January 2005 New Titles

TitleDept. CodeCall NumberBarcode
Dictionary of cognitive science : neuroscience, psychology, artificial intelligence, linguistics, and philosophy / Olivier Houde, editor, with Daniel Kayser ... [et al.] ; Vivian Waltz, translator ; Christian Cav, scientific advisor.Rf[R] BF311.V56713 2003728026
The cult of personality : how personality tests are leading us to mislabel our children, mismanage our companies, and misunderstand ourselves / Annie Murphy Paul.EP[MAIN] BF698.5.P38 2004727928
The long shadow of temperament / Jerome Kagan & Nancy Snidman.EP[MAIN] BF723.T53K345 2004727958
Religion and politics in America : faith, culture, and strategic choices / Robert Booth Fowler, Allen D. Hertzke.Rl[MAIN] BL2525.F677x 2004727976
Santeria : the beliefs and rituals of a growing religion in America / Miguel A. De La Torre.Rl[MAIN] BL2532.S3D4 2004727983
The children of Abraham : Judaism, Christianity, Islam F.E. Peters.Rl[MAIN] BM157.P47 2004727918
The Sabbatean prophets / Matt Goldish.Rl[MAIN] BM199.S3G65 2004727981
Cash values : money and the erosion of meaning in today's society / Craig M. Gay.Rl[MAIN] BR115.C3G38 2004727917
Ambassadors of hope : how Christians can respond to the world's toughest problems / Robert A. Seiple.Rl[MAIN] BR115.I7S42 2004727900
The first and the last : the claim of Jesus Christ and the claims of other religious traditions / George Sumner.Rl[MAIN] BR127.S89 2004727943
Wycliffe historical geography of Bible lands / Howard F. Vos.Rl[MAIN] BS630.V67 2003727998
Coming to peace with science : bridging the worlds between faith and biology / Darrel R. Falk ; foreword by Francis S. Collins.Rl[MAIN] BS651.F35 2004727924
The disciple story : the transforming power of Scripture / Nancy Kruh.Rl[MAIN] BS680.C47K78 2003727938
There shall be no poor among you : poverty in the Bible / Leslie J. Hoppe.Rl[MAIN] BS680.P47H67 2004727993
Religious holidays and calendars : an encyclopedic handbook / edited by Karen Bellenir ; foreword by Martin E. Marty.Rf[R] CE6.K45 2004728046
Dictionary of the Middle Ages. Supplement / William Chester Jordan, editor in chief.Rf[R] D114.D5 1982 Suppl.728028
The last knight : the twilight of the Middle Ages and the birth of the modern era / Norman F. Cantor ; picture editor, Judy Cantor.HS[MAIN] D202.8.C36 2004727955
Brassey's D-Day encyclopedia : the Normandy invasion A-Z / Barrett Tillman.Rf[R] D756.5.N6T55 2004727987
A date which will live : Pearl Harbor in American memory / Emily S. Rosenberg.HS[MAIN] D767.92.R67 2003728002
The Saint-Napoleon : celebrations of sovereignty in nineteenth-century France / Sudhir Hazareesingh.HS[MAIN] DC276.5.H39 2004727982
The lost Italian Renaissance : humanists, historians, and Latin's legacy / Christopher S. Celenza.HS[MAIN] DG445.C38 2004727960
The Petrine revolution in Russian culture / James Cracraft.HS[MAIN] DK133.C74 2004727970
Hadashot arkheologiyot / Agaf ha-atikot, Mi srad ha-hinukh veha-tarbut.Rl[MAIN] DS111.A1H3727979
State names, seals, flags, and symbols : a historical guide / Benjamin F. Shearer and Barbara S. Shearer.Rf[R] E155.S44 2002728047
American presidents : year by year / Lyle Emerson Nelson.Rf[R] E176.1.N44 2004728017
American presidents : year by year / Lyle Emerson Nelson.Rf[R] E176.1.N44 2004728018
American presidents : year by year / Lyle Emerson Nelson.Rf[R] E176.1.N44 2004728019
Encyclopedia of American foreign policy / by Glenn Hastedt.Rf[R] E183.7.H28 2003728009
GI Jews : how World War II changed a generation / Deborah Dash Moore.HS[MAIN] E184.J5M6639 2004728079
The Mexican American experience : an encyclopedia / Matt S. Meier and Margo Gutierrez.Rf[R] E184.M5M4535 2003728012
