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English Research Guide

Library resources for English classes

Where Are The Books?

Check the first-floor Reference section for dictionaries and information about authors.

Literature is usually on the third floor of the library, in the P section.  Books are usually divided up by national origin, and then in chronological order; books by an author are shelved with books about an author and their work.

  • PR - English literature
  • PS - American literature
  • PQ - Romance languages (French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese)
  • PT - German languages (German, Scandinavian)
  • PZ - Children's stories -- but these are mostly in the Youth collection on the first floor

Some other areas that may be useful

  • PE - Writing in English -- dictionaries, grammers, books on writing and revising
  • PN - Film, TV, and other communication-related material
  • P - Linguistics, history of languages


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