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Book Review

From the hood to the hill : a story of overcoming


Having seen Barry Black's interview with CNN's Larry King, I was intrigued by his life story. The book proved to be more inspirational than I expected. In fact, it is more like a "bank of knowledge and wisdom" to me now.

For example, I learned study techniques that I could use in school from someone who have been quite successful at it. His studies included ministry and psychology both of which are helping professions that I truly admire.

A man of integrity, godliness, principle and discipline who beat the odds to rise to top, Black remained humble and thus highly respected despite being of a minority group.

This biography is one that can be read in time of doubt and skepticism because it not only inspires courage, but it also gives the reader specific strategies of how to accomplish one's goals.

Appealing to a broad audience, this is a story of discovery, spirituality, courage, faith, love, excellence, sacrifice and dedication. This is one of the greatest biographies I've read.

By Francine Sedacy
Submitted: April 19, 2014