August 2004 New Titles

TitleDept. CodeCall NumberBarcode
Sunca, a missionary dog / by Anna Larsen.Gf[J] 266.6732L37 1977727511
Reading people [videorecording] : the unwritten language of the body / Stage Fright Productions ; written by Jeffrey Schrank.AV[AVA] BF637.N66.R43 1998727486
When something terrible happens : children can learn to cope with grief / written by Marge Heegaard to be illustrated by children.EP[MAIN] BF723.G75H44 1991727464
When someone very special dies : children can learn to cope with grief / written by Marge Heegaard to be illustrated by children.EP[MAIN] BF723.G75H441 1991727465
Help! I'm late for school and I can't get up! / Ron WheelerEP[MAIN] BJ1661.W445 1994727480
Jeremiah : let my words be sweet & tender-- 'cause I may have to eat 'em! / Ron Wheeler.EP[MAIN] BJ2121.W46 1996727482
Deceived by the new age / Will Baron.Gf[MAIN] BP601.B3D4 1990727503
Bible readings for the home : a study of 200 vital scripture topics in question and answer form / contributed by a large number of Bible scholars.Gf[MAIN] BS432.B47 1963727518
Source book for Bible students : containing valuable quotations relating to the history, doctrines, and prophecies of the Scriptures.Gf[MAIN] BS440.S7 1940727501
Our heritage of faith / by Merlin L. Neff.Gf[MAIN] BS550.2.N4 1962727541
Our heritage of faith / by Merlin L. Neff.Gf[MAIN] BS550.2.N4 1962727542
Our heritage of faith / by Merlin L. Neff.Gf[MAIN] BS550.2.N4 1962727543
Built to last : creation and evolution : a thoughtful look at the evidence that a Master Designer created our planet / Dwight K. Nelson.Gf[MAIN] BS651.N45 1998727510
All this and.... heaven too / by Julius L. Tucker.Gf[MAIN] BT180.P7T8 1956727549
Behold his glory : daily meditations for adults on the beauty and meaning of Christ's life / William G. Johnsson.Gf[MAIN] BT306.4.J63 1989727539
He taught love : Jesus' lessons for living / E. G. White.Gf[MAIN] BT375.2.W4H3 1987727507
Before I was born : designed for parents to read to their child at ages 5 through 8 / by Carolyn Nystrom ; illustrated by Sandra Speidel.EP[MAIN] BT708.N97 1995727477
2000 and beyond / Mark Finley.Gf[MAIN] BT886.F55 1995727505
These Fords still run / by Barbara Westphal.Gf[HR] BV2831.W45 1962727509
Gaining decisions for Christ : a how-to manual / Louis R. Torres.Gf[MAIN] BV3790.T573 2001727522
Feed my sheep / by H. M. S. Richards.Gf[MAIN] BV4211.2.R5 1958727540
Unlocking the secrets of being loved, accepted & secure / Josh McDowell & Dale Bellis.EP[MAIN] BV4501.2.M4355 1989727458
Jeremiah : I wouldn't be tempted if temptation wasn't so tempting! / Ron Wheeler.EP[MAIN] BV4531.2.W476 1995727481
Who are my real friends? / Joe White.EP[MAIN] BV4531.2.W48 1989x727472
Love & dating and other natural disasters! / Ron WheelerEP[MAIN] BV4639.W45 1993727483
Solid ground : daily devotional for adults / Mark Finley.Gf[MAIN] BV4811.F56 2003727504
A gift of love : a daily devotional for women / by women / Rose Otis, editor.Gf[MAIN] BV4844.G54 1994727546
Free at last / E. E. Cleveland..Gf[MAIN] BX6123.C55 1970727515
A sound of trumpets : Americans, Adventists, and health reform / George W. Reid.Gf[MAIN] BX6153.R44 1982727550
The builders : a photo story of Seventh-day Adventists at work around the world / by Richard H. Utt.Gf[HR] BX6154.U69 1970727538
Highways to happiness / by C. L. Paddock.Gf[MAIN] BX6155.4.P25 1950727552
Finding peace within.Gf[MAIN] BX6159.F56 1989727512
Though he slay me : a story of courage shining through heartaches such as few of us have experienced / Miriam Wood.Gf[MAIN] BX6191.W66 1981727514
Lenora : story of a Norwegian girl whose guardian angel was on twenty-four-hour emergency alert / Ann Matterand Gimble [i.e. Gimbel].Gf[MAIN] BX6193.E54G55 1977727551
H. M. S. Richards, man alive / [Virginia Cason].Gf[HR] BX6193.R5C37 1974727547
