June 2004 New Titles

TitleDept. CodeCall NumberBarcode
Ellen White : friend of angels : stories from her amazing adventures, travels, and relationships / Paul B. Ricchiuti.Ge[J] 286.7092R358 1999727165
Ellen White, trailblazer for God : more stories from her amazing adventures, travels, and relationships / Paul B. Ricchiuti.Ge[J] 286.7092R358t 2003727166
Danger on Seventh Street and other stories / Jerry D. Thomas.Ge[J] 813.54T364 bk.2 1998727158
Disaster at Dark River / Jerry D. Thomas.Ge[J] 813.54T364 bk.4 1999727156
A horse, a hat, and a big wet splat and other stories / Jerry D. Thomas.Ge[J] 813.54T364 bk.5 1999727157
Reflections on death, dying, and bereavement : a manual for clergy, counselors, and speakers / William A. Smith.SW[MAIN] BD444.S57 2003727064
Portraits of pioneers in psychology / edited by Gregory A. Kimble, Michael Wertheimer, Charlotte White.EP[MAIN] BF109.A1P67 1991727069
Motor learning : concepts and applications / Richard A. Magill.PE[MAIN] BF295.M36 2001727067
When a child has been murdered : ways you can help the grieving parents / Bonnie Hunt Conrad.SW[MAIN] BF575.G7C65 1998727063
Psychology, religion, and spirituality / David Fontana.EP[MAIN] BL53.F57 2003727152
The Reformation and the Advent movement / by W.L. Emmerson.Gf[HR] BR305.2.E45 1983727207
The book of Job : a contest of moral imaginations / Carol A. Newsom.Rl[MAIN] BS1415.2.N48 2003727070
A chronological chart of the visions of Daniel & John. [graphic]Gf[HR] BS1556.H55 1842 1995?727164
Missionary writing and empire, 1800-1860 / Anna Johnston.En[MAIN] BV2361.L8J64 2003727121
Yearbook of the Seventh-day Adventist church.Gf[R] BX6109.S4 2004727167
Directory of philanthropy personnel : for Seventh-day Adventist academies, colleges, universities, and health care institutions.Gf[R] BX6151.2.P5D57727252
Working policy of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.Gf[R] BX6151.W67 2003-4727234
Working policy.Gf[R] BX6151.W671 2003-4727235
About my sisters / Debra Ginsberg.Ge[MAIN] CT275.G435A3 2004727248
Ghost wars : the secret history of the CIA, Afghanistan, and bin Laden, from the Soviet invasion to September 10, 2001 / Steve Coll.Ge[MAIN] DS371.2.C63 2004727240
The myth of inevitable US defeat in Vietnam / C. Dale Walton ; with a foreword by W.W. Rostow.HS[MAIN] DS558.W34 2002727068
The river at the center of the world : a journey up the Yangtze and back in Chinese time / Simon Winchester.Ge[MAIN] DS793.Y3W56 2004727153
The marketplace of revolution : how consumer politics shaped American independence / T.H. Breen.HS[MAIN] E209.B77 2004727050
Washington's crossing / David Hackett Fischer.Ge[MAIN] E263.P4F575 2004727140
Native roots : how the Indians enriched America / Jack Weatherford.Ge[MAIN] E77.W418 1992727123
Deliver us from evil : defeating terrorism, despotism, and liberalism / Sean Hannity.Ge[MAIN] E903.H36 2004727098
The nations within : the past and future of American Indian sovereignty / Vine Deloria, Jr., Clifford M. Lytle.Ge[MAIN] E98.T77D44 1998727122
Mankiller : a chief and her people / Wilma Mankiller and Michael Wallis.Ge[MAIN] E99.C5M335 2000x727120
The Winona LaDuke reader : a collection of essential writings / foreword by Ralph Nader.Ge[MAIN] E99.C6L255 2002727141
The Kootenay Gold Rush: the placer decade, 1863-1872 / by John Willis Christian.Ge[MAIN] F1089.K7C54 1967727160
Arkansas [electronic resource] : seamless USGS topographic maps on CD-ROM.AV[RES] G4000 2002.N3727202
Minnesota [electronic resource] : seamless USGS topographic maps on CD-ROM.AV[RES] G4140 2001.N3727043
Alaska [electronic resource] : seamless USGS topographic maps on CD-ROM.AV[RES] G4370 2002.N3727041
Hawaii [electronic resource] : seamless USGS topographic maps on CD-ROM.AV[RES] G4380 2002.N3727042
