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Student printing

Most computers in the library allow student printing -- check that your computer is printing to either the Corner B&W printer (black-and-white only) or the Microgarden printer (black-and-white or color). Copies are charged against your printing account, which is run by the IT department. You will need to see IT to add money to your printing account.

Public printing

We are not currently providing printing services to community members.

Wireless Printing

Students and faculty can print from laptops or tablets with wireless connectivity.

  • Open in your browser.
  • Click Print
  • Click Select File to Upload
  • Choose your file (uploaded files are kept for 15 days)
  • Select the file to print
  • Click Next
  • Select the printer
  • Choose your printing options
  • Click Next
  • Click Print Now

If you have trouble using webprint, please contact the IT Help Desk at or by phone at (817) 202-6411, x6411 from campus lines.

Making Copies


Our copier is in the Microgarden on the first floor. Please go to the front desk to get an authorization code. The charge is 10 cents/page, more for color or oversize copies (cash only).  We have some colored paper available for copying, and can laminate ($1.00/page).


The copier in the Microgarden can also scan material up to 11x17 inches. You can save scans on a USB drive, or email them directly to any desired address. There is no charge for scanning; use the code posted by the copier.

Picture of copier/scanner