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Book Review

40 days : prayers and devotions to prepare for the Second Coming


Have you ever wondered why Christ has not come back yet? Does life sometimes seem meaningless and hopeless? Have you ever had the desire to get closer to God and have a more personal communion with Him?

This book by Dennis Smith covers many different biblical texts and has many great insights. One of the biggest praises I have for this book is that not only does it incorporate the Word into your own life, but it also includes others as well. The beginning of the book encourages greatly finding an accountability partner you can see every day to talk about what has been studied. Not only that, but it also urges to find at least three other people to pray for specifically every day.

Not only does this book increase your spiritual life, but it attempts also to extend its reach to your social circle, and even farther. The point of this devotional book is not to just have forty days of closeness to Christ, but to build a continual devotion to Him every day. The devotions for each day are filled with great spiritual insight, and yet are short and sweet. Taking five or ten minutes out of your day for this little book will impact you forever.

How does it prepare you for the Second Coming? By preparing your heart to receive Christ.

By Elias Ortega
Submitted: December 11, 2012