In the ghost country : a lifetime spent on the edge / Peter Hillary and John E. Elder.Ge[MAIN] G875.H56A3 2003727060
Coaching youth tennis / American Sport Education Program in cooperation with the United States Tennis Association.PE[MAIN] GV1002.9.C63A45 2002727071
Programming for parks, recreation, and leisure services : a servant leadership approach / by Donald G. DeGraaf, Debra J. Jordan, Kathy H. DeGraaf.PE[MAIN] GV181.43.D44 1999727127
Physical education and sport in a changing society / William H. Freeman.PE[MAIN] GV211.F73 2001727278
The physical education activity handbook / Neil Schmottlach, Jerre McManama.PE[MAIN] GV361.P49 2002727124
Teaching for lifetime physical activity through quality high school physical education / Peter A. Hastie.PE[MAIN] GV365.H39 2003727136
Dynamic physical education for secondary school students / Paul W. Darst and Robert P. Pangrazi.PE[MAIN] GV365.P36 2001727105
Guidelines for physical education programs, grades K-12 : standards, objectives, and assessments / edited by Steveda Chepko, Ree K. Arnold ; Eastern District Association of the American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and DaPE[MAIN] GV443.G82 2000727221
Dynamic physical education for elementary school children / Robert P. Pangrazi.PE[MAIN] GV443.P344 2004727104
Developmental/adapted physical education : making ability count / Michael Horvat ... [et al.].PE[MAIN] GV445.E34 2003727099
Introduction to recreation and leisure services / Karla A. Henderson ... [et al.].PE[MAIN] GV53.S43 2001727223
Leisure services in Canada : an introduction / by Mark S. Searle and Russell E. Brayley.PE[MAIN] GV55.S43 2000727222
Sport psychology : from theory to practice / Mark H. Anshel.PE[MAIN] GV706.4.A57 2003727134
Women, sport, and culture / Susan Birrell, Cheryl L. Cole, editors.Ge[MAIN] GV709.W577 1994727080
Essentials of strength training and conditioning / National Strength and Conditioning Association ; Thomas R. Baechle, Roger Earle, editors.PE[MAIN] GV711.5.E88 2000727078
Managing sport, fitness, and recreation programs : concepts and practices / William F. Stier.PE[MAIN] GV713.S75 1999727280
Sport finance / Gil Fried, Steven J. Shapiro, Timothy D. DeSchriver.PE[MAIN] GV716.F75 2003727201
Skis and skiing from the Stone Age to the birth of the sport / John Weinstock.PE[MAIN] GV854.1.W45 2003727062
Winning roller hockey : techniques, tactics, training / Dave Easter, Vern Stenlund.PE[MAIN] GV859.7.E27 1997727084
The softball coaching bible / National Fastpitch Coaches Association ; project coordinated by Jacquie Joseph.PE[MAIN] GV881.4 C6S64 2002727082
Defensive soccer tactics / Jens Bangsbo, Birger Peitersen.PE[MAIN] GV943.9.D43B3313 2002727076
Coaching youth lacrosse / American Sport Education Program.PE[MAIN] GV989.17.C63 2003727074
The South, the nation, and the world : perspectives on southern economic development / David L. Carlton and Peter A. Coclanis.MB[MAIN] HC107.A13C33 2003727275
The corporation : the pathological pursuit of profit and power / Joel Bakan.Bu[MAIN] HD2731.B23 2004727187
Building a knowledge-driven organization / Robert H. Buckman.MB[MAIN] HD30.2.B835 2004727184
From business strategy to IT action : right decisions for a better bottom line / by Robert J. Benson, Tom Bugnitz, William Walton.MB[MAIN] HD30.28.B4533 2004727175
Management : inventing and delivering its future / edited by Thomas A. Kochan and Richard L. Schmalensee.MB[MAIN] HD31.M2928 2003727119
Recapturing the growth track : correcting leaders' disempowering behaviors / Ken Utech and Phil Hauck.MB[MAIN] HD38.2.U84 2004727182
