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Book Review

Carrie and me : a mother-daughter love story


I gravitated toward this book because it is a story of hope and joy that only a mother could write. A very successful woman, Carol Burnett runs her own TV show and has written a number of books about her childhood and career before. This title shades some light on a different part of her life.

In spite of her success, she has lived a life of great sorrow. This volume is about one of those painful dimensions of her life: her daughter's struggle with drug addiction and cancer. Born in 1963, the first child, smart, funny and talented, Carol's daughter, Carrie, grew up writing stories, movie scripts and singing in bands. Well travelled and with friends everywhere by the time she was 14, Carrie got caught up in the drug scene.

Carrie and Carol went public with the struggle when Carrie was in recovery. They both were an inspiration to many families trying to figure out a solution to a similar problem.

Later, Carrie was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away at age 38. Despite her battle with cancer, she lived a life full of love for others and continued to be an inspiration.

A funny and moving memoir about mothering a child through struggles and triumphs, this book is a tribute that from Carol to her daughter. With photographs and personal diary entries the book has a captivating, authentic, intimate and full-of-love quality to it.

Carol is sincere, open and honest, and conveys the love she had for her daughter very well. This book is intended not only for mothers, but anyone else who may or may not have a child, or a family member battling with addiction or cancer. I recommend it as an inspirational reading that shows a mother's love for her wayward child, and how it is possible to find hope in spite of cancer.

By Witness Lima
Submitted: December 5, 2013