November 2004 New Titles

TitleDept. CodeCall NumberBarcode
Managing psychological factors in information systems work : an orientation to emotional intelligence / Eugene Kaluzniacky.EP[MAIN] BF576.K358 2004727775
American Judaism : a history / Jonathan D. Sarna.Rl[MAIN] BM205.S26 2004727788
The founding fathers and the place of religion in America / Frank Lambert.HS[MAIN] BR516.L29 2003727738
The rape of Belgium : the untold story of World War I / Larry Zuckerman.HS[MAIN] D615.Z83 2004727758
Forgotten crimes : the Holocaust and people with disabilities / Suzanne E. Evans ; with a preface by Bengt Lindqvist.HS[MAIN] D804.5.H35E93 2004727737
Horatio Lord Nelson / Brian Lavery.HS[MAIN] DA87.1.N4L33 2003727743
Verdict on Vichy : power and prejudice in the Vichy France regime / Michael Curtis.HS[MAIN] DC397.C87 2002727763
Charlemagne / by Matthias Becher ; translated by David S. Bachrach.HS[MAIN] DC73.B3913 2003727734
Marshal Zhukov : the man who beat Hitler / Albert AxellHS[MAIN] DK268.Z52.A94 2003727751
The breakup of Yugoslavia and its aftermath / Carole Rogel.Ge[MAIN] DR1309.R64 2004727794
Bosnia : a cultural history / Ivan Lovrenovic ; foreword by Ammiel Alcalay.HS[MAIN] DR1672.L668 2001727733
Serbia : the history of an idea / Stevan K. Pavlowitch.HS[MAIN] DR1965.P385 2002727760
Death of a generation : how the assassinations of Diem and JFK prolonged the Vietnam War / Howard Jones.HS[MAIN] DS557.7.J67 2003727735
Patriots : the Vietnam War remembered from all sides / Christian G. Appy.HS[MAIN] DS559.5.A66 2003727756
Portrait of America : a cultural history of the Federal Writers' Project / Jerrold Hirsch.HS[MAIN] E175.4.W9H57 2003727767
The constitution of empire : territorial expansion and American legal history / Gary Lawson and Guy Seidman.HS[MAIN] E179.5.L36 2004727796
The pursuit of happiness in times of war / Carl M. Cannon.HS[MAIN] E183.C25 2004727757
The founding fathers and the politics of character / Andrew S. Trees.HS[MAIN] E302.1.T74 2004727739
Inventing a nation : Washington, Adams, Jefferson / Gore Vidal.HS[MAIN] E302.1.V57 2003727745
American Machiavelli : Alexander Hamilton and the origins of U.S. foreign policy / John Lamberton Harper.HS[MAIN] E302.6.H2H37 2004727789
Devil's game : the Civil War intrigues of Charles A. Dunham / Carman Cumming.Ge[MAIN] E467.1.D89C86 2004727801
Vicksburg is the key : the struggle for the Mississippi River / William L. Shea and Terrence J. Winschel.HS[MAIN] E475.27.S54 2003727764
The Union generals speak : the Meade hearings on the Battle of Gettysburg / edited by Bill Hyde.HS[MAIN] E475.53.U55 2003727762
One damn blunder from beginning to end : the Red River Campaign of 1864 / Gary Dillard Joiner.HS[MAIN] E476.33.J65 2003727753
Alger Hiss's looking-glass wars : the covert life of a Soviet spy / G. Edward White.HS[MAIN] E743.5.H55W47 2004727786
Rough rider in the White House : Theodore Roosevelt and the politics of desire / Sarah Watts.HS[MAIN] E757.W35 2003727769
War under heaven : Pontiac, the Indian Nations, & the British Empire / Gregory Evans Dowd.HS[MAIN] E83.76.D69 2002727765
The Reagan presidency : pragmatic conservatism and its legacies / edited by W. Elliot Brownlee and Hugh Davis Graham.HS[MAIN] E876.R4117 2003727759
Reassessing the Reagan presidency / edited by Richard S. Conley.HS[MAIN] E876.R429 2003727768
A matter of character : inside the White House of George W. Bush / Ronald Kessler.HS[MAIN] E903.3.K47 2004727776
Nat Turner : a slave rebellion in history and memory / edited by Kenneth S. Greenberg.HS[MAIN] F232.S7.N46 2003727752
The La Salle Expedition on the Mississippi River : a lost manuscript of Nicolas de La Salle, 1682 / edited and with an introduction by William C. Foster ; translated by Johanna S. Warren.HS[MAIN] F352.L44 2003727747
Deep in the heart : the Texas tendency in American politics / James McEnteer.HS[MAIN] F386.M3485 2004727799
American massacre : the tragedy at Mountain Meadows, September 1857 / Sally Denton.HS[MAIN] F826.D44 2003727732
Bering : the Russian discovery of America / Orcutt Frost.HS[MAIN] G296.B4F76 2003727766
Environmental politics and policy / Walter A. Rosenbaum.En[MAIN] GE180.R66 2004727773
The fight of the century : Jack Johnson, Joe Louis, and the struggle for racial equality / Thomas R. Hietala.HS[MAIN] GV1131.H64 2002727736
