Book Review

Messages to young people


A rather dull cover notwithstanding, reading a paragraph from a random chapter of this book captivated me. Ever since I began hearing about Ellen White's Messages to Young People from friends I have been intrigued.

Henceforth, I was interested to read it for myself. I understand the importance of decision making and this book offers valuable advice to young people to help them prevent unwise choices—which is why I chose to read it.

Since I believe Ellen White is an inspired writer, I appreciate her counsels about dating, friendships, service, study habits, and Bible study. Her main focus is for young people to consecrate their lives to God and honor him in every life goal and endeavor that they seek to accomplish.

At times somber, this compilation stresses balance. I know many young people who have enjoyed it as much as I have. I believe it is one to refer to for counsel even in middle adulthood when crisis such as divorce may take one back to dating, or to share with one's children. I would recommend it to anyone, not only young people, because it is filled with wisdom from cover to cover.

By Francine Sedacy
Submitted: December 5, 2013