December 2004 New Titles

TitleDept. CodeCall NumberBarcode
Dr. Gordon W. Allport [videorecording] / produced by KUHT Film Productions, University of Houston.AV[AVA] BF121.D56 1964727804
Dr. Gordon W. Allport [videorecording] / produced by KUHT Film Productions, University of Houston.AV[AVA] BF121.D56 1964727805
Ideation : the birth and death of ideas / Douglas Graham, Thomas T. Bachman.MB[MAIN] BF408.G664 2004727831
Living beyond loss : death in the family / edited by Froma Walsh & Monica McGoldrick.EP[MAIN] BF575.D35L54 2004727840
How to persuade people who don't want to be persuaded : get what you want-every time! / Joel Bauer & Mark Levy.Cm[MAIN] BF637.P4B32 2004727830
Freedom just around the corner : a new American history, 1585-1828 / Walter A. McDougall.HS[MAIN] E178.M47 2004727822
The eagle triumphant : how America took over the British empire / Robert Smith Thompson.HS[MAIN] E744.T495 2004727812
The flawed architect : Henry Kissinger and American foreign policy / by Jussi Hanhimaki.HS[MAIN] E840.8.K58H36 2004727820
My life / Bill Clinton.HS[MAIN] E886.A3 2004727853
The life and times of Mexico / Earl Shorris.HS[MAIN] F1210.S543 2004727838
Paul Volcker : the making of a financial legend / Joseph B. Treaster.Bu[MAIN] HB119.V6T74 2004727868
The empty cradle : how falling birthrates threaten world prosperity and what to do about it / Phillip Longman.Bu[MAIN] HB887.L66 2004727817
The power of productivity : wealth, poverty, and the threat to global stability / William W. Lewis.Bu[MAIN] HC79.I52L49 2004727874
Inspire! : what great leaders do / Lance Secretan.Bu[MAIN] HD57.7.S43 2004727832
Negotiate and win : proven strategies from the NYPD's top hostage negotiator / Dominick J. Misino with Jim DeFelice.MB[MAIN] HD58.6.M57 2004727854
McKinsey's Marvin Bower : vision, leadership, and the creation of management consulting / Elizabeth Haas Edersheim.Bu[MAIN] HD69.C6E34 2004727846
Micro radio and the FCC : media activism and the struggle over broadcast policy / Andy Opel.Cm[MAIN] HE8697.65.U6O63 2004727848
Flying high : How JetBlue founder and CEO David Neeleman beats the competition--even in the world's most turbulent industry / James Wynbrandt.Bu[MAIN] HE9803.J48W96 2004727821
Opt-in marketing : increase sales exponentionally with consensual marketing / Ernan Roman, Scott Hornstein.Bu[MAIN] HF5415.126.R653 2004727864
The manager's guide to distribution channels / Linda Gorchels, Edward J. Marien, Chuck West.MB[MAIN] HF5415.129.G67 2004727844
The dollarization discipline : how smart companies create customer value-- and profit from it / Jeffrey J. Fox, Richard C. Gregory.MB[MAIN] HF5415.15.F69 2004727810
Pocketbook power : how to reach the hearts and minds of today's most coveted consumers--women / Bernice Kanner.Bu[MAIN] HF5415.32.K36 2004727872
The new science of selling and persuasion : how smart companies and great salespeople sell / William T. Brooks.Bu[MAIN] HF5438.25.B744 2004727857
Get more referrals now! / Bill Cates.MB[MAIN] HF5438.25.C367 2004727824
The Patterson principles of selling / Jeffrey Gitomer.Bu[MAIN] HF5438.25.G583 2004727867
How to choose the right person for the right job every time / Lori Davila, Louise Kursmark.Bu[MAIN] HF5549.5.I6D38 2005727829
Manager's guide to the Sarbanes-Oxley Act : improving internal controls to prevent fraud / Scott Green.Bu[MAIN] HF5686.C7G5687 2004727843
Madison & Vine : why the entertainment and advertising industries must converge to survive / by Scott Donaton.Bu[MAIN] HF5821.D545 2004727842
Julian Robertson : tiger in the land of bulls and bears / Daniel A. Strachman.Bu[MAIN] HG4928.5.R63S77 2004727835
No exit : what parents owe their children and what society owes parents / Anne L. Alstott.Ge[MAIN] HQ755.8.A463 2004727858
The Mexican aristocracy : an expressive ethnography, 1910-2000 / Hugo G. Nutini.Ge[MAIN] HT653.M6N877 2004727847
Fatal future? : transnational terrorism and the new global disorder / Richard M. Pearlstein.HS[MAIN] HV6431.P428 2004727818
Doing time on the outside : incarceration and family life in urban America / Donald Braman.HS[MAIN] HV9950.B7 2004727809