Be, know, do : leadership the Army way : adapted from the official Army Leadership Manual / introduced by Frances Hesselbein and Eric K. Shinseki ; foreword by Richard E. Cavanaugh.MB[MAIN] HD57.7.B4 2004727189
Leadership that matters : the critical factors for making a difference in people's lives and organizations' success / Marshall Sashkin, Molly G. Sashkin.MB[MAIN] HD57.7.S27 2003727211
Women in the American economy : a documentary history, 1675 to 1929 / W. Elliot Brownlee, Mary M. Brownlee.Gf[MAIN] HD6095.B74 1976727173
Transfer pricing methods : an applications guide / [edited by] Robert Feinschreiber.Bu[MAIN] HD62.45.T7294 2004727181
Small business solutions : how to fix and prevent the thirteen biggest problems that derail business / Robert Hisrich.Bu[MAIN] HD62.7.H577 2004727179
Measuring the value of partnering : how to use metrics to plan, develop, and implement successful alliances / Larraine Segil.Bu[MAIN] HD69.S8S444 2004727055
The on-time, on-target manager : how a last-minute manager conquered procrastination / Ken Blanchard, Steve Gottry.Bu[MAIN] HD69.T54B555 2004727112
The Russian capitalist experiment : from state-owned organizations to entrepreneurships / Sheila M. Puffer, Daniel J. McCarthy, Alexander I. Naumov.MB[MAIN] HD70.R9P78 2000727061
Riding the roller coaster : a history of the Chrysler Corporation / Charles K. Hyde.Bu[MAIN] HD9710.U54C467 2003727131
Just enough : tools for creating success in your work and life / Howard Stevenson and Laura Nash.MB[MAIN] HF5386.S8715 2004727183
What is transparency? / by Richard W. Oliver.MB[MAIN] HF5387.O38 2004727185
Ethics and corporate social responsibility : why giants fall / Ronald R. Sims.Bu[MAIN] HF5387.S569 2003727109
Great commission companies : the emerging role of business in missions / Steve Rundle and Tom Steffen.Bu[MAIN] HF5388.R86 2003727180
The Internet in the workplace : how new technology is transforming work / Patricia Wallace.Bu[MAIN] HF54.56.W35 2004727052
The consumer trap : big business marketing in American life / Michael Dawson.Bu[MAIN] HF5415.1.D33 2003727196
The customer learning curve : creating profits from marketing chaos / Karl Hellman, Ardis Burst.MB[MAIN] HF5415.H3745 2004727186
The call of the mall : a walking tour through the crossroads of our shopping culture / Paco Underhill.Bu[MAIN] HF5430.3.U53 2004727046
Inside Arthur Andersen : shifting values, unexpected consequences / Susan E. Squires ... [et al.].Bu[MAIN] HF5616.U7A784 2003727116
The audit committee handbook / Louis Braiotta Jr.MB[MAIN] HF5667.15.B7 2004727188
Death by meeting : a leadership fable about solving the most painful problem in business / by Patrick Lencioni.Bu[MAIN] HF5734.5.L46 2004727178
The end of French predominance in Europe : the financial crisis of 1924 and the adoption of the Dawes plan / by Stephen A. Schuker.Gf[MAIN] HG186.F8S34 1976727172
Discriminating risk : the U.S. mortgage lending industry in the twentieth century / Guy Stuart.Bu[MAIN] HG2040.5.U5S747 2003727054
The art of asset allocation : asset allocation principles and investment strategies for any market / David M. Darst.MB[MAIN] HG4529.5.D37 2003727086
Confessions of a tax collector : one man's tour of duty inside the I.R.S. / Richard Yancey.Bu[MAIN] HJ2361.Y36 2004727097
The globalization of corporate media hegemony / edited by Lee Artz and Yahya R. Kamalipour.Cm[MAIN] HM1206.G586 2003727110
Widower : when men are left alone / Scott Campbell, Phyllis R. Silverman.SW[MAIN] HQ1058.5.U5C363 1996727154
Exploring human sexuality : making healthy decisions / Richard D. McAnulty, M. Michele Burnette.PE[MAIN] HQ21.M4624 2004727111
Creating philanthropic capital markets : the deliberate evolution / Lucy Bernholz.MB[MAIN] HV16.B47 2004727051
