Book Review

My next step : an extraordinary journey of healing and hope


It is certainly a miracle that Dave Liniger lived to walk, talk and write this very motivational book. His story of persistence in the face of near-death experiences, surgeries, loss of speech and complete muscle atrophy shows that a person can do anything that they fix their mind to do.

This book encourages you to determine within yourself to beat the odds and overcome life's obstacles. Writing about his experience with honesty, pride and gratitude, his comes across as jovial and positive. His emphasis on the importance of a support network made me realize how invaluable moral support truly is when a person is struggling either mentally, physically or both.

Unlike the authors of other motivational books I have read, Liniger does not seem to believe in God or to be religious. He asserts his recovery only to himself, his physicians and his supporting network, but gives none of the credit to God. Nevertheless, this book was worth the while. It reassures us that hard work, determination and patience pay off.

By Francine Sedacy
Submitted: June 17, 2014