Westward expansion : a history of the American frontier / Ray Allen Billington, Martin Ridge.Gf[MAIN] E179.5.B63 1982727506
Breasts : the women's perspective on an American obsession / Carolyn Latteier.Gf[MAIN] GT498.B47L37 1998b727496
Pitching and catching [videorecording] / Human Kinetics ; script, R. Chris Johns ; produced and directed by Doug Fink.AV[AVA] GV881.4.P57P573 2001727526
Fielding [videorecording] / Human Kinetics ; script, R. Chris Johns ; produced and directed by Doug Fink.AV[AVA] GV881.F545 2001727525
Maternity leave / Eileen Casey.Gf[MAIN] HD6065.5.U6C37 1995727497
Adventists and labor unions in the United States / Robert C. Kistler.Gf[HR] HD6338.2.U5K57 1984727548
Facing the facts : the truth about sex and you / Stan & Brenna Jones.EP[MAIN] HQ35.J65 1995727479
Worth the wait / Tim Stafford.EP[MAIN] HQ35.S74 1988727471
What's the big deal? : why God cares about sex / Stan & Brenna Jones.EP[MAIN] HQ53.J65 1995727478
Why wait?: A Christian view of premarital sex/ by Letha Scanzoni.EP[MAIN] HQ63.S23 1975727467
You can say no : a book about protecting yourself / by Betty Boegehold ; illustrated by Carolyn Bracken ; prepared with the cooperation of Bernice Berk.EP[MAIN] HQ71.B58 1985727474
Why me? : help for victims of child sexual abuse, even if they are adults now / by Lynn B. Daugherty.EP[MAIN] HQ71.D24 1984727466
Basic parenting skills [videorecording] / Cambridge Research Group ; director: Daniel L. Shreve.AV[AVA] HQ755.7.B3 1990727488
You're not my daddy / Robert Barnes.EP[MAIN] HQ759.92.B37 1992727475
In the newborn year / Elisabeth Brutto Hallett.Gf[MAIN] HQ759.H188 1992727494
Your 30-day journey to being a world-class mother / C.W. Neal.EP[MAIN] HQ759.N43 1992727469
Child management [videorecording] / producer, director, writer, Paul Terry.AV[AVA] HQ769.C44 1995727487
Train up a child : a guide to successful parenting / Nancy Van Pelt.Gf[MAIN] HQ769.V297 1984727544
Working with children from violent homes : ideas and techniques / written by Diane Davis.EP[MAIN] HQ809.D38 1986727468
When Mom and Dad separate : children can learn to cope with grief from divorce / written by Marge Heegaard to be illustrated by children.EP[MAIN] HQ841.H43 1990727461
Hate groups USA [videorecording] / BBC, Films for the Humanities & Sciences.AV[AVA] HV 6773.52.H38 2000727534
The wounded heart / Dan B. Allender ; [foreword by Larry Crabb].EP[MAIN] HV6570.A45 1995727473
When mommy got hurt : [a story for young children about domestic violence] / by Ilene Lee and Kathy Sylwester ; illustrations by Carol Deach.EP[MAIN] HV6626.L44 1996727462
The perils of whistleblowing [videorecording] / produced by CBS News Productions in association with A&E Network ; produced by Barbara Drury.AV[AVA] HV6765.P375 1997727524
Hackers [videorecording] / producer/director, Neil Docherty ; co-producer, Theresa Burke ; written by Linden MacIntyre.AV[AVA] HV6773.H23 2002727533
In search of law and order [videorecording] / KQED/San Francisko, Kikim Media and Films of Records ; Michael Schwarz, executive producer ; Ray Telles, director ; Roger Graef, series writer producer.AV[AVA] HV7431.I57 1998727535
In search of law and order [videorecording] / KQED/San Francisko, Kikim Media and Films of Records ; Michael Schwarz, executive producer ; Ray Telles, director ; Roger Graef, series writer producer.AV[AVA] HV7431.I57 1998727536
In search of law and order [videorecording] / KQED/San Francisko, Kikim Media and Films of Records ; Michael Schwarz, executive producer ; Ray Telles, director ; Roger Graef, series writer producer.AV[AVA] HV7431.I57 1998727537
Women behind bars : [videorecording] rehabilitation or retribution / CBS Eye Too Productions; executive producer, Tom Seligson ; producer, Andy Martin ; writer Rick Smigielski.AV[AVA] HV9471.W65 2001727532
Wilson's ghost : reducing the risk of conflict, killing, and catastrophe in the 21st century / by Robert S. McNamara and James G. Blight.Gf[MAIN] JZ5538.M36 2001727484
