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Book Review

From the ant to the elephant


Ants, snakes, birds, goats, cats, elephants, and many more animals are shown in a different light in From the Ant to the Elephant. Even though this book was written almost a century ago, the stories are still captivating.

The short stories in this compilation are fairly easy to find by using the topical table of contents. Some stories are informative and have facts about the specific animal subject. Other stories are just that: stories that have been told to or experienced by author Robert Bruce Thurber and his family. Nonetheless, they are all very intriguing.

A good read for the younger readers, this book is easy to follow and has a narrative style that is straight forward and to the point. Beyond the animal theme, there isn't much of a connection between the stories, so I found it better to read one story at a time instead of just breezing through the book. Overall, though, it was a very interesting book to read. I would recommend it to someone who likes learning about animals and reading stories about them as well.

By Kara Banks
Submitted: December 5, 2013