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Book Review

Girls & sex : navigating the complicated new landscape

Orenstein, Peggy

At first caught off guard by this title, I wondered what the author could possibly have to say on the matter. It peaked my interest. As part of her look into this topic, Orenstein surveyed close to 70 girls ages 15-20 about their expectations and experiences involving sexual relations.

The fact that only four of them had ever had a conversation with their parents about sexual relationships stood out for me. The other coming-of-age girls surveyed had to figure out on their own their role in society and how not to be viewed negatively for wanting to express themselves.

In a parental tone, Orestein makes a case for the importance of talking to growing girls about sexual relations and self-confidence. In her view, although adolescents may have confidence with many subjects, it is important for them to be taught and guided regarding sexual relations so they may have confidence and the assertiveness to be strong women.

By Giovanne Pierre
Submitted: June 26, 2017