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Book Review

Adventist pioneer places : New York and New England


A first of a kind, this book provides a geographical treatment of early Adventist history. Well-known facts and stories are presented with not-so-familiar accounts of events in early Adventism. Copiously illustrated and including driving directions, this is the essential tour guide for anyone intending to visit historical Adventist sites in New England and New York.

Merlin Burt did a superb job of painstakingly assembling information related to locations of historical significance in Adventism. Hunting down clues not only from records at Adventist archival facilities, but also from local historical societies and archives, his sources include family papers, periodical articles and public records.

As a result, Burt adds much needed historical context to the lives of Adventist pioneers and the fledging Adventist church. In addition, he manages to highlight not only the names that are better known in Adventist history, but also those that while playing seemingly minor roles, were part of the fabric of hope, zeal and self-sacrifice that characterized the emergence of the Adventist church.

But for a few site photographs needing better composition or exposure, this is an excellent tome to keep handy on an Adventist history tour. I use it often as reference of what happened where in early Adventist church history.

By Alfredo Vergel
Submitted: July 30, 2012