Cradle of freedom : Alabama and the movement that changed America / Frye Gaillard.HS[MAIN] E185.93.A3G35 2004727927
The road to Valley Forge : how Washington built the army that won the Revolution / John Buchanan.HS[MAIN] E259.B83 2004728089
Jefferson's second revolution : the election of 1800 and the triumph of republicanism / Susan Dunn.HS[MAIN] E330.D86 2004727952
Thomas Jefferson : a chronology of his thoughts / Jerry Holmes, editor.HS[MAIN] E332.2.J49 2002728015
Lincoln at Cooper Union : the speech that made Abraham Lincoln president / Harold Holzer.HS[MAIN] E440.H65 2004727956
Little Phil : a reassessment of the Civil War leadership of Gen. Philip H. Sheridan / Eric J. Wittenberg ; foreword by Jeffry D. Wert.HS[MAIN] E467.1.S54W58 2002728005
The American Civil War through British eyes : dispatches from British diplomats / [compiled by] James J. Barnes, Patience P. Barnes.HS[MAIN] E469.8.A55 2003728014
Days of glory : the Army of the Cumberland, 1861-1865 / Larry J. Daniel.HS[MAIN] E470.5.D355 2004727930
Women during the Civil War : an encyclopedia / by Judith E. Harper.Rf[R] E628.H37 2003728049
Carl Vinson : patriarch of the Armed Forces / James F. Cook.HS[MAIN] E748.V57C66 2004727916
The Columbia guide to American Indians of the Great Plains / Loretta Fowler.Rf[MAIN] E78.G73F69 2003728016
Eugene McCarthy : the rise and fall of postwar American liberalism / Dominic Sandbrook.HS[MAIN] E840.8.M3S25 2004727940
A brief history of Mexico / Lynn V. Foster.Ge[MAIN] F1226.F67 2004727913
Gone to Texas : a history of the Lone Star State / Randolph B. Campbell.HS[MAIN] F386.C268 2003728003
Lone star nation : how a ragged army of volunteers won the battle for Texas independence, and changed America / H.W. Brands.HS[MAIN] F390.B833 2004728004
New Orleans and the Texas Revolution / Edward L. Miller.HS[MAIN] F390.M73 2004728084
Texas road trip : stories from across the great state and a few personal reflections / by Bryan Woolley.Ge[MAIN] F391.2.W655 2004728094
The Texas Rangers and the Mexican Revolution : the bloodiest decade, 1910-1920 / Charles H. Harris III and Louis R. Sadler.HS[MAIN] F391.H28 2004728093
A stranger and a sojourner : Peter Caulder, free Black frontiersman in antebellum Arkansas / Billy D. Higgins.Ge[MAIN] F417.W5H54 2004728092
Encyclopedia of the Lewis and Clark Expedition / Elin Woodger, Brandon Toropov ; foreword by Ned Blackhawk.Rf[R] F592.7.W68 2004728032
Indian country : travels in the American Southwest, 1840-1935 / Martin Padget.HS[MAIN] F786.P16 2004727949
The last giant of Beringia : the mystery of the Bering Land Bridge / Dan O'Neill.Bi[MAIN] F951.O54 2004727954
Historical atlas of Central America / by Carolyn Hall and Hector Perez Brignoli; John V. Cotter, cartographer.Rf[R] G1551.S1H2 2003728039
Red sky at morning : America and the crisis of the global environment / James Gustave Speth.En[MAIN] GE149.S64 2004727877
Developing the physical education curriculum: an achievement-based approach / Luke E. Kelly, Vincent J. Melograno.PE[MAIN] GV365.K45 2004727937
Purposeful play : early childhood movement activities on a budget / Renee M. McCall, Diane H. Craft.PE[MAIN] GV452.M35 2004727975
Notable sports figures / Dana Barnes, editor.Rf[R] GV697.A1N68 2004728051
Notable sports figures / Dana Barnes, editor.Rf[R] GV697.A1N68 2004728052
Notable sports figures / Dana Barnes, editor.Rf[R] GV697.A1N68 2004728053
Notable sports figures / Dana Barnes, editor.Rf[R] GV697.A1N68 2004728054
May the best man win : sport, masculinity, and nationalism in Great Britain and the Empire, 1880-1935 / by Patrick F. McDevitt.PE[MAIN] GV706.35.M38 2003727961
Body politic : the great American sports machine / David Shields.PE[MAIN] GV706.5.S53 2004727911
