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Reserve a Facility

Use the form below to reserve library facilities for classes and other group activities. Before making a reservation, check if the facility you want to reserve is available. Facilities available for reservation include: the instruction classroom, equipped with 13 desktop computers, productivity and design software, and a digital projector; Meadows Gallery; the Adventist heritage Room; and nine group study rooms.

Facility Request Form

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Reserve a Facility

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Adventist Heritage Room

Reservations for this room are only available during hours when it is not open to the general public. See the Heritage Center Access Policy for more information.

Instruction Classroom

Information literacy presentations, regular class sessions and the Write Spot English tutoring program have priority in that order over all other events in this room.

Meadows Gallery

Meadows Gallery is scheduled by the office of the president. Use requests made to the library will be forwarded there.

Study Rooms

  • Unless there is a reservation, usage of study rooms is on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Groups have priority over single users.
  • Faculty and department tutors have priority.
  • Large groups may be given preference over smaller ones in using study rooms on the third floor.
  • Watching movies, playing games, and other forms of entertainment are not acceptable uses of study rooms.
  • Library staff may request users occupying study rooms to relocate to another part of the library in order to ensure their most efficient and effective use

By checking this box, I certify I have read and accept the terms and conditions of the library's Facility Use Policy and acknowledge this will be accepted as my signature in lieu of a written signature with full force and effect.

Check Availability

To view the schedule of a particular facility click on the down arrow on the upper right corner of the calendar and select the appropriate facility.

Rotate your screen to view the library calendar