Book Review

Helping hurting members : a handbook for pastors and other helping professionals


I read this book because I wanted to increase my capacity for empathy. Because I volunteer at a hospital and also work for a church, the ability to identify issues and also have compassion with parishioners is essential.

Each chapter describes and offers solutions to a different issue that church members deal with. I particularly appreciated the relevant scriptures provided at the end of each chapter.

This guide was written for pastors and health care professionals who are counted on to show love and counsel. Its 11 highly qualified contributors focus on the point that there are often unrecognized and undiagnosed hurting church members that need professional attention. Our job as shepherds is to know the signs and symptoms of these hurting members and offer healing.

More a manual than a story book, this title nevertheless includes interesting case studies. All the same, its scholarly and analytic format, with not much humor, may not be for the casual reader. I recommend it to everyone who works with hurting individuals.

By Kiehl Morgan
Submitted: April 22, 2014