Turnaround : crisis, leadership, and the Olympic Games / Mitt Romney with Timothy Robinson.PE[MAIN] GV842 2004.R65 2004727994
Blackout : the untold story of Jackie Robinson's first spring training / Chris Lamb.PE[MAIN] GV865.R6L36 2004727909
One day at Fenway : a day in the life of baseball in America / Steve Kettmann.PE[MAIN] GV873.K48 2004727968
The golden age of amateur basketball : the AAU Tournament, 1921-1968 / Adolph H. Grundman.PE[MAIN] GV885.49.A45G78 2004727945
Winning the NFL way : leadership lessons from football's top head coaches / Bob LaMonte with Robert L. Shook.Bu[MAIN] GV954.4.L36 2004727895
The battle for Augusta National : Hootie, Martha, and the Masters of the universe / Alan Shipnuck.PE[MAIN] GV969.A83S55 2004727905
SPSS 12.0 statistical procedures companion / Marija J. NorusisCS[MAIN] HA32.N685 2003727880
SPSS 12.0 statistical procedures companion / Marija J. NorusisCS[RSB] HA32.N685 2003727881
Ugly Americans : the true story of the Ivy League cowboys who raided the Asian markets for millions / Ben Mezrich.MB[MAIN] HC461.5.A2M46 2004727893
Squirrel Inc. : a fable of leadership through storytelling / Stephen Denning.Bu[MAIN] HD30.3.D462 2004727989
Productive workplaces revisited : dignity, meaning, and community in the 21st century / Marvin R. Weisbord.Bu[MAIN] HD31.W424 2004727973
Evangelical Christian executives : a new model for business corporations / Lewis D. Solomon.Bu[MAIN] HD38.2.S65 2004727941
Extending the supply chain : how cutting-edge companies bridge the critical last mile into customers' homes / Kenneth Karel Boyer, Markham T. Frohlich, and G. Tomas M. Hult.MB[MAIN] HD38.5.B698 2004727942
Strategic supply chain management : the five disciplines for top performance / Shoshanah Cohen and Joseph Roussel.MB[MAIN] HD38.5.C64 2004727883
You play to win the game : leadership lessons for success on and off the field / by Herm Edwards with Shelley Smith.Bu[MAIN] HD57.7.E35 2005727897
Your coach (in a book) : mastering the trickiest leadership, business, and career challenges you will ever face / by Robert Hargrove, Michel Renaud.Bu[MAIN] HD57.7.H3653 2004727997
Into the unknown : leadership lessons from Lewis & Clark's daring westward adventure / Jack Uldrich.Bu[MAIN] HD57.7.U43 2004727950
Closing the leadership gap / Marie C. Wilson.Bu[MAIN] HD57.7.W544 2004727923
The skilled negotiator : mastering the language of engagement / Kathleen Kelley Reardon.Bu[MAIN] HD58.6.R435 2004727988
The behavioral advantage : what the smartest, most successful companies do differently to win in the B2B arena / Terry R. Bacon and David G. Pugh.Bu[MAIN] HD58.7.B34228 2004727906
Shaping the future : a dynamic process for creating and achieving your company's strategic vision / William P. Belgard, Steven R. Rayner.MB[MAIN] HD58.8.B458 2004727985
The 18 immutable laws of corporate reputation : creating, protecting, and repairing your most valuable asset / Ronald J. Alsop.MB[MAIN] HD59.2.A47 2004727898
Brand portfolio strategy : creating relevance, differentiation, energy, leverage, and clarity / David A. Aaker.MB[MAIN] HD69.B7A2154 2004727912
Effective IT project management : using teams to get projects completed on time and under budget / Anita Rosen.Ge[MAIN] HD69.P75R666 2004727939
The power of we : succeeding through partnerships / Jonathan M. Tisch with Karl Weber.Bu[MAIN] HD69.S8T57 2004727875
The mystery of economic growth / Elhanan Helpman.Bu[MAIN] HD82.H435 2004727965
Encyclopedia of American business / general editor, W. Davis Folsom ; associate editor, Rick Boulware.Rf[R] HF1001.E463 2003728007
MBA in a day : what you would learn at top-tier business schools, if you only had the time! / Steven Stralser.Bu[MAIN] HF1111.S77 2004728083
