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Religion Research Guide

Finding good sources in religion.

Religion on the shelves

Many Bibles and Bible study tools are in the first-floor Reference section of the library.  These cannot be checked out and are available all hours the library is open!

You can also browse through and check out the much larger religion sections on the second floor.  You might be interested in the following sections:

  • BL - Religion in general, world religions
  • BM - Judaism
  • BR - History of Christianity
  • BS - Bibles, Bible study tools, and the individual books of the bible, organized in the same order as your Bibles!
  • BT - Doctrinal theology (what Christians believe)
  • BV - Practical theology (what Christians do; how to live a Christian life)
  • BX - Individual Christian denominations (Adventists are in BX 6100-99)

Religion books online

Many Christian books are online, especially older ones.

Be aware that online translations are sometimes old and rather dated.


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