Book Review

Nowhere to turn... / Rhonda Graham.

Graham, Rhonda

In a book market saturated with stories of split marriages, this volume provides a different perspective by presenting the problem from a minister’s wife point of view. The church may think that a pastor’s family is perfect, but that is hardly ever the case. Ellen, the main character is shocked when she hears that her husband, the church pastor, wants a divorce. Her mind refuses to process what her ears hear. Alone with a fifteen year old son, Ellen has nowhere to turn.

In a well narrated, very easy to read and heart moving story, Graham describes Ellen’s divorce. After a description of her divorce in the first chapter, the story focuses in the after effects of such a tragedy. Each chapter presents new challenges that Ellen has to face. For example, as Ellen tries to accommodate to this new way of living, she goes through a state of depression which almost make her commit suicide. Several sections of the book explore the relationship between Ellen and her fifteen years old son Jeff. The author provides a very detailed description of how mother and son have to adjust to this crisis.

But for an unexpectedly abrupt conclusion, this is a deeply moving story of self-discovery that offers hope to Christians enduring crises of faith and family. It’s also an admirable story that lets the reader know that even if one is divorced by their spouse and even shunned by the church, they will never be forsaken by God.

By Deivi Garcia
Submitted: January 31, 2013