Book Review

The great controversy between Christ and Satan; the conflict of the ages in the Christian dispensation.

White, Ellen Gould (Harmon) 1827-1915.

Finding myself on long flights recently, and without room for my typically half-full-of-books suitcase, I read this book again using my husband's eReader. I had actually started with The Hobbit first, which I had also read more than a few times before—I grew up in a household with Lord of the Rings art hanging on the walls! However, I felt like I should read something more substantial (apologies to Tolkien and my father).

As I read again the descriptions of the earthly temple, I envisioned peering into the sacred building and catching a glimpse of its glory before it was engulfed in flames. It was especially interesting to me to see how the prophecy of Haggai was fulfilled in that "The final glory of this house [the second temple] will be greater than the first" because Christ himself walked its courts. I was moved to tears at the descriptions of the lives and deaths of John Huss and Jerome.

As I continue to read this inspired book, I am doing my best to read slowly and fully envision the scenes painted on the pages. I can't wait to read again about the delivery of the remnant and the protection of God's angels around the bands of faithful followers. Most importantly for me, is to remember that this is my story, this is how my life turns out: Happily ever after. I highly suggest pulling that old red book off your shelf and giving it another whirl—your life will be blessed.

By Suzanne Phillips
Submitted: February 20, 2014