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Book Review

13 days to glory : the siege of the Alamo

Tinkle, Lon

Like Ellen White's The Great Controversy Between Christ and Satan, this book feeds my desire to understand how the past shapes the present. Actually, since I already know at the beginning of each book what the ending will be, I find several parallels between them.

Both stories have divided leadership, Christ and Satan in The Great Controversy, and Jim Bowie and William B. Travis at the Alamo. Both books also feature people willing to sacrifice their lives for their beliefs and freedom. The characters in each book need deliverance from death and destruction.

In 13 Days To Glory, a savior does not arrive in time, though the bloodshed at the Alamo helps bring about freedom for Texas. In The Great Controversy, the defeat of Satan and salvation for all mankind takes place with the death of Jesus Christ on the cross, and the end of death and destruction come with Christ's coming in power and glory at the end of the world.

By Donna Morrison
Submitted: April 1, 2011