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Book Review

A gift of hope : helping the homeless


American novelist Danielle Steel has churned another best seller out of her personal experience taking in the homeless following the death of her son, Nick.

Beginning with the story of his life and passing away, she recounts her need for something to do to ease her pain. Feeling moved by God to help the homeless, but not wanting to do it, she offered stubborn yet pointless resistance to the idea. She eventuality gave in and an incredible experience unfolded. In vivid detail, she tells the stories of the people she meets and the people who helped her on her mission.

This is an inspiring story of how one can heal from their pain by caring for others. I would first recommend this book to someone who is going through a loss and needs a way to deal with it. But I would also recommend this book to anyone who wants to know how they can reach out to those most in need around them.

By Claudie Seide
Submitted: April 11, 2013