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Book Review

Innovative approaches to counseling


Filled with a collection of non-traditional approaches to counseling, this title shines a different light on counseling from a Christian standpoint. Collins takes his inspiration from life experiences.

Starting the book off with ideas on community counseling from the streets of India, he points to the power of people with a passion to help one another in a community in contrast with the standard one-on-one session with a counselor.

Throughout the rest of the book, Collins shows anecdotally how various non-traditional approaches to counseling can be used by common people to help make their portion of the world a better place.

I would recommend this book for those, like myself, who have the passion to help others. It is a plus that it is written from a Christian standpoint seeking to empower anyone with a caring, compassionate, serving heart.

-This review refers to volume one of the Resources for Christian Counseling series.

By Gentille Sandy
Submitted: November 13, 2012