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Book Review

Where are we going?


In this uplifting how-to book for leaders, Jan Paulsen tells pastors and administrators how to do their job effectively by explaining reasons for ministry and guides for difficult subjects.

Paulsen, who was General Conference president from 1999 to 2010, offers practical advice for anyone hoping to have a career leading Christian people. Keying into the minister's mind in a way that can only be reached by a wealth of experience, he shares that experience in clear, concise thoughts with a focus on the gospel mission

I recommend this book to anyone wondering how the church works from the inside. Paulson deals with issues that have come up in his ministry and the way the church is presently handling them. These issues include the inner workings of the election process and the tensions that arise from voting, women in ministry, youth leadership, and cultural differences.

Through this title I was reminded that the church is a living breathing body. It is supposed to move together and also to have the same tongue. However, all of humanity is plagued by sin and the church is not excluded. This means that pride, ambition, hatred, and jealousy, with envy, and greed enter the church. The minister and administrator is exhorted to keep their eye on the prize of salvation and not the positions of power in this world.

By Kiehl Morgan
Submitted: June 6, 2013