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Book Review

Imperfect : an improbable life

ABBOTT, JIM, 1967-

Jim Abbott's deeply felt inspirational story reveals the failures, successes, disappointments and dreams that were part of his remarkable journey to not only cope with a disability, but excel in spite of it.

The root of Jim's success can perhaps be traced back to his parents, who saw his missing a right hand as an extraordinary opportunity and not as a disability. Undoubtedly, their support led to his participation in sports since very young, which eventually led to becoming a pitcher while attending the University of Michigan, and his September 1993 most dramatic no-hitter.

I would recommend that everyone read this book: those interested in baseball, those struggling to achieve success in any field, and those parents raising children with disabilities. Jim’s parents' belief that his missing hand was a responsibility to be lived up to speaks of the power of seeing potential, hope, and instilling resiliency in children. For those with disabilities, this story stresses the importance of not letting a disability or naysayers define you.

By Witness Lima
Submitted: April 4, 2013