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History Research Guide

Library resources for history and historical writing

Books on History

Books on history can be found throughout the library.  It can be very useful to browse through the shelves in the right area.  Most history sections are in chronological order.  For instance, US history in E starts with Native Americans and moves forward through time.

  • D - World history
  • DA-DR - Individual European countries
  • DS - Asia (Middle East, China, India, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia)
  • DT - Africa
  • DU - Australia and the Pacific Ocean
  • E - North America and the United States
  • F - Individual US states, Canada, and Latin America
  • H - Social science, including social and economic history
  • J - Politics and political theory
  • JV - Immigration and emigration
  • JZ - International relations
  • K - Law and legal history
  •  U-V - Military and naval history

A couple of important notes:

  • Histories of particular topics will be shelved with that topic (e.g., history of science in Q or history of education in LA)
  • The Library of Congress shelves histories according to current political boundaries.  Thus, the history of ancient Babylon and the history of the (modern) Persian Gulf War are right next to each other, since they both happened in present-day Iraq.


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