My name is Bill : Bill Wilson : his life and the creation of Alcoholics Anonymous / Susan Cheever.Ge[MAIN] HV5032.W19C44 2004727045
Drugs, behavior, and modern society / Charles F. Levinthal.PE[MAIN] HV5801.L49 2002727103
Into the minds of madmen : how the FBI's Behavioral Science Unit revolutionized crime investigation / Don DeNevi and John H. Campbell ; foreword by John E. Otto ; preface by Stephen Band.Ge[MAIN] HV6080.D46 2004727117
Violence against women : the health sector responds / Marijke Velzeboer ... [et al.].Ge[MAIN] HV6626.23.L29V56 2003727083
Life on the outside : the prison odyssey of Elaine Bartlett / Jennifer Gonnerman.Ge[MAIN] HV9468.B28G66 2004727249
The municipal year book.Rf[R] JS344.C5A24 2004727217
E-government : planning, funding, and outsourcing / by Patricia D. Fletcher, Stephen H. Holden, and Donald F. Norris.Gf[MAIN] JS344.E4F59 2001727204
U.S. national debate topic, 2004-2005 : the United Nations / edited by Cullen Thomas.Gf[MAIN] JZ4984.5.U5 2004727163
Intellectual property / edited by Jennifer Peloso.Rf[MAIN] KF2979.I415 2003727246
Takings : private property and the power of eminent domain / Richard A. Epstein.Ge[MAIN] KF5599.E67 1985727135
Accredited institutions of postsecondary education, programs, candidates / published for the Council on Postsecondary Accreditation.EP[R] L901.A52 2003-4727244
Teaching day by day : 180 stories to help you along the way / Donald H. Graves ; foreword by Nancie Atwell.EP[MAIN] LB1025.3.G733 2004727174
Data driven differentiation in the standards-based classroom / Gayle H. Gregory, Lin Kuzmich.EP[MAIN] LB1031.G733 2004727191
Creating independent readers : developing word recognition skills in K-12 classrooms / Beth Hurst ... [et al.].EP[MAIN] LB1050.44.C74 2002727149
And what do you mean by learning? / Seymour B. Sarason.EP[MAIN] LB1060.S27 2004727145
Sound it out! : phonics in a comprehensive reading program / by John F. Savage.EP[MAIN] LB1573.3.S28 2004727194
Sound it out! : phonics in a comprehensive reading program / by John F. Savage.EP[RSB] LB1573.3.S28 2004727195
Strategic spelling : every writer's tool / Liz Simon.EP[MAIN] LB1574.S52 2004727176
Jump back in time : a living history resource / written and illustrated by Carol Peterson.EP[MAIN] LB1582.U6P48 2004727177
Connecting children with children, past and present : motivating students for inquiry and action / Eula T. Fresch ; foreword by Keith C. Barton.EP[MAIN] LB1584.F68 2004727192
Pathways : charting a course for professional learning / Marjorie Larner ; [foreword by Ellin Oliver Keene].EP[MAIN] LB1731.L38 2004727146
Improving achievement in low-performing schools : key results for school leaders / Randolph E. Ward, Mary Ann Burke, editor.EP[MAIN] LB2822.8.W27 2004727144
Successful school change : creating settings to improve teaching and learning / Claude Goldenberg ; foreword by Michael Fullan.EP[MAIN] LB2822.83.C2G65 2004727147
Where's the learning in service-learning? / Janet Eyler, Dwight E. Giles, Jr. ; foreword by Alexander W. Astin.Ge[MAIN] LC220.5.E95 1999727224
Mizpah.Gf[MAIN] LD5111.S57A7 2004727212
The Cambridge companion to jazz / edited by Mervyn Cooke and David Horn.FA[MAIN] ML3506.C29 2002727073
Four parts, no waiting : a social history of American barbershop harmony / Gage Averill.FA[MAIN] ML3516.A94 2003727242
Four parts, no waiting : a social history of American barbershop harmony / Gage Averill.FA[RSB] ML3516.A94 2003727276
Metaphor and musical thought / Michael Spitzer.FA[MAIN] ML3845.S684 2004727048
Voices in the wilderness : six American neo-romantic composers / Walter Simmons.FA[MAIN] ML390.S616 2004727143
Elevator music : a surreal history of Muzak, easy-listening, and other moodsong / Joseph Lanza.FA[MAIN] ML3920.L35 2003727049
