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Answers to your most frequent questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I read articles or e-books from home?

Do you have the article I need?

Our full-text finder shows you where the article is available. Put in the journal name from the citation.

Where can I find books or articles my teacher put on reserve?

Ask at the front desk. You can check the catalog to see what is available.

When is the Library open?

Online material is available 24/7. Our calendar shows when the building is open.

Can I borrow a book or article from another library?

Yes. Use our online form to request something. We will let you know when it arrives. Please make requests well in advance.

How do I borrow or renew an item, or pay a fee?

You can view and renew items checked out to you -- use your student or library ID and your library PIN. If you do not know your PIN, contact the front desk at 817-202-6242. To pay a fee or fine, go to the front desk.

How do I get to a librarian?

E-mail or ask a librarian.

How do I reserve a study room?

Study rooms are allocated on a first-come first-served basis. Just find an empty one on the second or third floors and use it.. Student users have priority over non-students.

Where are things in the library?

See our floor plans to find where our collections are located.

Could you help me cite my sources?

We have tools to generate citations. You can also ask at the Write Spot.

What do you have about Adventists and Adventism?

Books by Ellen White and other Adventist authors are available for checkout. Our collection of Adventist magazines is up on the third floor in the northwest corner. For more help, contact our Adventist Heritage Center.

How do I learn more about finding and choosing sources?

Use our research guide or ask a librarian for help.

Where can I print something?

Check our printing guide, or ask for help at the front desk!

How many times can I renew a book?

You can renew a book once; after that you need to bring it back to the front desk to check it in and then check it out again.

Where are the bathrooms?

First floor bathrooms are in the main lobby where you entered. Second and third floor bathrooms are near the elevators.

Can I check out lots of books?

Yes! Students can check out 25 books at once; community card holders, 10.

How much does it cost to make a copy?

We charge 10 cents/page for our copier; more for color or oversize pages. Pay at the front desk before printing.

How can I scan something?

Use our scanner in the Microgarden to email something to yourself or save it to your thumb drive. There is no charge!

Where can I fax a document?

Come to the front desk and we will fax it for you. We charge 25 cents/page.

Is there a tablet or laptop I can use?

We have laptops and iPads available for in-library use. Ask at the front desk.

Can I purchase books at the library?

We have a small collection of books for sale next to the elevator on the first floor, with prices as posted.  Occasionally books are available for free on book-trucks in the library lobby.