Dude, where's my country? / Michael Moore.Ge[MAIN] E902.M65 2003724920
Environmental soil chemistry / Donald L. Sparks.MP[MAIN] F592.5.S652 2003724921
Governor Reagan : his rise to power / Lou Cannon.MB[MAIN] F866.4.R43C36 2003724924
Biogeochemistry of marine dissolved organic matter / edited by Dennis A. Hansell, Craig A. Carlson.MP[MAIN] GC118.B56 2002724908
Taking on the Yankees : winning and losing in the business of baseball, 1903-2003 / by Henry D. Fetter.Bu[MAIN] GV875.N4F48 2003724956
The who, what, and where of America : understanding the census results / editors, Martha Farnsworth Riche, Deirdre A. Gaquin.Rf[R] HA201.122.W46 2003724899
Capital city : New York City and the men behind America's rise to economic dominance, 1860-1900 / Thomas Kessner.Bu[MAIN] HC108.N7K47 2003724913
Saving the sun : a Wall Street gamble to rescue Japan from its trillion-dollar meltdown / by Gillian Tett.Bu[MAIN] HC462.95.T48 2003724952
The naked corporation : how the age of transparency will revolutionize business / Don Tapscott and David Ticoll.MB[MAIN] HD2741.T36 2003724938
Low wage America: how employers are reshaping opportunity in the workplace / Eileen Appelbaum, Annette Bernhardt, Richard Murnane, editors.MB[MAIN] HD5724.L44 2003724929
Absolute honesty : building a corporate culture that values straight talk and rewards integrity / Larry Johnson & Bob Phillips.MB[MAIN] HD58.7.J612 2003724900
The smartest guys in the room : the amazing rise and scandalous fall of Enron / Bethany McLean and Peter Elkind.Bu[MAIN] HD9502.U54E5763 2003724954
Softwar : an intimate portrait of Larry Ellison and Oracle / Mathew Symonds with commentary by Larry Ellison.Bu[MAIN] HD9696.63.U62E4478 2003724955
Managing ethics in business organizations : social scientific perspective / Linda Klebe Trevino, Gary R. Weaver.Bu[MAIN] HF5387.T735 2003724931
Power to destroy : the political uses of the IRS from Kennedy to Nixon / John A. Andrew III.Ge[MAIN] HJ2361.A53 2002724948
Shut up & sing : how elites from Hollywood, politics, and the UN are subverting America / Laura Ingraham.Ge[MAIN] HN90.E4I54 2003724953
Day care deception : what the child care establishment isn't telling us / Brian C. Robertson.MB[MAIN] HQ778.63.R623 2003724918
Education statistics of the United States.Rf[R] LA201.E38 2003724897
No excuses : closing the racial gap in learning / Abigail Thernstrom and Stephan Thernstrom.Bu[MAIN] LC3731.T455 2003724942
Dictionary of media and communication studies / James Watson and Anne Hill.Rf[R] P87.5.W38 2003724919
The Cambridge introduction to narrative / H. Porter Abbott.En[MAIN] PN3383.N35A23 2002724912
King Arthur : a casebook / edited with an introduction by Edward Donald Kennedy.En[MAIN] PN686.A7K56 2002724928
PHP and MySQL Web development / Luke Welling, Laura Thompson.CS[MAIN] QA76.73.P224W45 2003724946
PHP and MySQL Web development / Luke Welling, Laura Thompson.CS[RSB] QA76.73.P224W45 2003724947
The physical basis of chemistry / Warren S. Warren.MP[MAIN] QD475.W27 2000724937
The map that changed the world : William Smith and the birth of modern geology / Simon Winchester ; [illustrations by Soun Vannithone].Ge[MAIN] QE22.S6W55 2001724932
Biochemistry : the chemical reactions of living cells / David E. Metzler ; in association with Carol M. Metzler ; designed and illustrated by David J. Sauke.MP[MAIN] QH345.M39 2001724906
Biochemistry : the chemical reactions of living cells / David E. Metzler ; in association with Carol M. Metzler ; designed and illustrated by David J. Sauke.MP[MAIN] QH345.M39 2001724907
Anatomy & physiology made incredibly easy!Ns[MAIN] QP41.A53 2001724901
Mountains beyond mountains / Tracy Kidder.Ge[MAIN] R154.F36K53 2003724936
The resilient practitioner : burnout prevention and self-care strategies for counselors, therapists, teachers, and health professionals / Thomas M. Skovholt.Ge[MAIN] RC451.4.M44S57 2001724951
Fluids & electrolytes / Cynthia Chernecky, Denise Macklin, Kathleen Murphy-Ende.Ns[MAIN] RC630.C48 2002724922
Mastering your diabetes (before diabetes masters you) / Janette Kirkham.Ge[MAIN] RC660.4.K575 2003724933
Making babies : the science of pregnancy / David Bainbridge.Ns[MAIN] RG558.B35 2001724930
Handbook of neonatal intensive care / [edited by] Gerald B. Merenstein, Sandra L. Gardner.Ns[MAIN] RJ253.5.H36 2002724925
Pharmacology / Linda E. McCuistion and Kathleen Jo Gutierrez.Ns[MAIN] RM125.M28 2002724950
Clinical pharmacology made incrediby easy.Ns[MAIN] RM301.28.C556 2001724915
Nursing pharmacology made incredibly easy! [computer file].Ns[RES] RM301.N587 2001724943
The nursing profession : tomorrow and beyond / Norma L. Chaska, editor.Ns[MAIN] RT 82.N8687 2001724944
Critical care nursing made incredibly easy.Ns[MAIN] RT120.I5C766 2004724916
Critical care nursing made incredibly easy! [computer file].Ns[RES] RT120.I5C7661 2001724917
Medical-surgical nursing made incredibly easy! [computer file].Ns[RES] RT41.M436 2001724935
Medical-surgical nursing made incredibly easy.Ns[MAIN] RT51.M436 2004724934
NCLEX-RN questions & answers made incredibly easy.Ns[MAIN] RT55.N44 2003724939
NCLEX-RN review made incredibly easy!Ns[MAIN] RT55.N74 2003724940
NCLEX-RN review made incredibly easy!Ns[RSB] RT55.N74 2003724941
Hydroponic food production : a definitive guidebook of soilless food-growing methods / by Howard M. Resh.Bi[MAIN] SB126.5.R47 2001724927
Chemistry of the environment / Ronald A. Bailey ... [et al.].MP[MAIN] TD193.C4853 2002724914
Photography : a cultural history / Mary Warner Marien.Cm[MAIN] TR15.M273 2002724945