Book Review

Depression - a nurse's experience : shadows of life


For anyone who has ever wondered what it is like to go through depression, psychiatric nurse Veronica Burton's experience with that psychological blight is eye-opening. While perhaps a more interesting read for nurses, this book might also appeal to others already in the healthcare industry or considering to join its ranks. Burton shares her experience of major depression, hospital admissions, and treatments.

Experiencing her first bout of depression at the age of 16, Burton was aware of feeling miserable, but did not know what the actual nature of her emotions were. With help from a friend named Pete, she realized how severe her condition was. Being listened to by his sympathetic ear helped her go on to a ten-year remission during which she became a psychiatric nurse.

An opportunity for a promotion turned her until then success practice into a depressive relapse lasting nineteen years. After accepting the promotion, she encountered poor treatment from her colleagues. This was one of the reasons why she relapsed. She was admitted to the facility where she worked and was mistreated as a patient. She says, "It was something that I was very sensitive about, especially during my initial admissions to the hospital."

I would strongly recommend this book. Not only does it give an insight to the author's experience with depression, but also encourages everyone to strive to help prevent injustices and treat people with mental health problems well. Information provided on public campaigns to reduce the scourge of depression is another positive of this title. Burton's story is compelling that encourages people to fight depression.

By Witness Lima
Submitted: November 15, 2012