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Book Review

The Remnant study Bible : with E. G. White comments.


I find exploring different Bible versions and editions a good way to get a fuller sense of the meaning of the text. I picked up this one because it has the King James Version, which is my personal favorite, but also because of the added commentary from Ellen White within the text.

In my opinion, the placement of the commentary within every few verses is slightly annoying and disrupts the flow of Scripture. However, if one takes time to stop and read the comments (placed at the editor's discretion), it is possible to find them helpful in understanding context and meaning.

Nevertheless, I would recommend this book to few people. The comments are good but I do not believe that Ellen White herself would appreciate her writings in between God's Word. I think that her writings should be appreciated outside of the biblical text.

Alternatively, if every verse had a comment on it, the book should be called a commentary and not a Bible. That said, anyone wanting to know what Ellen White says on a specific verse without having to switch books would probably find this two-in-one book a good read.

By Kiehl Morgan
Submitted: January 15, 2014