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Book Review

SEAL Team Six : memoirs of an elite Navy seal sniper


Written by a former Navy SEAL, this action-packed book details his personal experience in this elite special operations force. With stories of training exercises, Wasdin gives descriptions of developing skills such as how to shoot as a sniper and paying attention to the details. He recalls his account of the battle of Mogadishu, where he received a serious leg injury.

Stressing throughout the book the importance of preparation and practice, Wasdin shows a glimpse of what Navy SEALs go through. In his closing line he says, "It is difficult for people to comprehend or appreciate the incredible amounts of training and risks those men undergo. For the most part, their commitment, sacrifice, and patriotism will continue to remain hidden."

Written for a general audience interested in insight into the training of Navy SEALs, SEAL Team Six might not have the controversial dimension of the recent No Easy Day, but it meets the goal of promoting an appreciation for some of the things Navy SEALs do for our country.

By Stefanie Potter
Submitted: December 7, 2012