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Book Review

Rumsfeld's rules


Having served in various leadership capacities throughout his distinguished career, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld offers in this volume simple yet often overlooked rules on what it means to lead on the local and global stage.

One that stood out for me was one of the things to do in the absence of knowledge: say "I don't know." Rather than showing a sign of weakness, such an admission can convey pure honesty that, in some cases, may save a lot of apologies in the future.

Drawing from his experience as a four-term U.S. congressman, secretary of defense (a position he held twice), and CEO of a Fortune 500 company, Rumsfeld's wealth of advice comes from an eyewitness and power broker in politics, business, and bureaucracy, whose moments of success and failure are well documented for generations to come.

By Sarah Nadarajan
Submitted: April 23, 2014