Book Review

Ex libris: Confessions of a common reader

Fadiman, Anne

Anne Fadiman's Ex Libris tops the list of my favorite books. She is clearly one of us! If you, too, are among those who proofread and correct everything from restaurant menus to outdoor advertising, you'll love Fadiman's essay "Inset a Carrot" (with corrections, of course).

A few years ago while visiting Monterey, California, I found myself finishing John Steinbeck's Canary Row. Later, when I read Fadiman's essay "You Are There," I realized there are many others who have experienced the thrill of You-Are-There Reading. If you're a book fondler, or if you love words, you'll enjoy the gracefully written and intelligently witty 18 short essays in this volume.

By Robert Roy Mendenhall
Submitted: April 1, 2014