Outdoor recreation for 21st century America : a report to the nation, the national survey on recreation and the environment / H. Ken Cordell, principal author ... [et al.]PE[MAIN] GV191.4.O98 2004727777
Ancient Greek athletics / Stephen G. Miller.PE[MAIN] GV21.M55 2004727790
San Antonio at bat : professional baseball in the Alamo city / David King.PE[MAIN] GV863.T42S365 2004727780
The third opinion : how successful leaders use outside insight to create superior results / Saj-nicole A. Joni.Bu[MAIN] HD57.7.J665 2004727781
Building teams, building people : expanding the fifth resource / Thomas R. Harvey, Bonita Drolet.Bu[MAIN] HD66.H377 2004727772
The Oz principle : getting results through individual and organizational accountability / Roger Connors, Tom Smith, Craig Hickman.Bu[MAIN] HD70.U5C59 2004727778
Creative Memories : the 10 timeless principles behind the company that pioneered the scrapbooking industry / Cheryl Lightle with Heidi L. Everett.Bu[MAIN] HF5439.S38.L54 2004727798
Corporate MVPs : managing your company's most valuable performers / Margaret Butteriss, Bill Roiter.MB[MAIN] HF5549.5.M63B88 2004727797
Accounting for payroll : a comprehensive guide / Steven M. Bragg.MB[MAIN] HF5681.W3B7 2004727784
Accounting for M&A, equity, and credit analysts / James E. Morris.MB[MAIN] HF5686.C7M672 2004727783
Advertising media A to Z : the definitive resource for media planning, buying, and research / James Surmanek.Rf[R] HF5826.5.S848 2004727770
The digital sublime : myth, power, and cyberspace / Vincent Mosco.MB[MAIN] HM851.M667 2004727802
Armies without nations : public violence and state formation in Central America, 1821-1960 / Robert H. Holden.Ge[MAIN] HN125.2.V5H65 2004727791
Chasing the devil : my twenty-year quest to capture the Green River Killer / David Reichert.CJ[MAIN] HV6533.W2R45 2004727795
Democracy matters : winning the fight against imperialism / Cornel West.En[MAIN] JC423.W384 2004727782
Liberalism : the genius of American ideals / Marcus G. Raskin.HS[MAIN] JC574.2.U6R37 2004727749
Party of the people : a history of the Democrats / Jules Witcover.HS[MAIN] JK2316.W735 2003727755
Grand Old Party : a history of the Republicans / Lewis L. Gould.HS[MAIN] JK2356.G68 2003727741
The power and the story : how the crafted presidential narrative has determined political success from George Washington to George W. Bush / Evan Cornog.HS[MAIN] JK511.C67 2004727779
Intellectuals and the American presidency : philosophers, jesters, or technicians? / Tevi Troy.HS[MAIN] JK521.T76 2002727744
Allies at war : America, Europe, and the crisis over Iraq / Phillip H. Gordon and Jeremy Shapiro.HS[MAIN] JZ1570.A57I724 2004727787
Avoiding Armageddon : Europe, the United States, and the struggle for nuclear nonproliferation, 1945-1970 / Susanna Schrafstetter and Stephen Twigge.HS[MAIN] JZ5675.S365 2004727792
Spy television / Wesley Britton.HS[MAIN] PN1992.8.S67B75 2004727761
AI for game developers / David M. Bourg and Glenn Seemann.CS[MAIN] QA76.76.C672B68 2004727785
Oppenheimer : portrait of an enigma / Jeremy Bernstein.HS[MAIN] QC16.O62B43 2004727754
The amphibians of Great Smoky Mountains National Park / C. Kenneth Dodd Jr. ; illustrations by Jacqualine Grant.Bi[MAIN] QL653.G76D64 2004727771
Birds of the Mediterranean / Paul Sterry.Bi[MAIN] QL690.M43S74 2003727793
Evaluating sexual harassment : psychological, social, and legal considerations in forensic examinations / William E. Foote, Jane Goodman-Delahunty.HS[MAIN] RA1148.F54 2004727774
The great plague : the story of London's most deadly year / A. Lloyd Moote and Dorothy C. Moote.HS[MAIN] RC178.G72L665 2004727742
What's behind the empty chair? [videorecording] : Gestalt therapy theory and methodology / written and produced by Liv Estrup.EP[AVA] RC489.G4W42 2000727803
Designing for older adults : principles and creative human factors approaches / Arthur D. Fisk ... [et al.].Ge[MAIN] TA166.D485 2004727800
Lightning man : the accursed life of Samuel F.B. Morse / Kenneth Silverman.HS[MAIN] TK5243.M7S55 2003727750
Inventing flight : the Wright brothers and their predecessors / John D. Anderson, Jr.HS[MAIN] TL516.A53 2004727746
Leaving earth : space stations, rival superpowers, and the quest for interplanetary travel / by Robert Zimmerman.HS[MAIN] TL788.5.Z55 2003727748
Giant under the hill : history of the Spindletop oil discovery at Beaumont, Texas, in 1901 / Jo Ann Stiles, Judith Walker Linsley, Ellen Walker Rienstra.HS[MAIN] TN872.T4S75 2002727740