Ten deadly marketing sins : signs and solutions / Philip Kotler.Bu[MAIN] HF5415.13.K654 2004727887
Trout on strategy : capturing mindshare, conquering markets / Jack Trout.Bu[MAIN] HF5415.13.T7353 2004727890
Stop, ask, and listen : proven sales techniques to turn browsers into buyers / Kelley RobertsonBu[MAIN] HF5438.25.R6195 2004727882
Winning under fire : turn stress into success the U.S. Army way / Dale Collie.Bu[MAIN] HF5548.85.C643 2005727896
The HR answer book : an indispensable guide for managers and human resources professionals / Shawn Smith, Rebecca Mazin.Bu[MAIN] HF5549.17.S62 2004727947
The human resource professionals' career guide : building a position of strength / Jeanne Palmer with Martha I. Finney.Bu[MAIN] HF5549.5.C35P356 2004727948
The art of winning commitment : 10 ways leaders can engage minds, hearts, and spirits / Dick Richards.Bu[MAIN] HF5549.5.M63R535 2004727902
How the mind explains behavior : folk explanations, meaning, and social interaction / Bertram F. Malle.EP[MAIN] HM1076.M35 2004728081
Practicing servant-leadership : succeeding through trust, bravery, and forgiveness / editors, Larry C. Spears, Michele Lawrence ; foreword by Warren Bennis.MB[MAIN] HM1261.P73 2004728087
The meritocracy myth / Stephen J. McNamee and Robert K. Miller, Jr.Ge[MAIN] HN90.S65M35 2004727962
Encyclopedia of women in the American West / edited by Gordon Morris Bakken and Brenda Farrington.Rf[R] HQ1438.W45E53 2003728033
Stepfamily relationships : development, dynamics, and interventions / Lawrence H. Ganong and Marilyn Coleman.EP[MAIN] HQ759.92.G36 2004728064
Twentieth century sprawl : highways and the reshaping of the American Landscape / Owen D. Gutfreund.HS[MAIN] HT384.U5G86 2004727892
Citizens without shelter : homelessness, democracy, and political exclusion / Leonard C. Feldman.SW[MAIN] HV4505.F45 2004727920
Alcohol and temperance in modern history : an international encyclopedia / Jack S. Blocker, Jr., David M. Fahey, and Ian R. Tyrrell, editors.Rf[R] HV5017.A43 2003728023
Alcohol and temperance in modern history : an international encyclopedia / Jack S. Blocker, Jr., David M. Fahey, and Ian R. Tyrrell, editors.Rf[R] HV5017.A43 2003728024
Fierce : a memoir / Barbara Robinette Moss.Ge[MAIN] HV5132.M673 2004728077
Clinical supervision in alcohol and drug abuse counseling : principles, models, methods / David J. Powell ; with Archie Brodsky.SW[MAIN] HV5276.P68 2004727921
The cyanide canary / Joseph Hilldorfer and Robert Dugoni.Ge[MAIN] HV6404.I2H55 2004727929
Encyclopedia of world terrorism / [edited by Frank Shanty and Raymond Picquet ; John Lalla, documents editor].Rf[R] HV6431.E53 2003728034
Encyclopedia of world terrorism / [edited by Frank Shanty and Raymond Picquet ; John Lalla, documents editor].Rf[R] HV6431.E53 2003728035
Against all enemies : inside America's war on terror / Richard A. Clarke.HS[MAIN] HV6432.C53 2004727899
Blood from stones : the secret financial network of terror / Douglas Farah.HS[MAIN] HV6433.A358F37 2004727910
Assembling my father : a daughter's detective story / Anna Cypra Oliver.Ge[MAIN] HV6548.U52T367 2004727903
The encyclopedia of high-tech crime and crime-fighting / by Michael Newton.Rf[R] HV6773.N48 2004728031
Police as problem solvers : how frontline workers can promote organizational and community change / Hans Toch and J. Douglas Grant.CJ[MAIN] HV7921.T636 2005728086
Encyclopedia of forensic science / Suzanne Bell ; foreword by Barry A.J. Fisher ; preface by Max M. Houck.Rf[R] HV8073.B425 2004728030
Correctional boot camps : military basic training or a model for corrections? / editors, Doris Layton MacKenzie, Gaylene Styve Armstrong.CJ[MAIN] HV9278.5.C683 2004727925
