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Religion Research Guide

Finding good sources in religion.

Religion Databases

Bible study tools

For as long as people have listened to God, they have created tools to help understand His word.  The library has a wide variety of study tools.

  • Concordances list every word in the Bible in context so you can see how it is used across the years.  Good for word studies
  • Bible dictionaries have articles on people, places, names, ideas, and symbols in the Bible.  Great for getting ideas.
  • Interlinear Bibles have the original language together with translations.
  • Commentaries explain Scripture book-by-book, and chapter by chapter.
  • Atlases have maps of Bible lands and events.
  • Theological dictionaries list words and ideas that we use to talk about God and religion.
  • Greek and Hebrew dictionaries let us study the original meanings of words.  Be careful!  Some of these are filed in PA and PJ with other works about the language, while some are in the BS section with other Bible study tools.

When browsing the shelves, remember that books about the Bible are in the same order as the books are in the Bible, Genesis to Revelation.  (Librarians rigged the call numbers long ago to make this easy.)


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