Ramblin' man : the life and times of Woody Guthrie / Ed Cray.FA[MAIN] ML419.G852C73 2004727066
Solutions for singers : tools for performers and teachers / Richard Miller.FA[MAIN] MT820.M5993 2004727047
Front page : covers of the twentieth century / texts, Stephanie Duperray and Raphaele Vidaling ; with the collaboration of Cecile Amara, Agnieszka Ples, and Alain-Xavier Wurst.Cm[MAIN] NC974.D87 2003727106
Media and society in the twentieth century : a historical introduction / Lyn Gorman and David McLean.Cm[MAIN] P90.G577 2003727151
A companion to media studies / edited by Angharad N. Valdivia.Cm[MAIN] P91.25.V35 2003727193
The Cambridge history of the English language / general editor, Richard M. Hogg.En[MAIN] PE1072.C36727092
The Cambridge history of the English language / general editor, Richard M. Hogg.En[MAIN] PE1072.C36727093
Hide in plain sight : the Hollywood blacklistees in film and television, 1950-2002 / Paul Buhle and Dave Wagner.Cm[MAIN] PN1590.B5B84 2003727241
The 100 greatest TV shows of all time / [editor, Alison Gwinn ; art director, Lynette Cortez ; photo editor, Sarah Rozen].Gf[MAIN] PN1992.3.U5A15 1998727225
Creating television : conversations with the people behind 50 years of American TV / Robert Kubey.Cm[MAIN] PN1992.3.U5C74 2004727075
I love Lucy : celebrating fifty years of love and laughter : the official 50th anniversary tribute / Elisabeth Edwards.Gf[MAIN] PN1992.77.I253E39 2001727227
Film : the critics' choice : 150 masterpieces of world cinema selected and defined by the experts / edited by Geoff Andrew.Cm[MAIN] PN1993.5.A1F525 2001727226
The great movies / Roger Ebert ; photo stills selected by Mary Corliss.Gf[MAIN] PN1994.E23 2002727231
Love rules : silent Hollywood and the rise of the managerial class / Mark Garrett Cooper.Cm[MAIN] PN1995.9.L6C66 2003727216
Savage junctures : Sergei Eisenstein and the shape of thinking / Anne Nesbet.Cm[MAIN] PN1998.3.E34N47 2003727132
Dietrich / Malene Sheppard Skrved.Cm[MAIN] PN2658.D5S54 2003727228
The two W's of journalism : the why and what of public affairs reporting / Davis Merritt, Maxwell McCombs.Cm[MAIN] PN4888.P6M39 2004727253
The difficulties of modernism / Leonard Diepeveen.En[MAIN] PN56.M54D54 2003727101
Arthurian romance : a short introduction / Derek Pearsall.En[MAIN] PN685.P43 2003727199
Reconsidering the Bluestockings / edited by Nicole Pohl & Betty A. Schellenberg.En[MAIN] PR113.R43 2003727128
The Cambridge companion to Shakespeare's history plays / edited by Michael Hattaway.En[MAIN] PR2982.C29 2002727200
The Cambridge companion to Shakespearean tragedy / edited by Claire McEachern.En[MAIN] PR2983.C28 2002727089
The Cambridge companion to William Blake / edited by Morris Eaves.En[MAIN] PR4147.C36 2003727091
The Cambridge companion to the Brontes / edited by Heather Glen.En[MAIN] PR4168.C29 2002727090
Elizabeth Barrett Browning / Simon Avery and Rebecca Stott.En[MAIN] PR4194.A86 2003727107
And in our time : vision, revision, and British writing of the 1930s / edited by Antony Shuttleworth.En[MAIN] PR478.S57A83 2003727085
Christina Rossetti and illustration : a publishing history / Lorraine Janzen Kooistra.En[MAIN] PR5238.K66 2002727094
Tolkien and C.S. Lewis : the gift of friendship / Colin Duriez.En[MAIN] PR6039.O32Z639 2003727137
The making of the Victorian novelist : anxieties of authorship in the mass market / Bradley Deane.En[MAIN] PR871.D36 2003727118
Silent voices : forgotten novels by Victorian women writers / edited by Brenda Ayres.En[MAIN] PR878.W6S55 2003727133
Dark humor and social satire in the modern British novel / by Lisa Colletta.En[MAIN] PR888.H85C65 2003727197
A historical guide to Emily Dickinson / edited by Vivian R. Pollak.En[MAIN] PS1541.Z5H57 2004727115