The state boys rebellion / Michael D'Antonio.Ge[MAIN] HV995.W262W354 2004727990
The seduction of unreason : the intellectual romance with fascism : from Nietzsche to postmodernism / Richard Wolin.En[MAIN] JC481.W65 2004727984
Get out the vote! : how to increase voter turnout / Donald P. Green, Alan S. Gerber.Ge[MAIN] JK2281.G74 2004727944
The presidency and domestic policy : comparing leadership styles, FDR to Clinton / William W. Lammers and Michael A. Genovese.HS[MAIN] JK511.L35 2000728066
Political and institutional effects of term limits / Marjorie Sarbaugh-Thompson ... [et al.].Ge[MAIN] JK5878.P65 2004727971
Jim Crow and the Wilson administration : protesting federal segregation in the early twentieth century / Nicholas Patler.HS[MAIN] JK723.A34P38 2004727953
Enforcing the peace : learning from the imperial past / Kimberly Zisk Marten.HS[MAIN] JZ6374.Z57 2004728074
Deskbook encyclopedia of American school law.Rf[R] KF4114.D46 2005727978
No child left behind? : the politics and practice of school accountability / Paul E. Peterson, Martin R. West, editors.EP[MAIN] KF4125.N6 2003728056
The democratic constitution / by Neal Devins and Louis Fisher.HS[MAIN] KF4550.D38 2004728070
Religion and the American constitutional experiment / John Witte, Jr.HS[MAIN] KF4783.Z9W58 2004727980
Developing more curious minds / John Barell.EP[MAIN] LB1027.44.B37 2003728060
Explaining reading : a resource for teaching concepts, skills, and strategies / Gerald G. Duffy ; foreword by Richard L. Allington.EP[MAIN] LB1050.42.D84 2003728059
Subjects matter : every teacher's guide to content-area reading / Harvey Daniels, Steven Zemelman.EP[MAIN] LB1050.455.D36 2004727884
Understanding reading / Frank Smith.EP[MAIN] LB1050.S574 2004727995
When reading begins : the teacher's role in decoding, comprehension, and fluency / Ardith Davis Cole.EP[MAIN] LB1573.45.C65 2004727894
Fluency in focus : comprehension strategies for all young readers / Mary Lee Prescott-Griffin and Nancy L. Witherell.EP[MAIN] LB1573.7.P74 2004728078
A classroom teacher's guide to struggling readers / Curt Dudley-Marling and Patricia C. Paugh.EP[MAIN] LB1573.D74 2004728069
Texts and tests : teaching study skills across content areas / Rona F. Flippo.EP[MAIN] LB1601.F55 2004727888
The baccalaureate : a model for curriculum reform / edited by Graham Phillips and Tim Pound.EP[MAIN] LB1629.5.G7B33 2003728001
Developing a teaching portfolio : a guide for preservice and practicing teachers / Ann Adams Bulloc.EP[MAIN] LB1728.A32 2005728071
Requirements for certification of teachers, counselors, librarians, administrators for elementary and secondary schools.Rl[R] LB1771.W6 2004728000
Preparing for the Texas preK-4 teacher certification : a guide to the comprehensive TexES content areas exam / edited by Janice L. Nath, John Ramsey.Rf[RSC] LB1772.T4P74 2004728045
Barron's how to prepare for the TExES exam / Frances van Tassell, Betty Crocker.Rf[RSC] LB1772.T4V36 2004728020
The superintendent's fieldbook : a guide for leaders of learning/ Nelda Cambron-McCabe ... [et al.].EP[MAIN] LB2817.3.S86 2005727991
It's your first year teaching, but you don't have to act like it / Bob Kitchen.EP[MAIN] LB2844.1.N4K55 2003728061
Solving discipline and classroom management problems : methods and models for today's teachers / Charles H. Wolfgang.EP[MAIN] LB3012.W65 2005728091
Ivy and industry : business and the making of the American university, 1880-1980 / Christopher Newfield.EP[MAIN] LC1085.2.N39 2003728057
Ideology, discourse, and school reform / Zeus Leonardo.EP[MAIN] LC196.5.U6L46 2003728058
Dialogue education at work : a case book / Jane Vella and associates ; foreword by Margaret Wheatley.EP[MAIN] LC196.V45 2004728062
