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Library Weekly Hours

Study Space

Study tables and carrels abound throughout the library.  The reading room and Microgarden on the first floor have many study tables.

Unreserved study rooms, as well as study rooms 2A and 3A, can be used on a first-come first-served basis.  University use has priority over non-university use.

  • Second floor: six small study rooms
  • The Chet Edwards Room on the second floor can be used after 5 PM or all day on Sundays.
  • Third floor: three large study rooms
  • The library classroom on the first floor, has 13 desktop computers, a printer, productivity and design software, and a digital projector.
  • The Microgarden computer lab on the first floor

In the quiet study area on the third floor, no talking or cell phone use is allowed.

Meadows Gallery, or functions in the library lobby, must be reserved through the University calendar system.  This is also true for the Chet Edwards Room during daytime.