Emerson in his own time : a biographical chronicle of his life, drawn from recollections, interviews, and memoirs by family, friends, and associates / edited by Ronald A. Bosco and Joel Myerson.En[MAIN] PS1631.E54 2003727220
Emerson / Lawrence Buell.En[MAIN] PS1638.B84 2003727108
Hawthorne : a life / Brenda Wineapple.En[MAIN] PS1881.W53 2003727274
Helen Hunt Jackson : a literary life / Kate Phillips.En[MAIN] PS2108.P48 2003727113
Reconstituting the American renaissance : Emerson, Whitman, and the politics of representation / Jay Grossman.En[MAIN] PS217.P64G76 2003727129
Poets in the public sphere : the emancipatory project of American women's poetry, 1800-1900 / Paula Bernat Bennett.En[MAIN] PS310.F45B46 2003727126
Fitzgerald-Wilson-Hemingway : language and experience / Ronald Berman.En[MAIN] PS3511.I9Z55775 2003727257
F. Scott Fitzgerald in the twenty-first century / edited by Jackson R. Bryer, Ruth Prigozy, and Milton R. Stern.En[MAIN] PS3511.I9Z667 1996727254
Strange felicity : Eudora Welty's subtexts on fiction and society / Naoko Fuwa Thornton.En[MAIN] PS3545.E6Z88 2003727114
Edith Wharton's The house of mirth : a casebook / edited by Carol J. Singley.En[MAIN] PS3545.H16H6833 2003727198
A historical guide to Edith Wharton / edited by Carol J. Singley.En[MAIN] PS3545.H16Z663 2003727210
Toni Morrison : playing with difference / Lucille P. Fultz.En[MAIN] PS3563.O8749Z64 2003727148
The trials of Phillis Wheatley / Henry Louis Gates, Jr.En[MAIN] PS866.W5Z595 2003727138
Projects in scientific computation / Richard E. Crandall.CS[MAIN] Q183.9.C733 2000727081
Math matters : the links between high school curriculum, college graduation, and earnings / Heather Rose, Julian R. Betts.EP[MAIN] QA13.R64 2001727243
Computer algebra and symbolic computation : mathematical methods / Joel S. Cohen.MP[MAIN] QA155.7.E4C6352 2003727053
Computer algebra and symbolic computation : mathematical methods / Joel S. Cohen.MP[RSB] QA155.7.E4C6352 2003727277
Number theory for computing / Song Y. Yan ; foreword by Martin E. Hellman.CS[MAIN] QA241.Y27 2002727079
Karl Pearson : the scientific life in a statistical age / Theodore M. Porter.MP[MAIN] QA276.P64P67 2004727142
Mathematics for chemistry and physics / George Turrell.MP[MAIN] QA37.3.T87 2002727056
Reliable Linux : assuring high availability / Iain Campbell.CS[MAIN] QA76.76.O63C357 2002727065
Linux desk reference / Scott Hawkins.CS[MAIN] QA76.76.O63H386 2000727255
Linux companion for system administrators / Jochen Hein.CS[MAIN] QA76.76.O63H45231 2001727256
Computer forensics : computer crime scene investigation / John Vacca.CJ[MAIN] QA76.9.A25V33 2002727095
Computer forensics : computer crime scene investigation / John Vacca.CJ[RSB] QA76.9.A25V33 2002727096
Symmetries in physics : philosophical reflections / edited by Katherine Brading and Elena Castellani.MP[MAIN] QC174.17.S9S984 2003727059
Handbook of basic tables for chemical analysis / Thomas J. Bruno, Paris D.N. Svoronos.MP[R] QD78.B78 2003727044
Annual review of ecology and systematics.Bi[MAIN] QH540.A53727159
Southwest Florida shelf benthic communities study : year 5 annual report / edited by Larry J. Danek, George S. Lewbel ; prepared for Gulf of Mexico OCS Region.Gf[MAIN] QH91.8.B4S68 1986727208
Buffalo nation : history and legend of the North American bison / Valerius Geist.Ge[MAIN] QL737.U53G435 1996727088
Literature links for nutrition and health / Valerie A. Ubbes, Diana M. Spillman.PE[MAIN] QP143.U23 2000727218
Lifelong motor development / Carl P. Gabbard.PE[MAIN] QP301.G24 2004727213
Essentials of exercise physiology / William D. McArdle, Frank I. Katch, Victor L. Katch.PE[MAIN] QP301.M1149 2000727077
The mind at night : the new science of how and why we dream / Andrea Rock.EP[MAIN] QP426.R63 2004727190
