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Book Review

Built to last : building America's amazing bridges, dams, tunnels, and skyscrapers

Sullivan, George, 1927-

A good book for young readers, Built to Last traces how social and cultural advances led to the building of some of the nation's most important structures. Covering landmarks from coast to coast, the book includes structures like Hoover Dam, the Flatiron building, the Erie Canal, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Cascade Tunnel and the transcontinental railroad.

Colorfully illustrated, the pages of this volume provide details such as costs, construction dates, dimensions, etc. A map shows where the different structures are located. As a future teacher, I think this title would be useful in helping children expand their vocabulary and getting them interested in history. Here's an interesting fact I found: the Empire State Building has seventy three elevators and has appeared in about ninety movies with King Kong as the most famous.

I would recommend this book. It would be fun for a teacher to do some lesson plans with it or to develop a theme unit.

By Hedy Michaelson
Submitted: November 27, 2012