On Capitol Hill : the struggle to reform Congress and its consequences, 1948-2000 / Julian E. Zelizer.HS[MAIN] JK1041.Z45 2004727860
The modern presidency / James P. Pfiffner.HS[MAIN] JK511.P47 2005727849
The people themselves : popular constitutionalism and judicial review / by Larry D. Kramer.HS[MAIN] KF4881.K73 2004727869
Musical symbolism in the operas of Debussy and Bartok : trauma, gender, and the unfolding of the unconscious / Elliott Antokoletz with the collaboration of Juana Canabal Antokoletz.FA[MAIN] ML1705.A41 2004727852
Dvorak to Duke Ellington : a conductor explores America's music and its African American roots / Maurice Peress.FA[MAIN] ML200.P47 2004727811
Musical ritual in Mexico City : from the Aztec to NAFTA / Mark Pedelty.FA[MAIN] ML210.8.M4P43 2004727851
Popular music and national culture in Israel / Motti Regev and Edwin Seroussi.FA[MAIN] ML3502.I75R44 2004727873
Mavericks and other traditions in American music / Michael Broyles.FA[MAIN] ML390.B862 2004727845
Elvis Costello, Joni Mitchell, and the torch song tradition / Larry David Smith.FA[MAIN] ML400.S658 2004727816
Fine and dandy : the life and work of Kay Swift / Vicki Ohl.FA[MAIN] ML410.S972O45 2004727819
Luther : the life and longing of Luther Vandross / Craig Seymour.FA[MAIN] ML420.V272S49 2004727841
Performing music in the age of recording / Robert Philip.FA[MAIN] ML457.P45 2004727870
A handbook for beginning choral educators / Walter Lamble.FA[MAIN] MT875.L35 2004727825
The layers of magazine editing / Michael Robert Evans.Cm[MAIN] PN4778.E93 2004727836
Multivariate t distributions and their applications / Samuel Kotz, Saralees Nadarajah.MP[MAIN] QA278.K635 2004727850
Open source .NET development / Brian Nantz.CS[MAIN] QA76.625.N36 2005727862
Open source .NET development / Brian Nantz.CS[RSB] QA76.625.N36 2005727863
The object primer : agile model-driven development with UML 2.0 / Scott W. Ambler.CS[MAIN] QA76.64.A494 2004727859
The elements of C++ style / Trevor Misfeldt, Gregory Bumgardner, Andrew Gray.CS[MAIN] QA76.73.C153E28 2004727814
JDBC pocket reference / Donald Bales.CS[MAIN] QA76.73.J38B355 2003727834
Perl medic : transforming legacy code / Peter J. Scott.CS[MAIN] QA76.73.P22S395 2004727871
GAMEplay and design / by Kevin Oxland.CS[MAIN] QA76.76.C672O95 2004727823
Oracle essentials : Oracle database 10g / Rick Greenwald, Robert Stackowiak, and Jonathan Stern.CS[MAIN] QA76.9.D3G72834 2004727865
The liar paradox and the towers of Hanoi : the 10 greatest math puzzles of all time / Marcel Danesi.MP[MAIN] QA95.D29 2004727837
Out of this world : colliding universes, branes, strings, and other wild ideas of modern physics / Stephen Webb.MP[MAIN] QC24.5.W43 2004727866
How science works : evaluating evidence in biology and medicine / Stephen H. Jenkins.Bi[MAIN] QH324.J46 2004727828
The ecology, exploitation, and conservation of river turtles / Don Moll, Edward O. Moll.Bi[MAIN] QL666.C5M57 2004727813
On the wing : to the edge of the Earth with the peregrine falcon / Alan Tennant.Bi[MAIN] QL696.F34T45 2004727861
Elephas maximus : a portrait of the Indian elephant / Stephen Alter.Bi[MAIN] QL737.P98A47 2004727815
Life at the zoo / Phillip T. Robinson.Bi[MAIN] QL76.R64 2004727839
Inner world of counseling [videorecording] /|with Carl RogersAV[AVA] RC481.I55 1990727806
Inner world of counseling [videorecording] /|with Carl RogersAV[AVA] RC481.I55 1990727807
Extreme conditions [videorecording] : obsessive-compulsive disorder / Glenn R. Jones, executive producer. Produced in association with Discovery Channel.AV[AVA] RC533.E98 2001727808
Handbook of preventive interventions for children and adolescents / Lisa A. Rapp-Paglicci, Catherine N. Dulmus, John S. Wodarski.Ns[MAIN] RJ101.H16 2004727827
Handbook of infant, toddler, and preschool mental health assessment / edited by Rebecca DelCarmen-Wiggins, Alice Carter.Ns[MAIN] RJ503.5.H375 2004727826
Network distributed computing : fitscapes and fallacies / Max K. Goff.CS[MAIN] TK5105.5.G58 2004727855
Network security hacks / Andrew Lockhart.CS[MAIN] TK5105.59.L63 2004727856
IP-based next-generation wireless networks : systems, architectures, and protocols / Jyh-Cheng Chen and Tao Zhang.CS[MAIN] TK5105.78.C49 2004727833