Book Review

Bouquets of hope : a daily devotional for women by women


Each day is a great day to pick one of the 365 devotionals out of this bouquet of rich stories of blessings and pain. Written for women of any race, age and status, this title gives them hope to press on, no matter what the battle is.

Over one hundred busy women from around the world share their experiences aiming at helping other women discover their full potential with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ. I expected this book would be beneficial to my life, and the captivating stories did not disappoint.

I enjoyed that several people wrote this book. It gave me the opportunity to gain different insights and not be constricted to just one author's way of thinking. I would highly recommend this book to women that want a spiritual boost in their life, one story at a time.

By Valerie Hernandez
Submitted: December 8, 2013