Landmark consumer rights trials [videorecording] / World Almanac in association with Court TV.AV[AVA] KF226.L26 2001727531
The cutthroat world of business law [videorecording] / the Standard Deviants ; produced by Lara Derby ; directed by Robert Deege ; written by Kathe Spiro Bentzel.AV[AVA] KF890.C888 1997727523
MLA handbook for writers of research papers / Joseph Gibaldi.Gf[MAIN] LB2369.G53 1999727508
Teachers wanted : attracting and retaining good teachers / Daniel A. Heller.Gf[MAIN] LB2835.25.H45 2004727528
[Yearbook].Gf[MAIN] LD7501.B87A7 1989727485
Tonal harmony, with an introduction to twentieth-century music / Stefan Kostka, Dorothy Payne.Gf[MAIN] MT50.K85 1989727502
Painting with pastels / by Leslie B. De Mille.Gf[MAIN] NC880.D46 1988x727520
The media of mass communication / John Vivian.Gf[MAIN] P90.V53 2003727516
The media of mass communication / John Vivian.Gf[RSB] P90.V53 2003727517
I can't talk about it / [the story by Doris Sanford and pictures by Graci Evans].EP[MAIN] PZ7.S22495Ic 1986727499
The story of me / by Stan and Brenna Jones ; illustrated by Joel Spector.EP[MAIN] QP251.5.J665 1995727476
Handbook of health communication / edited by Teresa L. Thompson ... [et al.].Gf[MAIN] R118.H26 2003727527
The McDougall program for women : what every woman needs to know to be healthy for life / John A. McDougall ; recipes by Mary McDougall.Gf[MAIN] RA776.M4815 1999727490
You and your mind : studies and scientific investigations in popular psychology / edited by Kenneth Ryan.EP[MAIN] RA790.Y69 1977727470
The Vision bold : an illustrated history of the Seventh-day Adventist philosophy of health / editors, Warren L. Johns, Richard H. Utt ; introd., Godfrey T. Anderson ; contributing authors, Oliver L. Jacques ... [et al.].Gf[MAIN] RA975.S49V57 1977727545
Unfinished business : pressure points in the lives of women / Maggie Scarf.EP[MAIN] RC451.4.W6S34 1981727457
Women afraid to eat : breaking free in today's weight-obsessed world / Frances M. Berg ; edited by Kendra Rosencrans.Gf[MAIN] RC552.O25B47 2000727491
When self-help isn't enough : overcoming addiction and psychiatric disorders / A. Scott Winter.EP[MAIN] RC564.W565 1990727463
Planning for pregnancy, birth, and beyond.Gf[MAIN] RG525.A26 1995727493
Your pregnancy month by month / Clark Gillespie.Gf[MAIN] RG525.G513 1985727498
Management of common problems in obstetrics and gynecology / edited by Daniel R. Mishell, Jr. and Paul F. Brenner.Gf[MAIN] RG571.M23 1994727489
Having your baby with a nurse-midwife : everything you need to know to make an informed decision / The American College of Nurse-Midwives and Sandra Jacobs.Gf[MAIN] RG950.J33 1993727492
The what's happening to my body? book for boys : a growing up guide for parents and sons / Lynda Madaras with Dane Saavedra ; drawings by Jackie Aher.EP[MAIN] RJ143.M33 1987727459
The what's happening to my body? book for girls : a growing up guide for parents and daughters / Lynda Madaras with Area Madaras ; drawings by Claudia Ziroli and Jackie Aher.EP[MAIN] RJ144.M3 1987727460
Babies with Down syndrome : a new parents guide / edited by Karen Stray-Gundersen.Gf[MAIN] RJ506.D68B33 1986727495
Clinical handbook for medical-surgical nursing : critical thinking in client care / Priscilla LeMone, Karen M. Burke.Gf[MAIN] RT51.G38 2004727530
Nurse's fast facts : your quick source for core clinical content / Brenda Walters Holloway.Gf[MAIN] RT51.H65 2004727529
Blind man's bluff : the untold story of American submarine espionage / Sherry Sontag and Christopher Drew, with Annette Lawrence Drew.Gf[MAIN] VB231.U54S65 2000727500
Maranatha : the Lord is coming / compiled from the writings of Ellen G. White.Gf[W] WMar 1976727513
Calligraphy and lettering design / by Art Newhall.Gf[MAIN] Z43.N47 1989727521
Traditional penmanship / Anne Trudgill.Gf[MAIN] Z43.T8 1989727519