Poor Latino families and school preparation : are they doing the right things? / William A. Sampson.EP[MAIN] LC2670.S36 2003728063
The Harvard dictionary of music / edited by Don Michael Randel.Rf[R] ML100.A64 2003728037
Music in imperial Rio de Janeiro : European culture in a tropical milieu / Cristina Magaldi.FA[MAIN] ML232.8.R5M34 2004727964
How sweet the sound : music in the spiritual lives of Americans / David W. Stowe.FA[MAIN] ML2911.S76 2004727946
Homegrown music : discovering bluegrass / Stephanie P. Ledgin ; foreword by Ricky Skaggs.FA[MAIN] ML3520.L43 2004728080
Louis Armstrong and Paul Whiteman : two kings of jazz / Joshua Berrett.FA[MAIN] ML419.A75B46 2004728082
That moaning saxophone : the Six Brown Brothers and the dawning of a musical craze / Bruce Vermazen.FA[MAIN] ML421.S54V47 2004727889
But is it garbage? : on rock and trash / Steven L. Hamelman.FA[MAIN] MT146.H36 2004727914
The opera lover's companion / Charles Osborne.FA[MAIN] MT95.O85 2004728085
Pass key to the TOEFL : test of English as a foreign language / Pamela J. Sharpe.Rf[RSC] PE1128.S523 2004728021
Pass key to the TOEFL : test of English as a foreign language / Pamela J. Sharpe.Rf[RSC] PE1128.S523 2004728022
Ologies and isms : a dictionary of word beginnings and endings / Michael Quinion.Rf[R] PE1175.Q46 2002728043
The nuts & bolts of college writing / Michael Harvey.Rf[MAIN] PE1408.H3927 2003728042
The Writer's market.Rf[R] PN161.W83 2004728050
Tuned out : why Americans under 40 don't follow the news / David T. Z. MindichCm[MAIN] PN4731.M49 2004727891
Covering politics : a handbook for journalists / by Rob Armstrong.Cm[MAIN] PN4888.P6A74 2004727926
News flash : journalism, infotainment, and the bottom-line business of broadcast news / Bonnie M. Anderson.Cm[MAIN] PN4888.T4A55 2004727966
Face the nation : my favorite stories from the first 50 years of the award-winning news broadcast / Bob Schieffer.Cm[MAIN] PN4888.T4S34 2004728075
Face the nation : my favorite stories from the first 50 years of the award-winning news broadcast / Bob Schieffer.Cm[AVA] PN4888.T4S34 2004728076
Hispanic literature of the United States : a comprehensive reference / Nicolas Kanellos.Rf[R] PS153.H56K36 2003728038
Teaching mathematics vocabulary in context : windows, doors, and secret passageways / Miki Murray.MP[MAIN] QA11.2.M87 2004727886
Leaders of the information age / editor, David Weil ; associate editors, Mari Rich, Olivia Jane Smith ; editorial assistant, Martha Hostetter ; staff writers, Denise M. Bonilla ... [et al.].Rf[MAIN] QA76.2.A2L43 2003728065
Java cookbook / Ian F. Darwin.CS[MAIN] QA76.73.J38D348 2004727951
Better, faster, lighter Java / Bruce A. Tate and Justin Gehtland.CS[MAIN] QA76.73.J38T36 2004727907
Perl 6 and Parrot essentials / Allison Randal, Dan Sugalski, and Leopold Totsch.CS[MAIN] QA76.73.P22R36 2004727969
SQL pocket guide / Jonathan Gennick.CS[MAIN] QA76.73.S67G47 2004727885
Software factories : assembling applications with patterns, models, frameworks, and tools / Jack Greenfield, Keith Short.CS[MAIN] QA76.76.A65G743 2004728090
The software project manager's handbook : principles that work at work / Dwayne Phillips.CS[MAIN] QA76.76.D47P49 2004727879
Linux iptables : pocket reference / Gregor N. Purdy.CS[MAIN] QA76.76.O63P87 2004728095
Encyclopaedia of scientific units, weights, and measures : their SI equivalences and origins / Francois Cardarelli ; English translation by M.J. Shields.Rf[R] QC94.C295 2003728029
CRC handbook of chemistry and physics.Rf[R] QD65.H3 2004728025
Chemistry resources in the electronic age / Judith A. Bazler.Rf[R] QD9.3.B39 2003727986
Cold Spring Harbor symposia on quantitative biology : [proceedings].Bi[MAIN] QH301.C6727977