Blood evidence : how DNA is revolutionizing the way we solve crimes / Henry C. Lee, Frank Tirnady.Ge[MAIN] RA1057.55.L43 2003727087
Primary care in urban disadvantaged communities / edited by Joe Kai and Chris Drinkwater.Gf[MAIN] RA418.5.P6P75 2004727245
Growth and development across the lifespan : a health promotion focus / Gloria Leifer, Heidi Hartston.Gf[MAIN] RA427.8.L455 2004727250
Planning, implementing, and evaluating health promotion programs : a primer / James F. McKenzie, Jan L. Smeltzer.PE[MAIN] RA427.8.M39 2001727125
Community based participatory research for health / edited by Meredith Minkler and Nina Wallerstein ; foreword by Budd Hall.Gf[MAIN] RA440.85.C65 2003727239
Research techniques for the health sciences / James J. Neutens, Laurna Rubinson.PE[MAIN] RA440.85.R83 2002727130
Mental health : dimensions of self-esteem and emotional well-being / Joseph W. Donnelly, Norm Eburne, Mark Kittleson.PE[MAIN] RA790.D64 2001727279
Recreation for older adults : individual and group activities / by Judith A. Elliott and Jerold E. Elliott.PE[MAIN] RA999.R42.S674 1999727214
The Complete directory for people with chronic illness : DCI.Rf[R] RC108.C645 2003-04727205
Sports medicine : prevention, assessment, management, and rehabilitation of athletic injuries / Richard Irvin, Duane Iversen, Steven Roy.PE[MAIN] RC1210.R68 1998727139
The great influenza : the epic story of the deadliest plague in history / John M. Barry.Ge[MAIN] RC150.4.B37 2004727100
Consumers guide to cancer drugs / Gail M. Wilkes, Terri B. Ades.Ns[MAIN] RC271.C5W544 2003727072
Mind/body health : the effects of attitudes, emotions, and relationships / Keith J. Karren ... [et al.].PE[MAIN] RC49.M522 2002727215
Depression : the way out / Neil Nedley.Ge[MAIN] RC537.N39 2001727155
Handbook of fluid, electrolyte, and acid-based imbalances / Joyce LeFever Kee, Betty J. Paulanka, Larry D. Purnell.Gf[MAIN] RC630.H36 2004727170
Sport first aid / Melinda J. Flegel.PE[MAIN] RD97.F525 2004727161
Intravenous therapy / Teresa M.D. Finlay.Gf[MAIN] RM170.F56 2004727168
Lippincott's nursing drug guide / Amy M. Karch.Gf[R] RM301.12.L57 2002727169
Drugs and human behavior / David M. Grilly.PE[MAIN] RM315.G75 2002727102
Culture & nursing care : a pocket guide / edited by Juliene G. Lipson, Suzanne L. Dibble, Pamela A. Minarik.Ns[MAIN] RT86.54.C835 1996727150
Community & public health nursing / [edited by] Marcia Stanhope, Jeanette Lancaster.Gf[MAIN] RT98.C625 2004727230
Community health nursing : caring for populations / Mary Jo Clark.Gf[MAIN] RT98.N88 2003727171
Long-term assessment of the oil spill at Bahia Las Minas, Panama, synthesis report / editors Brian D. Keller and Jeremy B.C. Jackson ; prepared by the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute.Gf[MAIN] TD196.P4L663 1993727209
MTBE : effects on soil and groundwater resources / edited by James Jacobs, Jacques Guertin, Christy Herron.Ge[MAIN] TD427.P4M83 2001727057
Stratigraphy & petroleum potential of the northern Gulf : (part II of a seminar on) the Gulf of Mexico / sponsored by the Continuing Education Committee, New Orleans Geological Society ; lecturers, R. R. Thompson ... [et al.].Gf[MAIN] TN872.A332 1974727203
Disappearing witness : change in twentieth-century American photography / Gretchen Garner.Cm[MAIN] TR23.G37 2003727229
Lotte Jacobi : photographs / introduction and notes by Peter Moriarty.Cm[MAIN] TR680.J3197 2002727219
Oi paraboles tou Christou / apo ten Helene G. Chouait.Gf[HR] WCO 1988 Greek727236
The Desire of ages : the conflict of the ages illustrated in the life of Christ / by Ellen G. White.Ge[HR] WDA 2003727282
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