Clone being : exploring the psychological and social dimensions / Stephen E. Levick.Bi[MAIN] QH442.2.L485 2004727922
Butterflies of Oklahoma, Kansas, and North Texas / John M. Dole, Walter B. Gerard, and John M. Nelson.Bi[MAIN] QL551.O5D65 2004727915
The amphibians and reptiles of Arkansas / Stanley E. Trauth, Henry W. Robison, and Michael V. Plummer ; illustrated by Renn Tumlison.Bi[MAIN] QL653.A7T73 2004727901
The birdwatcher's companion to North American birdlife / Christopher W. Leahy ; illustrations by Gordon Morrison.Bi[R] QL681.L35 2004727908
Oklahoma breeding bird atlas / Dan L. Reinking, editor.Bi[MAIN] QL684.O5O45 2004727967
The encyclopedia of animals : a complete visual guide / [text, Jenni Bruce ... et al.].Rf[R] QL7.E54 2004728073
Tasmanian tiger : the tragic tale of how the world lost its most mysterious predator / David Owen.Bi[MAIN] QL737.M336O83 2004727992
Lords and lemurs : mad scientists, kings with spears, and the survival of diversity in Madagascar / Alison Jolly.Bi[MAIN] QL737.P95J65 2004727959
The dynamic dance : nonvocal communication in African great apes / Barbara J. King.Bi[MAIN] QL737.P96K56 2004728072
Prairie ghost : pronghorn and human interaction in early America / Richard E. McCabe, Bart W. O'Gara, and Henry M. Reeves ; illustrated by Daniel P. Metz.Bi[MAIN] QL737.U52M38 2004727972
Bad foods : changing attitudes about what we eat / Michael E. Oakes.Bi[MAIN] QP141.O24 2004727904
Milk : its remarkable contribution to human health and well-being / Stuart Patton.Bi[MAIN] QP144.M54P386 2004727963
Handbook of forensic psychology : resource for mental health and legal professionals / edited by William T. O'Donohue, Eric R. Levensky.Rf[MAIN] RA1148.H362 2004728036
Health care policy and politics A to Z / Julie Rovner.Rf[R] RA395.A3R685 2003728008
American plagues : lessons from our battles with disease / Stephen H. Gehlbach.Bi[MAIN] RA650.5.G445 2005728067
Beating back the devil : on the front lines with the disease detectives of the Epidemic Intelligence Service / Maryn McKenna.Bi[MAIN] RA653.M38 2004728068
Encyclopedia of health care management / editor, Michael J. Stahl.Rf[R] RA971.E52 2004728011
Children with cancer : the quality of life / Christine Eiser.Ns[MAIN] RC281.C4E335 2004727919
Cognitive-behavioral therapies with lesbian, gay, and bisexual clients / Christopher R. Martell, Steven A. Safren, Stacey E. Prince ; foreword by Marvin R. Goldfried.EP[MAIN] RC451.4.G39M37 2004728055
Prenatal testosterone in mind : amniotic fluid studies / Simon Baron-Cohen, Svetlana Lutchmaya, Rebecca Knickmeyer.Ge[MAIN] RG627.B37 2004727876
Delmar's maternal-infant nursing care plans / Karla L. Luxner.Ns[MAIN] RG951.L89 2005727933
Delmar's maternal-infant nursing care plans / Karla L. Luxner.Ns[RSB] RG951.L89 2005727934
Delmar's pediatric nursing care plans / Karla L. Luxner.Ns[MAIN] RJ245.L89 2005727935
Delmar's pediatric nursing care plans / Karla L. Luxner.Ns[RSB] RJ245.L89 2005727936
Not even wrong : adventures in autism / Paul Collins.Rf[MAIN] RJ506.A9C645 2004728041
Overcoming autism / Lynn Kern Koegel & Claire LaZebnik.Rf[MAIN] RJ506.A9K636 2004728044
Quick reference dictionary for occupational therapy / edited by Karen Jacobs and Laela Jacobs.Rf[R] RM735.J345 2004728013
Medicinal plants of the world : an illustrated scientific guide to important medicinal plants and their uses / Ben-Erik van Wyk, Michael Wink.Rf[R] RS164.V295 2004728040
Delmar's critical care nursing care plans / Sheree Comer.Ns[MAIN] RT120.I5C576 2005727931
Nurse's pocket guide : diagnoses, interventions, and rationales / Marilynn E. Doenges, Mary Frances Moorhouse, Alice Geissler-Murr.Ns[MAIN] RT48.6.D64 2002727999
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